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Sunday, 20 May 2018

What the Kids Wore // Angel and Rocket

  It feels like we have been waiting forever for this sunshine and I am desperate to make the most of every minute as the memory of the long winter is still so fresh in my mind.  We have our favourite hangouts with climbing trees, woodland walks and dens to explore and the boys wore their new t-shirts and shorts from Angel and Rocket on our recent trip.

The big two have spent all week in school and they love the freedom of roaming free.  They are natural explorers and Archie especially loves to climb.  Our favourite park to explore is a private one that we have a membership for.  There are no dogs, the park is so clean and they have named the different areas.  There is the climbing tree (obvious), triceratops trunk (a huge fallen knobbly trunk), the secret garden, the drop slide tree (still not sure about this one) and the rolly hills.  I took my camera along on a recent trip and got a few pictures of them playing in their new clothes.

I don't tend to do full on matching, but matching t-shirts make head counts a lot easier! These cactus ones suit all three boys and they love the soft green and bold front and the print on the back.  The biggest two are wearing Angel and Rocket shorts too which look super comfy.  The boys are wearing age 4 (Finn aged 3) ,6 (Archie aged 5) and 8 (Dylan aged 6 but very tall) and I find the fit is more 'up to' ie size 4 fits as 3-4. The quality is fantastic and everything is washing really well despite my children's love of mud.

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

We were sent a few other items, including another set of matching t-shirts that again are perfect for all three.  I don't find it easy finding clothes to suit a three year old toddler and a nearly seven year old but these tops are great! 

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

angel and rocket, boys fashion, themummyadventure,com

Angel and Rocket have a gorgeous collection of childrenswear for boys and girls from ages 3 to 12 years. You can see more on the Angel and Rocket website

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

What the Kids Wore - Little Chickie // Sture and Lisa

 I appear to have developed a bit of a love for fox themed clothing at the moment - between the autumnal colours and the novelty ears, it seems the perfect attire for the two smallest people in my house.  I love how unisex most of the fox bits are and these items from Sture and Lisa at Little Chickie are perfect for my baby girl and my little boy.

I never intended to dress them matching quite so much, but Finn just adores his little sister and they look so sweet together that I can't resist.  I love matching them but with a few differences and these outfits are perfect for that.  Cora has an all in one romper and Finn has the matching long sleeved t-shirt with some co-ordinated brown bottoms.  You can also get a vest and bib in the same fox print.

Cora is wearing a 68 / 3-6 months and has lots of growing space.  She is an average sized 3 month old and I imagine this will last her until she is 6 months. 

Finn is an average 19 month old wearing the size 12-18 months.  He often fits in a 12-18 months and these items are the perfect fit on him and should last a few months too.

I love how sweet they look together and that Finn's outfit is so unisex that I can save it for Cora to wear next Autumn! Little Chickie sell more than just adorable fox clothes - as well as some of our favourite small babywear brands they sell beautiful gifts for little people too and I already have my eye on a few bits for Cora's Christmas present.

Thank you to Little Chickie for sending us these beautiful bits. 
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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What the Kids Wore - Baby Mori

I cannot resist a bit of matching for the youngest two, especially if I can put a girly spin on Cora's outfit and make Finn's practical for a toddler.  We were sent two items from Baby Mori and they are without a doubt the softest clothing I have ever felt.  Finn adores his sister and seemed to find her extra cuddly in her BabyMori vest.

Cora was sent a long sleeved poppered vest and Finn a long sleeved t-shirt, both in the same yellow and white stripes.  The natural bamboo fibres help keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter and bamboo is an environmentally friendly choice for clothing. 

These tops are perfect for wearing on their own or for layering this winter.  Finn wore his with some leggings and Cora paired hers with a cotton pinafore dress and tights.  

If you want to order some super soft clothes of your own then follow this link to receive £10 off your first £30 shop.  As well as these items Baby Mori make leggings, yoga pants, cardigans, muslins and sleeping bags and they are all perfect for sensitive skin.  

I really love the simplicity and most of all the softness of these beautiful items (and did I mention how soft they are?).  

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Friday, 5 August 2016

What the Kids Wore - Duns Puffins

Life with 4 is busy but I am not letting being completely and utterly outnumbered stop us from getting out.  I find myself doing head counts quite regularly and I am really appreciating the benefits of bright clothes and dressing the boys in matching.

When this Puffin print came out from one of my favourite kids clothing brands, Duns Sweden, I knew I needed something for one of the boys but the fact that the print comes in three different colours and so many different items means I couldn't resist ordering for all four of the children.

Dylan has a t-shirt in blue and Archie in yellow.  Finn has a summer romper suit in the same blue and I chose a footless sleepsuit for Cora in white and orange.  Their older child sizing is really generous and I did the super geeky thing of ordering a dress in a child's age 13 which seems to be roughly an adult size 10.

I love how unisex all these items are, the bright colours that stand out in a busy park and the wonderfully soft organic cotton.  

I ended up ordering from several retailers in order to find all the items I wanted in the right sizes - Funky Little People, Uni and Jack, Heimoose and JuicyTots

 It won't be long until they refuse to wear matching but for now it makes days out easier and they just look so sweet together!  There will be no questioning that they are all mine anyway.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

What the Boys Wore - Tootsa MacGinty SS16

For two weeks now, I have had all three of my babies at home, and it has been amazing seeing them all together.  There always seems to be something going on at the weekends and we all needed time to just take things at our pace, enjoy each other's company and have our own adventures.

These three boys are the best of friends (although they can fight like only brothers do), they love to be together, but they all have such different personalities too.  I always loved the idea of dressing them matching, but as Dylan is growing up and Finn still feels so little, I don't find much that seems to span their ages and come in all the right sizes too.   

Tootsa MacGinty's Spring/Summer collection features beautiful brights ready for the sunshine and as soon as I saw these raglan sleeved tops, I knew they would be perfect for my boys.  Each one is unique, but they slot together so perfectly, they compliment each other, much as these three little personalities do.  

tootsa macginty, siblings, brothers, co-ordinated, tootsa ss16

Dylan loves the colour blue, he wants something a bit 'cool' (his word not mine) and this lolly tee was a huge hit.  Archie suits yellow, despite or maybe because of his beautiful hair and this is my favourite style of top on him.  I love Finn in real brights and the watermelon is seriously cute (and I love how fruit is all over clothes this season). 

The bold colours look great as the seasons change and the 3/4 sleeves help transcend spring and summer too.  Finn was also sent some leggings and I chose the 'Tour de France', partly because dogs riding bicycles is pretty fun and partly because the two cuffs are different colours, one the exact yellow of Archie's sleeves and the other the blue of Dylan's.  I love that little touch and we already know how fantastic their leggings are.

watermelon boy clothes, tootsa macginty, unisex kidswear

The fit on the tops is on the smaller side, depending on how you like to wear them.  Finn is a pretty average 13 month old and is wearing 1-2, Archie has just turned 3 and is in 3-4 and Dylan is a big 4 year old in 6-7.  The leggings are quite generous, Finn has the cuffs rolled on these and they will easily last him beyond his second birthday (they are age 1-2).  He has some in 6-12 months that still comfortably fit, but the style of these means you can wear them a little looser and they still look great.

Every item here is completely unisex which is perfect for us with a baby girl on the way.  Tootsa is designed to last and be passed down and I have hopes that the blue lolly top will be worn by all four of my babies at some point.  I love how their clothes are designed for children, with movement and comfort in mind.

Tootsa Macginty, unisex childrenswear, unisex kids clothing

We are back to just weekends where we are all together now, although hopefully the brighter evenings and warmer weather means we can make the most of after school time.   I love watching their relationships change and develop and it is going to be even more hectic and exciting when we add baby no.4 into the mix!  For now I get to spend a little extra time with this baby of mine, whilst he is still the baby.

Thank you to Tootsa MacGinty for sending us these pieces, we really love them all
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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Little Bird from Mothercare

I love Mothercare clothes for the boys,  I still remember walking round when they were little choosing them beautiful outfits which are all still saved for Pretzel.  Our local store never stocked the Little Bird range though, and it has turned out to be one of my favourites.  The boys were sent some clothes and they looks so classic, timeless and most of them are very neutral.

I love them in matching, and Mothercare have fed my little addiction.  Here are some pictures.

matching sibings, mothercare, little bird, jools oliver clothing

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

3 Months In

3 months does not sound long, but it is already a quarter of a year and compared to the squishy little newborn we brought home from the hospital, my beautiful son is growing so fast.

3 months old, 3 month old baby boy, newborn baby boy, 3 months in

Archie is awake for most of the day, having a few 30 minute cat-naps to see him through, although he does sleep better if we are out in the pushchair or sling.  He will still only settle on his tummy, even in the pram and as the weather has been warming up and the pram apron coming off he does get some funny looks as he passes with his little bum in the air.  Archie still likes to sleep like a newborn and curls his arms and legs underneath him and tucks his head in.  He really loves to feel secure and is happiest in a sling where he can indulge his nosey side whilst staying wrapped up tight with mummy.

Matching vests, firetruck vests, brothers matching

Dylan and Archie are still getting on so well and I love watching Dylan lie down next to 'Bubba' to hold his hand and give him kisses.  He loves to help wash his little brother when they share a bath and helps out during nappy changes too.  Dylan isn't always gentle with Archie but it is more through excitement than anything else and Archie watches on without making a fuss.  It is lovely to see them together and I can already see that Archie is desperate to join in with play and be on the move like his big brother.

baby boys, brothers holding hands

Archie is growing so fast and his height is constantly commented on.  He is nearly out of his 3-6 month clothes because of his length although I am desperately hanging on.. 

Our nights this month have been all over the place, with a week of Archie sleeping 7-4 without waking, followed by a week of him waking at 2am and refusing to go back to sleep until 6am (incredibly tiring!).  This last week has seen him sleep from 7 until around 12:30 and then be up multiple times before ending up in bed with me from around 4am, as the only way to keep him asleep is to have him constantly latched on.  It is at 3 months that Dylan found his thumb and his sleep started to improve so I am keeping my fingers crossed that Archie will discover that magic digit soon.

brothers, two under two, brotherly love

Archie has really worked out how to use his hands now and loves to sit in his bouncer and play with the toys.  He can play the music and loves to grab and push the animals. He still loves to look at my face more than anything else and loves to have a chat with me.  He cooes away with a big smile on his face when we get a bit of quiet time alone and it is lovely watching him learn to interact.  I think I am going to have another chatterbox on my hands!

3 months in to life as a family of four and having two under two is certainly getting easier as we have all adjusted to the changes. 

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Two Little Boys

One of the great delights of having two little boys is getting to be the cruel mummy who dresses them in matching outfits and takes loads of photos! As Dylan is in 2-3 year clothing, they are generally in different departments now, but we have been sent a jumper for Dylan and matching romper for Archie from Cashmirino and I couldn't resist matching them up this week.

Both items are 100% Cashmere and beautifully soft.  The romper has buttons down the back which is perfect for my tummy sleeper.  Dylan's jumper is in age 4 (he is 20 months), and seems to be a good fit on him, although I think he will be wearing it for quite some time!  Archie's romper is sized 3 months.

I love the boys in their matching outfits and they were even better for cuddling being so soft!

Disclaimer:  We were sent the jumper and romper free of charge, but all thoughts, opinions and photos are completely my own.
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