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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Reading Eggs Review

Dylan is back at school tomorrow and Archie won't be long behind him, although their school waits another week and a half before the reception class begins.  We then have two weeks of part time hours and it will be October before I have two boys in full time school.  Archie is so ready for it, his brain and his body need something more and he can't wait to queue up outside the purple class door.

We discovered Reading Eggs at the beginning of the summer, but it is now as we prepare the boys to stimulate their minds in different ways again that we are really making the most of it.  The website is aimed at children from 2 to 13 years and consists of fun activities that help them learn.  The boys aren't allowed on the tablets or laptops often so they consider anything on there a treat and they have been really enjoying the reading eggs challenges.

Archie has started the 3-7 year old program on lesson 1 as we haven't really don't much phonics with him yet.  He is hurtling through these early levels though, picking up skills as he goes and it has been great to watch his concentration grow as sitting still is something he really struggles with.  The levels are just the right length that he can concentrate for one and then he needs a run around. The program is easy for him to follow without my help as everything is read aloud and it works really well on my touch screen laptop.

Dylan took a proficiency test at the beginning as he has just turned six and already has a good base of knowledge.  He started just a couple of lessons short of finishing the 3-7 year old section and is now ready to begin the next stage. The lessons are challenging him without being too difficult and are perfect for him to do independently.  Being that little bit older he can do two in a row with ease and he has been enjoying doing something academic before diving in to year two on Wednesday. 

As a parent, I like how Reading Eggs fits in perfectly with what they are learning at school, and it is used in many schools all over the country.  I can see their 'reading age' and offer them a fun way to learn alongside school and during the holidays.  I want the children to enjoy being at home and I like the fact their small school doesn't really give out homework, but this is a fun game for them and I don't think they really notice how much they are learning at the same time.

I think once Dylan and Archie are both at school, we will try out the toddler section with Finn as he hasn't really used technology much before and I think he will enjoy something different.  

 You can currently get a 5 week free trial (if you join before the end of September) and you don't have to put in any credit card details either.  If you want to test out the junior edition then click here instead
 .  We are really impresssed with it and I am hoping it keeps Archie occupied for the long two month ahead before he starts school full time.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Me and My Shadow

A child's brain is an amazing place.  A pear can become an airplane, a stick in the park is a magic wand and you can fill yourself up on pretend coffee and cake.  Dylan has recently discovered his shadow and it makes late afternoon walks all the more fun when we have to constantly check that his shadow is following us.  

We wave at him, and we wave at Mummy and Archie's shadows too.  We walk round corners and behind trees to see if he is still there and we say goodbye when we finally make it home.  Every now and again then we look for him, with the obvious place being the least obvious place for Dylan to look.

His fascination knows no bounds and a trip to Canterbury at the weekends was all the more enjoyable as we followed our shadows down the high street, jumping, running and exploring how it moved.  

I have tried to explain the science, but at not yet two and a half, Dylan prefers the magic, his black shadow, who is always there to keep him company.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Learning to Walk (Again)

Being a boy isn't all about climbing trees and mud under your fingernails, but that is definitely part of the fun.  Dylan has been busy discovering his new found mobility; climbing, exploring and generally getting grubby.

Not being able to walk unaided means
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Wonderful World of a Toddler

There is something magical about those precious newborn days and I treasured each and every milky snuggle and windy smile, but right now I am loving the wonderful world of toddlers.

As a baby, I impatiently awaited the next milestone, and for Dylan to learn a new skill or 'trick'.  Nowadays, he is surprising me every day with how much he picks up and how well he learns.  No two days are the same, and his cheeky personality is shining through more all the time.

toddler fancy dress, dragon costume for kids

It was only three short months ago that he sat immobile and played with his toys.  Now his days are spent exploring and he only sits still to eat or sleep.  He toddles from room to room, rearranging the house and finding the greatest pleasures in the simplest of things.  a plastic bottle or empty box can bring hours of entertainment, and one man's rubbish is clearly another's treasure!  Our new house has given him more freedom and space and he can
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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Learning to Draw

I may not have many skills but I love to try my hand at arts and crafts.  I have attempted knitting, sewing, painting, drawing and anything else given the chance.  I have decided that at 14 months Dylan now has the understanding and co-ordination to start discovered his creative side so this week, armed with chunky crayons and plenty of paper I decided we would learn to draw.

learning to drw, baby first drawing, 14 month old artist

My first suprise was that the
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bruised and Battered

I can't be the only one whose child is looking more and more battered by the day.  New skills are certainly leaving their marks as his skin is starting to fill up with red and black marks showing the failed attempts. 

It was only a few short weeks ago that he sat nicely playing with his toys.  His skin still soft and pink and all body parts intact.  Currently he is sporting 3 bruises on his face down to clumsiness and several on his knees, possibly due to crawling but I can't be sure.  I feel embarrassed taking him out with a big red mark down one cheek but can't explain to everyone we see that he tried to pull himself up on an empty toy box and it couldn't hold his weight.  

bruised baby, toddler learning to walk and bruised

I try my hardest to keep him out of danger but sometimes he has to learn and sometimes I just cannot predict what he will do.  I hate seeing him in pain and would do anything to take it away from him but luckily (unless he is super tired) he is quite good at picking himself up and getting on with things again after a few tears and a cuddle.

I am hoping this is a stage all toddlers go through as they learn and become more mobile but it doesn't change how horrible it is seeing him fall and the marks and bruises that inevitably follow.  Are your children as bruised and battered as my little dude? (please say yes!)
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