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Friday, 17 March 2017

10 outfits under £10 // Lidl's Spring Collection

Yesterday Lidl launched their spring babywear collection and there are some beautifully soft basics and cosy cardigans.   With amazing prices, you can put together a whole outfit for under £10!  Cardigans are under £5 and a two pack of long sleeved vest are £3.99.  We were sent some of the new collection for both the little two and I think these are going to be wardrobe staples!

To show off some of our favourite pieces, I have put together 10 outfit ideas, each of them costing less than £10 in total.  Which is your favourite?

The collection is only in store for a limited time so make sure you catch it quick!

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

What the Kids Wore // Geggamoja

Geggamoja is a brand that I hadn't heard of until very recently, but we have been won over by their gorgeous colours, simple styles and comfy pieces.  We were sent a few items from their newest collection and I just love this pink vest on Cora.

I was adamant in pregnancy that I wouldn't be dressing my little girl in pink, but it turns out she looks pretty cute in it, and I love this shade.  The vest is simple but beautifully made, soft and stretchy and a great fit.  It goes so well with so many of her clothes that it is quickly becoming one of her most worn items! 

Many of the pieces in their extensive collection are designed to mix and match, with common colours running through.  This hat mixes the pink with a brighter pink and you can buy matching trousers and tops too, as well as the same design in different colours (perfect for twinning siblings!).  I find the sizing pretty accurate - Cora is wearing age 3-6 months here at 5 months old.

Geggamoja, swedish kids clothing, kids fashion blogger

I was also sent a couple of items for Archie but so far I haven't managed to get any good shots of him - I will update when I do! Geggamoja make clothing for newborns up to age 12 and they also do a collection of home bits and accessories.  I was sent some gorgeous bunting perfect for a nursery, soft muslins and a toy for Cora which she has become quite attached to. The colourful teddy is perfect for a newborn to snuggle up with (and chew).

geggamoja, organic swedish clothing,

Geggamoja is one of the only GOTS (Organic) certified companies in Sweden.  Their clothes are designed to be worn and played hard in and the company are passionate about being sustainable and environmentally conscious.  Every season they bring out new designs and the SS17 is full of neons, pastels, zig zags and classic stripes with some brilliant prints on their hats.

Check out Uni and Jack, the UK stockist or the Geggamoja site for the full collection.

Keep an eye out for more photos soon!

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

What the Kids Wore // Little Green Radicals

I love finding companies that make brilliant and bright unisex clothing and Little Green Radicals capture childhood wonder in a collection that is perfect for little boys and girls.  Their clothes are always full of colour and character but the autumn winter is collection is one of my favourites so far.  The rich shades are playful and the patterns are fun. Cora and Finn were both sent an outfit from this season.

brother and sister, little green radicals LGR aw16, 16 month age gap

Cora's vest is a beautiful shade of purple with detailing on the front that means it works well with trousers or under dungarees.  The dungarees are soft and stretchy and match perfectly with the vest.  The little owls are adorable and the shades are very wintery.

Finn's outfit is colourful and playful and we love the rainbow striped trousers.  Everything is well cut for cloth nappies and washes wonderfully - something I need with a little adventurer like Finn.  When his outfit is outgrown it will definitely be kept for Cora !

LGR, Little green radicals

One thing I really love about the collection is how each print works on different items too.  You can buy dresses to match Finn's top, trousers and tops to match Cora's dungarees and you can co-ordinate siblings perfectly (a guilty pleasure of mine). Check out their stunning snowsuits if you haven't already bought one, they are so snuggly and soft!

Little green radicals, sibling style, 16 month age gap

Thank you to Little Green Radicals for sending us these outfits. 
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Sunday, 11 December 2016

What Cora Wore // Princess and the Frock

It is Christmas party season and there are more reasons to get dressed up than ever.  I was adamant throughout pregnancy that I would not be seduced by tiny dresses, they look impractical and unnecessary.  It turns out that they are both of those things as well as being adorable and irresistible and I love dressing Cora up in a pretty dress.  I like finding ones that are a little different, girly and sweet but not pink or floral and I have found some great online sellers.

This Eden dress is from The Princess and The Frock and I love the colour, the little collar and just how sweet Cora looks in it!  It would be perfect on its own in the summer to show off those chubby baby knees but she has been wearing it with a white vest and tights and a little blue cardigan for the winter. 

The Princess and the Frock have some beautiful festive prints too and I am finding it hard to resist their stunning penguin dress at the moment.  If you have a little lady in your life then go and check them out! 

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Friday, 2 December 2016

What Cora Wore // Iglo and Indi

'Is it much different, having a girl?'  I get asked this all the time and at the moment, it really isn't.  Cora is a baby just as the boys were babies.  She feeds, sleeps, poops and cuddles.  She likes chewing things, standing up with support and then chewing more things - much the same as her brothers did.  Changing her nappy is obviously very different but that is about it . . . well until it comes to dressing her.  I have gone so much more girly than I imagined I would and I am loving being able to explore the other side of the shop.

My lines on what is 'for boys' and 'for girls' is pretty blurry and Finn has plenty of clothes with 'girls' written in the label.  Dresses were a step to far for me though, and whilst Cora is still non-mobile I am enjoying dressing her in them.  I love stretchy, comfy and practical.  Not too many frills or bows, not too much pink but still feminine, still 'girly'. 

iglo&indi, dapperbaby, baby fox clothes, fox dress, tootsa macginty, baby girl, kids fashion blogger, kids fashion

This fox dress from Iglo and Indi at Dapperbaby is just perfect.  The cotton is so so soft, the colour is beautiful (in case you haven't noticed I love all things yellow) and the fox on the front makes it look fun.  This dress is size 6-12 months and Cora is an average sized 5 month old.  I love that she will get so much wear from this as it fits fine now but has plenty of growing space too.  

And because this is currently my favourite thing in her wardrobe and because she was in a super smiley mood when I tried to take a photo, I took a lot of photos . . .

I paired the dress with some socks I picked up somewhere ages ago and I can't quite remember where (I think you can find them on ebay) and her Tootsa MacGinty fox hat  - I love this outfit!  We are popping tights on underneath the socks now that it is getting more chilly.

baby fox socks, baby knee high socks, iglo & indi, fox dress, fox baby clothes

dapperbaby, iglo and indi, baby girl fox, yellow fox dress

I don't think it will be long until dresses become impractical and this little lady of mine wants to start moving, so I am making the most of being able to dress her however I like!

Thank you to the lovely Emma at Dapperbaby for this dress - we love it!
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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

What the Kids Wore // The Essential One

We first discovered the Essential One when I was pregnant with Archie and we had some adorable sleepsuits for him.  When I was pregnant with Finn I bought a whole load more and I love how soft they are and how well they wash.  I was really excited when they recently announced that they were releasing a children's range and we were sent some bits for the little three to try out.

I liked Cora's outfit until I put it on her and then I loved it - it is very feminine and the pale blue really suits her I think.  The tunic would look lovely in the summer on its own but works well in winter with a long sleeved vest, leggings and a cardigan too.  These leggings go perfectly and the whole range looks like it works together to mix and match.

Archie was sent a long sleeved top and some trousers with braces - he wasn't a fan of the braces but they were easily removable.  The trousers have an adjustable waist which is really important for us as he is so skinny and the top fits really well.  I think the sizing is quite true as all three are in their normal size.

Finn kept the braces on happily and they looked so sweet on him.  It isn't the kind of outfit I usually put him in and he looked so grown up and smart.  The braces aren't stretchy at all which I am not used to on kids clothing but Finn found them comfortable.  The cheeky monkey on his top seemed very apt!

Just like the girls range, the boys bits seem to work together too so that you can buy a selection and make lots of different outfits without worrying about matching colours.

The clothes feel lovely quality and well made as well as being as soft as I expect from the Essential One.  The clothing range is available from 3 months to 6 years and runs alongside their beautiful baby bits from newborn -18 months.

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

What the Kids Wore // Lamb and Bear

I love finding new independent brands to buy for the kids.  I love them wearing things a bit different and I am passionate about supporting small businesses and other Mums.  Lamb and Bear is a brand started by a fellow blogger and her leggings are just stunning.  I love the penguins, the stegosaurus and these awesome crocodiles

Lamb and bear, crocodile leggings, kids fashion blogger

I think this print looks great on both boys and girls and Finn and Cora look adorable together in their matching leggings.  The dribble scarves are not absorbent like a bib but they look sweet and Cora definitely enjoyed chewing hers.  It did catch her dribbles and kept her vest dry for a while though and I really like the co-ordination of the outfit.

girls in crocodiles, lamb and bear, unisex kids clothes, kids fashion

The leggings are similar in size to Zara, Cora is wearing 3-6 here and Finn is in 18-24.  These are the sizes they usually wear and they are a comfortable fit on them both.  I love the contrast orange stitching and how well made and strong these feel. 

sibling style, lamb and bear, kids fashion blogger

These are definitely one of my favourite things in their wardrobes and I have just ordered some for Archie too as he loves crocodiles and I think he will love them.  They are available from 0-3 months to 3-4 years.  Check out Lamb and Bear to see them all.  You can also add an organza gift bag to your order if you are buying for a gift too!

twinning is winning, kids fashion blogger, lamb and bear
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Thursday, 17 November 2016

What the Boys Wore // Bogs Wellies

When I was looking for wellies for Finn, Baby Bogs were repeatedly recommended to me so I was excited when we were offered some to try.  Finn has only been walking for a couple of months and he still has the swagger of a toddler so I wanted boots that he would find easy and comfortable to walk in.  The baby bogs are perfect for his little feet, they are so much more than just a welly boot.

Bogs wellies, baby bogs, baby wellies, waterproof baby boots

Baby bogs wellies, baby wellies, waterproof wellies

These boots are machine washable with a soft fluffy lining.  The 3mm Neo-Tech™ insulation keeps Finn's feet at an optimum temperature and of course they are 100% waterproof.  The insulation and cosy lining makes these perfect winter boots whether there are puddles or not.  Finn has very wide feet and I was worried about the fit but I can get them on easily and he seems comfortable in them.  The handles at the side make them easy for slightly bigger small people to dress themselves and I find them useful to help pull them on.  Finn's have velcro on the back too to get a cosy fit.
He is loving splashing and kicking through puddles and I know he is going to get a lot of wear from these boots this winter!  The boots come in lots of different designs and I love the colours and bears on these ones.

Bogs wellies, toddler wellies, waterproof kids boots

Bogs wellies, micro scooters, puddle splashing, puddle scooting

Bogs don't just make baby footwear and the big boys were sent a pair of wellies each as well.  Their boots are lightweight and flexible and perfect for puddle jumping and scooting.  Trying to take a picture of a 3 and 5 year old in wellies proved to be very difficult as they really weren't going to stay still for me!  If you want to look at the designs you would be better looking at the Bogs website, my photos show how much fun you can have in them though. Dylans are blue and Archie's are covered in sharks.   

I am really impressed with the quality of these boots, we are a family that likes to be outdoors whatever the weather so it is important that the children are dressed appropriately.  These boots are designed to be worn for adventures and that is exactly what we intend to have in them.

Bogs Wellies, Bogs boots for kids
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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What the Kids Wore - Rockin' Baby

October was so mild that we still haven't brought out the big winter coats yet.  Sandals have been swapped for boots, short sleeves for long and the bright greens for rusty reds and browns but we can still get away with layering well and feeling warm.  I love this time of year whilst it is just about still comfortable outside but you still come in and snuggle under a blanket together.  

Our days haven't changed that much since the summer, we still love to play at the beach, explore the park and walk along the seafront.  We went to our local wildlife park over the half term holiday which is when I took these photos.  There is a brilliant park and an indoor soft play unit and the boys love having somewhere so big to run around in.  Rockin' Baby sent the little ones some clothes to wear and they all love them. 

Finn's polar bear top is my favourite and the polar bear is soft and fluffy which makes it even more fun.  Archie likes trousers he can move and climb in and these joggers are practical and warm but still look great with their triangle pattern.  Cora looked so girly in her ballerina sleepsuit and I like the feminine arm cuffs and the little details like the star on her foot.

All the clothes feel really well made and wash well.  I do find their sizing on the smaller side so if you are between sizes then definitely size up.  

The best thing about buying from Rockin' Baby is knowing that you are giving something back.  For every item of clothing bought, the company donate one to a country where it is really needed.  They are currently working in China and West Africa supporting children orphaned by the Ebola virus and those awaiting life saving heart surgery.  It isn't often that buying beautiful clothing for your children can also be considered giving to charity.

There are so many different ranges that there really is something for everyone, whether you like bright and colourful or cute pastels.  I love the 'Enchanted Forest' range for baby girls and the unisex cloud pieces are so sweet.  The 'Iceland' range is my favourite for the boys and that is the collection you will find these pieces under. 

We love the unique designs, brilliant quality and the amazing work that Rockin' Baby does supporting mothers and children around the world.

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