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Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Cosy Reading Corner

Our new house is open plan downstairs which means one thing we are quite short of is corners.  One of them was chosen to be a reading corner early on though and we have finally made a little cosy space to sit and enjoy a book.

Using my book case and the kids' tidy books bookcase and a beautiful rug from Lorena Canals that we were sent to review, we made a bright and snuggly corner where the children can sit with a book or a game.

We are storing most of their books over on their Kallax unit but I seperated the Christmas ones in an effort to start feeling festive and I have found that having a smaller selection out on display like this makes them much more likely to pick up one and have a look. 

The rug is perfect for a busy house as it it completely machine washable! We have tiled floors and I was looking for something to keep little feet and bottoms warm this winter and the rug ticks all the boxes.  It is a great size, easy care and we can pop it in the washing machine when it (inevitably) gets grubby.  All the Lorena Canal rugs are 100% cotton, made from natural dyes and socially responsible and eco-friendly.  

I think we are going to get a couple of little bean bags to make the corner even more enticing and maybe a standing lamp to go in the corner too.  I want to make it somewhere we all go for some quiet time and a story and I am loving watching the children sharing books there already.

 Thank you to Lorena Canals for sending us one of their gorgeous washable rugs.

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

A Rainbow Bedroom

When we moved house we decided to move the two little ones in together and create a rainbow themed room for them.  As we are living in a rented house we kept the white walls and went with a fresh white feel to the whole room with some colourful accessories.  Finn and Cora are loving their shared rainbow room and sleeping really well in there together.

Both children have white cot beds and Cora has a new NaturalStart mattress from Harrison Spinks which combines hundreds of baby springs with luxurious natural fillings.  I bought both Finn and Cora's sheets from etsy and Finn's pillow case in part of the Little Bird bedding collection that I bought him last year.

Finn's rainbow blanket was lovingly knitted by my talented mother in law and we bought Cora's whilst on holiday a couple of years ago.  Both of their cots are cotbeds so will be turned into beds as they get bigger.

Above Finn's beds are the words 'You are my sunshine' in acrylic from Baby Abode.  They custom make acryclic and ply wall art and I love how different this looks.

Above Cora's cot I have hung some cloud bunting that I bought from Etsy. She has her two favourite dolls in her bed including her mermaid which was a birthday gift and made by Little Lapins.

I bought a white chest of drawers from ikea and I put three pictures on the top.  The first was painted by a friend for Cora for her birthday, the second was made by Lavender House Gift Company and is so beautiful.  I love the delicate details and it is something that we can keep for Cora.  The third is a print from Kirsty Mason designs and goes perfectly in their rainbow room.

On the floor I have made a comfy play area with a Little Bird rug, cushions from Mama Designs and Tiger stores and a lovely little shape sorter we were sent from Born Gifted which the children play with every day.

There are three shelves above their play area for their Grimms rainbow and bobbins from Babipur and I have put some of their Pantone books on the third, although I need to find the rest of the collection in one of the unpacked boxes.

We have kept the room simple and minimalist, giving the children more space to play and keeping the room calm to help them sleep.  In the evenings we put on their rainbow light which projects a rainbow across the room.  It is the perfect nightlight to help them fall asleep in the evenings.

I have loved decorating this rainbow room for them.

Some of these items were sent to us to include in these photos and others were purchased by me.  I have only included things that we genuinely love.

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Needing More Space

Realistically we are outgrowing our house.  Adding another baby into our three bedroom means things are tight, especially considering both the bloke and I work from home so we need space for a home office.  

I spent many an hour daydreaming about our perfect house, but the reality is a 6 bed with a huge garden and swimming pool isn't looking likely any time soon.  The reality of moving house either heavily pregnant or with 4 under 5s is also incredibly unappealing so we are going to be making the most of the space we do have and trying to declutter over the next few weeks so that the six of us can live comfortably for a few years until we are ready to upgrade.  

We need to find somewhere to store Bump's bits which are currently scattered around the house in boxes.  I love the idea of getting fitted wardrobes in our bedroom to maximise the space and then she could have her own area.  We have recently bought a new bed so that we can store things underneath too which is making a big difference.

We recently when on a giant toy purge and boxed up over half of the boys' toys.  They seemed to be taking over the house and there were too many for them to choose from, so we are rotating them now, making sure they always have a selection but not everything at once.  It has made such a difference not only to the space, but to the effort it takes to tidy up at the end of the day too!

As baby gets bigger and starts to need her own room, it will be the back bedroom that needs a makeover as we attempt to put all three boys in together.  The room is big enough for bunk beds, a cot and some storage, but we are going to be looking at the best way to make the most of the space so they still have somewhere to play away from a crawling baby.  At the moment the boys' bedroom is their haven from Finn where they can play with Playmobil or other games that they don't want him interfering with and I would like them to keep this special space.  

The Boys' bedroom

We are lucky that our living space is quite large and I know we will find a way to make our house work for us until we are ready to tackle moving - until then I may start playing the lottery as the six bed house with a garden and swimming pool that I want isn't going to be cheap!

Disclaimer:  Collaborative Post

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Fitting 6 in a 3 Bedroom Home

When we moved into our current house back in 2012, I was heavily pregnant with our second baby.  Our previous home was quickly being outgrown and we chose somewhere we could see our boys growing up, somewhere near the schools that we wanted, within walking distance from everything we needed and that fitted our family of soon to be four.  Archie was to be the final piece of our puzzle and we didn't want to have to think about moving.

Over three years there have been lots of twists in our story, an unexpected pregnancy that resulted in a third baby boy meant the bigger two boys had to start sharing a bedroom and a job change for me and redundancy for the bloke has seen us both start working from home.  Our long term house has quickly started to feel rather full and with a fourth baby on the way, I think our time here is coming to an end.  

We don't want the stress of moving whilst pregnant or even with a newborn, so we are going to find a way to make things work for a while whilst we make a plan for the future.  Our current set up has the two boys sharing a room and the baby's room doubling as an office, so we have to decide whether to lose our office and work from the dining room or have the three boys all in together for a couple of years - something not completely hard to imagine as they are all so close in age but busy all the same.

It is looking like bunk beds are definitely on the cards, something which the boys are incredibly happy about.  Dylan currently has a mid sleeper which he loves so I think a bunk bed will be really easy to get used to.  I love the idea of a fitted bedroom to help create more storage and space - this kids 'Cassia' option creates so many drawers and nooks around the bed that it would give the boys far more space to play if their stuff could be well stored.  

Downstairs, we are lucky that our house is quite well planned out with a long living room/playroom, a dining room and a box kitchen, so there is enough space for six of us to live, it is just the bedrooms that seem to be problematic.

It doesn't feel like long ago that I packed up Finn's 'baby bits' and in three months or so they will be coming back out again.  A play mat, bouncer and moses basket take up quite a bit of space in the living room so I think fitting six into a three bedroom house is going to be about being organised, tidy and finding the best storage solutions that we can.

Do you have any tips on squeezing us all in comfortably for a few years?

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Cloud Nursery

Baby Nursery, Cloud theme, grey, white and yellow, neutral nursery theme
Before we even knew if Finn was going to be a boy or a girl, I had started planning his nursery.  I had such fun choosing themes and little details for the other two, I wanted him to have a space that was all his own too, whilst keeping his room simple and light.  It began as a grey white and yellow colour scheme, but evolved as I found more little items that I couldn't resist.  The final nursery isn't as co-ordinated as some, but everything was chosen especially for it, and I love his space.

At nine months, we have decided it is now time for Finn to upgrade the Snuzpod for his big cot and for the last few nights he has been sleeping in here.  He seems happy in his own room (although he still calls out for a visitor and some milk every night).

When we moved into our current house, we were pregnant with Archie, who we thought may be our last child and the bloke and I both had jobs outside the home.  Over the past three years our family has grown by an extra member, and both the bloke and I have changed jobs so that we both work from home.  Combined, this has meant that Finn's nursery is a multi purpose room, and opposite the cot is a desk where we can work during the day.  This isn't a long term solution, but for now the room is big enough and Finn is small enough for it to work.

cloud themed nursery, cloud cushions, unisex nursery ideas
White wooden furniture set - Mamas and Papas
Colourful cloud cushion - Tiger
Grey cloud cushion - Ikea
Fitted cotbed sheet - Etsy

chevrons blanket, unisex nursery ideas, cloud themed nursery
Blanket - Mamas and Papas

Letter bunting - Modern Life

Cloud cushion - Farg and Form at Decobaby
Chevron cushion - Amazon
Camera cushion - Mamas and Papas

mama designs, cloud bunting, nursery bunting, unisex nursery bunting
Cloud bunting - Mama Designs

unisex nursery ideas, grey white and yellow nursery theme
Star bunting - a local folk market
Grey and white chevron toy storage - Minene

we are scamp, unisex nursery, cloud nursery
Dream big mobile - We are Scamp

wooden rainbow, clouds and rainbow themed nursery
Wooden Rainbow - Sainsburys

cloud theme nursery, unisex nursery, babasac
Sleeping bag (Babasac) - Mama Designs
Cot bed Mattress - Little Green Sheep

forever bespoke, personalised birth print
Personalised framed name - Forever Bespoke 

Postcards - This Modern Life

 The lighting isn't great along the back wall, which is why some of the photos look a little less white than others.  I love the calmness of the room, the subtle pops of colour and the little features that make it Finns.  Whilst we paid for most of the items pictures, there are a few things that were sent to us to help complete the nursery and I am very grateful as they are exactly what I was looking for.

I think this theme is completely unisex and as we have kept most of it quite plain, it should be easy to update as Finn grows too.

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