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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Unicorn Themed First Birthday Party

I just love throwing a first birthday party and I can't resist a theme.  After three boys (who had rainbows, very hungry caterpillar and robot themed parties), I decided that Cora could have a unicorn themed first birthday party and I gave in to all that was pink and sparkly for an afternoon of celebrating with family and friends.

unicorn themed first birthday party, unicorn baby outfit, unicorn baby

We had the party in my parents' garden as they have a lovely big space and a large gazebo that we can all sit under to get out the sunshine.  I decorated inside and put tables and chairs in there, and then we had garden toys everywhere for the children as well as a couple of games.

Cora wore a unicorn crown that I ordered from Harper Jade, a one vest with gold writing that I bought from Betty Bramble and a pink tutu that I made myself. It was simple and perfect for the birthday girl and so much more pink than I thought I would be comfortable with!

rainbow party food, unicorn first birthday, rainbow fruit kebabs

I didn't want to have to cater for everyone properly (we had about 60 guests) so I held the party in the afternoon so that I could just do snacks.  We had cut up vegetables and breadsticks with hummus and rainbow fruit kebabs that my sister helped to make.  As it was a first birthday party I wanted everything to be suitable for the babies as well.

baby tea party

The children played so well, and we did a pinata half way through the party.  I found a unicorn pinata on Party Pieces and filled it with the bear paws 'sweeties' (or at least that is what I call them for the kids) so that everyone could join in with the game and the prize was suitable for little ones too.

I bought some cupcake sticks from the same website to decorate my homemade cakes as well.

unicorn first birthday party, unicorn cupcakes

unicorn themed first birthday party, unicorn cupcakes

For the main cake, I must admit now that I didn't make it.  I knew exactly what I wanted and it was just so far beyond my skills that I decided to outsource the cake and I found a local baker who made just the most perfect work of art.  A two tier cake, with 8 layers of  rainbow sponge on each tier and stunning unicorn decorations.  The entire cake was also vegan as I have a lot of vegan friends and this meant that everyone could enjoy it.

unicorn cake, unicorn first birthday party cake, vegan unicorn cake

unicorn first birthday party, mum and baby unicorn, vegan unicorn cake

I dressed up for the party too, in a tulle skirt and headband from and a unicorn necklace from Claire's accessories.  Lots of our guests came in unicorn attire and we even had a brilliant dragon too.  I bought Finn some unicorn trousers but completely forgot to get a picture of them!

unicorn themed first birthday party

unicorn rainbow cake, unicorn birthday party

We don't usually let Cora have cake, but at her own party it seemed cruel not to and she definitely enjoyed it! She had a nibble from the main cake and then we let her loose with half a cupcake too.  

unicorn first birthday party

unicorn first birthday party

Instead of giving out party bags, all the children that came took home a giant bubble wand with a windmill attached, tied on with rainbow ribbon.  I spent a long time trying to think of a unicorn themed party gift that was suitable for 1 year olds all the way up to 6 year olds, but in the end we settled with bubbles.

unicorn first birthday party, unusual party bags, rainbow party favours

Cora was absolutely shattered at the end of the party as not only was there so much to take in, she also took her first steps that day!  As soon as the last guests had left, she crashed out on my parents' sofa whilst we cleared up.

unicorn first birthday party

It was such a lovely party and the unicorn theme worked really well.  I didn't manage to get many photos as I was busy hosting the party, but I am glad that I managed a few to look back on.

unicorn birthday outfit, unicorn first birthday outfit,

vegan unicorn cake, unicorn first birthday cake,
(I paid for everything mentioned in the post)
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Monday, 26 June 2017

The night before One.

Baby girl, tonight you fell asleep in my arms, the same way you have every night, for 364 nights.  Your eyes closed slowly and your face looked calm and content as you lay snuggled up on me drinking your milk.  It is these moments when you seem most like that new baby still, so small, so dependent on me.

Tomorrow is your first birthday, at 12:31pm, just as we will probably be eating our lunch, you will be turning one.  It doesn't seem possible that a whole year has passed, I still remember parts of your birth so vivdly - walking up and down the stairs, bouncing on the ball, chatting to the midwife as I paced up and down the living room.  I remember the fear, the strength and the love that came immediately.  I remember snuggling up on the sofa as the midwives packed away, studying your tiny features and wondering how I was going to cope as a girl-mum after 4 years of raising boys.

And now we are here, on the night before you turn one and you are asleep right in the middle of my bed.  It turns out parenting a girl, or parenting this girl is a bit different.  You know where you want to be, and that is right next to me.  You want to be carried in my arms or in the sling, you want to sit on my lap as you play, hold my hands as you walk and sleep curled up in my arms where you feel safe.  You are the only baby of mine to still be in my bed at a year and whilst I miss the space and the sleep, I love falling asleep with your head on my arm and waking up to your smile.  

You are determined in a way that your brothers weren't and you are the first one to take steps before your first birthday.  You have eight teeth (far more than the others did at this young age) and you still rely heavily on breastmilk, although you are definitely getting the hang of food a little more now.  You have the cheekiest smile and you adore your brothers.  You are so loved.

We don't have much planned for your actual birthday, but we have already thrown a big party for you yesterday and I think you enjoyed being surrounded by your family and friends.  Tomorrow is just us, you have a couple of gifts to open and I am sure we will have some more cake (as it is all but compulsory on birthdays).  I can't believe that we are here already, so close to one, but we are.  

This first year has been perfect.  I have loved getting to know you, learning how to parent you, watching you interact with your brothers and discover the world.  I know the next year will be full of new milestones, that you will change so much again, so I just want to pause time, just for a little bit.  I just want to remember you now, as you are, spread out like a starfish in the middle of the bed, your chunky thighs on show as the evening is warm.  I want to stop just now, whilst you are still the perfect size to fall asleep in my arms, whilst you still need my hand to walk more than a couple of steps, whilst you still hold your arms up to me for a cuddle.  Let us stop, just to make sure this moment is etched as a memory forever, for you will never be this small again.

And now we must start the time again, for your brothers are impatient to help you with the present opening, because you can't stay small forever, there are too many mountains to climb and milestones to conquer.  

Baby girl, you are more loved than you will ever know.  

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

First Birthday Box from My Baby's 1st

Finn turned one last month and having two older brothers made it very difficult to buy for him. As the boys are so close in age, there was never really a stage between them where we threw out toys they had outgrown and so everything Finn could possibly want or need, we seem to already have.  With that in mind, his birthday gifts were more token things, something to help his brothers understand that it was his special day, something for him to open and something that is all his, not handed down.

My Baby's 1st got in touch and offered us a First Birthday Box and it was the perfect gift for our little guy.  It contained some awesome leggings, a co-ordinated bib and a sweet little knitted dinosaur toy to follow the theme.  

Finn may not be particularly ahead in many areas, but if there is one way in which he excels, it is his roaring.  Show this kid a dinosaur and he immediately recognises it and roars back so you can imagine how much of a hit his new leggings and toy were!  Our house has been taken over by dinosaur things since the boys started showing a preference for toys and Finn is fitting in well by starting the interest in them so early!

For £25 you get a pair of Blade and Rose leggings and one of their bibs and a toy all beautifully wrapped in a box that is perfect for saving and storing first birthday cards or other keepsakes in.  We have had leggings from this brand before and they are one of our favourites, wonderfully stretchy, brilliantly bright and with a print on the bum that really stands out (especially if they have a big cloth bum underneath!)

My Baby's 1st have a great variety of gift boxes for all occasions from a new baby to a toddler's birthday, their bamboo gift set is gorgeous and a great present for an expectant mother.  I really love our box and it made a perfect gift for our baby boy's birthday.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tomorrow You are One

I always knew this was going to be an emotional post to write, and as I sat in tears shortly after you were born not knowing whether we would see this day and whether everything I hoped for you would come true, this day was just a distant wish.  Your birth was speedy and empowering, you were so tiny and so perfect and I felt complete as I held you in my arms as the sun rose on your first day.  I never expected our world to come crumbling down so soon after and as they wheeled you away from me a few hours later, I felt lost, helpless and terrified.

We were told you were born with a virus that would affect you for the rest of your life.  We were warned you would not grow up like your brothers, that the possibilities of your outcome were so wide that it was hard to speculate, but that there were things you may never do and milestones you may never reach.  We left hospital when you were three weeks old with a tiny baby who had his whole life ahead of him, whatever that may mean.

You didn't grow, you didn't try and when we got readmitted to hospital you were still as tiny and weak as a newborn.  Everything was going wrong, every certainty I had about the way I would parent you was being cruelly taken away from us and I struggled to remain positive when we had no idea what was going on.  

We reached a turning point though, about 4 months in when you rolled for the very first time.  I wasn't expecting it, I had learnt by then not to expect anything, but to take each day for what it was, to enjoy you exactly as you are and to find any progress so much more amazing than with the others.  Suddenly you were growing and developing and thriving in ways we hadn't even hoped for and you were smiley and sweet and still perfect.

This time last year I had no idea you would be making an appearance in just a few short hours and today I feel like a different person and a different parent to the one I was then.  Tomorrow you will wake up as a one year old, a beautiful, chunky, happy one year old.  You are exceeding every expectation we ever had and whilst we know things could change, I am continuing to appreciate every day and every milestone for what it is - a wonder.

Today you are crawling, pulling yourself up to standing and even taking a few tentative steps as you grip on tight to furniture or fingers.  You are babbling away, telling us all about your day, even if we don't understand quite what you have to say yet.  Once you finally got the hang of food, you started eating well and now you love feeding yourself, especially if you can find food on the floor.  You can clap and give us a hi 5, you can play and smile and laugh, you can blow kisses and you can entertain us all.  Your brothers adore you and Dylan proclaims you his best friend every day.  You love them right back, suddenly desperate to join in their games, to sit with them to watch tv, to share their snacks.  

We had a big party at the weekend for you and Archie and tomorrow we are not up to much.  Both the bloke and I have to work and Dylan is at school but it will be a special day regardless as it marks a year since you entered our world. 

This year has taught me patience, how to accept that some things are beyond my control, how to make a bottle, that sometimes we have to practice baby led parenting, even if it goes against what we know.  I have learned to juggle three under fours who all have such different and complex needs, I have met pretty much every pediatric member of staff at our local hospital and I have become an expert in a virus I had never heard of this time last year.  I have learned that no matter how many babies you have, every moment is precious, every milestone is an amazing achievement and that with the right friends and family around you, nothing is too big to get through. 

Tomorrow you are one and I owe most of this to you.  Your beautiful smile with those two little bottom teeth will be what wakes me up in the morning and your cuddles will inevitably be the start of my day.  You are perfect to us, you are thriving and you are a ray of sunshine in our everyday.

This has been a tough year and you are our miracle.  Happy Birthday baby boy, Happy Birthday Finn.  You are loved more than I ever knew you could be

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Archie at 12 months

On the 17th of February the littlest dude turned one! I still can't work out how a whole year has passed, but it has.  At 12 months, Archie is leaving behind the baby days, but isn't quite a toddler.  He is a happy boy, sometimes all smiles and sometimes with a constant frown of concentration on his little face, but he is content to play by himself, he loves being out and about and is quite a chilled little dude.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday

This weekend saw us celebrating Archie's first birthday with a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party.  I have always loved the Hungry Caterpillar, and the little guy's nursery is decorated with the same theme.  We hired a local hall, invited along some friends and ate cake.  Here are a few photos from the day.

I made bunting out of green paper plates and paint

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Before You Turn One

One year and nine and a half months ago, on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, the bloke and I sat in KFC, a sleeping eight month old beside us in the pushchair and made the decision that we had the space in our hearts and lives to welcome another little baby.  We decided that Dylan would make a wonderful big brother, and we dreamed up a little brother or sister for him.

One year and seven months ago, after a play-date with a friend which left me so tired, I had to ask my mum to look after Dylan whilst I had an afternoon nap.  Later that evening, after a knowing look from her, I took a test and discovered there was a little person growing inside of me, a little squish.

One year and six months ago, the bloke and I nervously sat in the hospital waiting room, whilst Dylan and my mum enjoyed a slice of cake together in the cafe.  We were taken into a dark room, and it was seconds before we saw a beautiful little heartbeat flickering away on the screen - we saw you for the first time.

One year and five and a half months ago, it felt like there was a little butterfly trapped inside my tummy, I felt flutterings, that made me feel so nervous and so excited at the same time.  I lay down with my eyes closed, tuning into your movements, wondering what you would look like, whether you were a little boy like I thought.

One year ago today, I worked my last shift at work before embarking on maternity leave.  It was a long day but my body was coping well and I had no signs that your arrival was imminent.  I waitressed all day and then walked three miles home, enjoying the beautiful sunset and the crisp winter evening.

One year ago tomorrow, I held you for the first time, my tiny newborn baby, my little squish.  I delivered you in a perfect water birth, saw your beautiful big blue eyes, your tiny curled up fists and fell even more in love with you than I already was

51 weeks ago, you finally found your name, and we agreed that you were our little Archie.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Invitations

With Archie's first birthday only three weeks away, I have been planning a party with a theme.  We all love the Very Hungry Caterpillar, so much so that the little guy has a nursery decorated with the classic Eric Carle illustrations, and it seemed a great idea for his party.

I am sure I will be sharing plenty of photos after the party next month, but for now, here are the invitations that I have been making.  

They are incredibly simple to make, I drew round a lid on both red and green card to make the big circles and then drew round a cup to make the white paper circles.  The caterpillar's face is made from shapes cut out of card and glued on, and I used a hole punch and some treasury tags to link the circles together.  The invitation folds up and opens out to share all the information on our little guy's big bash.

If you have any ideas to make this Hungry Caterpillar first birthday party even more special then please leave me a comment! I am having great fun planning.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Rainbow First Birthday Party

I was very excited at the prospect of organising Dylan's first birthday.  I had seen pictures of rainbow cake and despite never having made a cake by myself before, I decided to base the party around this theme.

first birthday bunting, rainbow birthday party, photo bunting

Armed with rainbow bunting, multicoloured plates and bowls and plenty of balloons, I set about decorating for our rainbow extravaganza.  I made some birthday bunting using 13 pieces of coloured card and sticking a photo of Dylan from each month on them.  I pegged them to a piece of string and made my very own memory bunting following Dylan from a tiny newborn to a mischievous one year old.

rainbow first birthday, first birthday party ideas, rainbow bunting, homemade first birthday, homemade birthday bunting, first birthday ideas

We had all the usual party food and for desert I decided on plenty of fruit as well as cakes so the little people could have a healthy lunch.  As well as plates of watermelon and assorted fruit I made a fruit rainbow using strawberries, slices of orange, melon, green and purple grapes.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

You make me Smile - Week 8!

We are now into week 8 of You make me Smile and I am loving reading your entries every week.  This week has been particularly exciting as it was Dylan's first birthday so I have plenty of smiles to share!

I may have mentioned (several times) on twitter that I have made a rainbow cake but I am still so impressed wit myself so here is the umpteenth photo of my Rainbow cake.

rainbow cake, you make me smile

After what seems like months of worrying about Dylan's movements he spent most of his birthday pulling himself up on the furniture and confidently walking round, making me realise I have a lot of things to move higher!  He keeps letting go for a few seconds and his balance is great so he is finally taking some steps in the right direction!

baby in the park, first steps, first birthday

And finally (as we seem to be on a birthday theme) it was lovely to have so many of our friends and family together and we had 50 guests as Dylan's garden party!  It was very busy but the babies loved playing together and it was nice to spend this special day with all the important people in our lives.

birthday party, first birthday

So why have you been smiling this week?  Post three photos with as many or as few words as you like, add the badge and link up!  Please share the loved and go and comment on as many of the other posts as you can. 

You make me smile

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

How to make a Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake is perfect for a baby or child's birthday, is fun to make and eat and not even too difficult! Six/seven layers of sponge in every colour of the rainbow and a great suprise once you cut into it!  A rainbow theme makes a perfect first birthday idea for a little boy or girl.

For Dylan's first birthday I had some very ambitious plans.  Having never made a cake before by myself, I set the goal of a six layer rainbow cake to go with the rainbow theme I was planning.  Here are a few things I learnt:

-Always make a practice layer.   It helps make sure the mix is right and that the colour comes out how you want it.

-Liquid food colouring will not cut it.  The paste is fantastic though and goes a long long way (I would recommend Sugarflair).

-Icing a 6 layer cake is not the easiest part!

-Don't be afraid to ask for help.  I tweeted and had so much advice and recipes and found this one particularly helpful 

So here is my recipe for rainbow cake.

how to make rainbow cake, six layered rainbow cake, homemade rainbow cake, step by step guide, baking rainbow cake, easy to make rainbow layer cake

16oz/450g butter
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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Silent Sunday

rainbow cake, first birthday cake, homemade rainbow sponge, silent sunday

Love All Blogs
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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Nun-Night Nought Year Old

To my gorgeous boy,

Tomorrow is just another day - only it is not.  Tomorrow we will be celebrating it being a year since you came into this world with your long legs and loud cry.  A year of tears, tantrums, smiles and cuddles.  A year unlike any other and one that I would go back and relive in a heart beat.

It is amazing to think how much has changed.  Once upon a time you were a helpless baby, feeding non-stop and only happy when on mummy's chest.  After a month everyone kept telling me they had not yet seen your eyes as even then you loved your sleep.  Suddenly you started to be awake for periods of the day.  You followed me with your eyes and started smiling that beautiful gummy smile.

one day old baby, letter to my one year old
One day old
Now you are a curious, mischevious and still super loud child.  Barely a baby but not yet a toddler.  You love to explore with your hands and mouth and push yourself forward in the pushchair so you can see round the sides.  You are happiest when you have everyone in the room's attention and you have never struggled to get it.  You may not be crawling or walking yet but you have no problem getting to things you want and are cruising round the furniture.  

You are
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

You make me Smile - week 7!

Welcome back for week 7 of You make me Smile! After the unfortunate incident with my phone and a lot of water I have not had good access to a camera so there are not 3 good pictures this week although I have done my best.  I am looking forward to seeing your photos even more as I mourn the loss of my Galaxy s2.

This week we have been getting ready for Dylan's birthday on Thursday and planning his present.  I was incredibly lucky to get an email informing me I had won the very thing we were wanting to buy him!  It has saved us money and hassle and I am so excited to take him out for a walk on his new Smart Trike!

smart trike bee, first birthday present

I have a huge family and many live in different parts of the country.  This weekend a few were visiting and it was lovely to spend time with them and for Dylan to play with my cousin's little girl.  I want him to grow up with strong family values as I was lucky enough to grow up with a very close family. 

I am really enjoying the Olympics and loved the opening ceremony.  Watching twitter out the corner of my eye it was amazing to see such pride in our country and Danny Boyle did an amazing job!  I am watching lots of the swimming and Gymnastics and am looking forward to another couple of weeks.  Hopefully we will start to win a few more medals though!

olympic tv, olympic channels, you make me smile

So there are my 3 smiles, what has been making you smile this week?  Don't forget to grab the badge and link up below.  If you tweet me at @mummyadventure I will make sure I retweet your posts too.  I am looking forward to your 3 smiles!

You make me smile

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