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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

My Family in February

The end of Febuary has crept up on us and despite multiple opportunities to get a family photo, I have ended up bribing the boys after school today to get this one and I was only allowed one shot.  February has been dominated by birthdays with Archie turning 5 and Finn 3 and we had a week off for half term in the middle which was very much needed.  The end of the month has been all about the 'Beast from the East' although the reality down here is about 2cm of snow laying over night that was gone by lunchtime the next day.

February has meant the start of shopping for summer clothes despite the fact the weather is only getting colder (real feel -12 degrees as I type this) and I am starting to daydream about afternoons spent at the beach with ice cream.  I like winter well enough but by the end of February I am feeling desperate for a glimpse of Spring.

So here is our one shot family photo for the month and surprisingly everyone is looking, although I can't do anything about the terrible glare on the glasses. And of course a round up of our month by listing what made it special for us.

I loved going to the Greatest Showman singalong at the cinema, shopping for summer dresses and dreaming of sunshine, finishing Grey's Anatomy so that I have a bit more free time and Creme Eggs being so readily available again.

Ed loved a new computer game he has been playing (and winning), hiring a cleaner and freshly baked bread every lunchtime.

Dylan loved having a day out with Archie and I, watching the snow fall, having his best friend to sleep over, watching Early Man at the cinema over half term and the new park we visited.

Archie loved getting all sorts of Pokemon presents for his birthday, winning lots of pennies at the arcades, playing barefoot on the beach on one of the warmer days and going bowling on our Mummy and the boys day.

Finn loved having a birthday party with all his friends, the big balloon Aunty NatNat sent in the post, choosing his own clothes in the morning somedays and telling everyone he is three now.

Cora loved having all her brothers around for half term, watching Blaze and the Monster Machines now that she has finally noticed the TV, watching videos of herself and pointing at 'baby' and the word  'MEEEE'
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Monday, 29 February 2016

Me and Mine February

It was 5pm yesterday when I realised that we hadn't taken our monthly photo yet.  The sun was disappearing, the sky darkening, the children tired and there was no time to go anywhere.  I take plenty of pictures outside our house, but I must have looked stranger than usual setting up the tripod right outside our gate and grabbing the children for a quick photo.  They weren't in the mood (especially Archie who had just woken up) and we only managed two shots before they ran back inside so there wasn't much to choose from!

I blame February for being shorter than the other months, but really this photo sums up our month.  Everything was a little last minute, from planning Archie's birthday adventure once we were already in the car to icing Finn's birthday cake as the guests were arriving at his party.  Sometimes life with three is hectic, well most of the time really but we always get there in the end.

February means birthdays for the youngest two, Archie celebrated reaching three and a week later Finn turned one with a big party for them both in the middle.  We had our twenty week scan, a gestational diabetes test and a referral to a consultant because of baby's large size and we also had half term, the busyness of day to day life and everything in between.  Here is our family as February comes to an end 

Mummy is loving seeing her baby girl on the sonographer's screen again, watching Finn learn so many new things all of a sudden, looking at Timehop every morning and getting caught up in the memories of life with a newborn and the rather large baby related spending spree she has been on.

Daddy is loving having a new car on loan for a week, a birthday day out for Archie's big day, playing roaring games with Finn and having naps whilst he is working from home.

Dylan is loving learning about Dinosaurs this half term at school, sharing grapes with Finn (eating half of each one and then passing it to his brother to finish), going to the cinema and birthday cake.

Archie loved having his birthday and opening each present to tell us what he had 'won'.  He is loving zooming everywhere on his scooter, playing with his new Blaze monster truck toys and having Dylan at home over half term.

Finn is loving roaring like a dinosaur, turning the xbox on and off (mostly whilst it is in use), waving at everyone and eating his dairy and egg free robot cake.

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Friday, 25 April 2014

As They Change

These two boys are changing so fast that I am struggling to keep up.  Archie is reaching new milestones and mastering new skills, whilst Dylan is losing the baby side of his features, and getting taller and stronger every day.  Their relationship is changing as Archie becomes more adventurous and determined, but more fun as a playmate at the same time.

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Friday, 28 February 2014

Me and Mine February

Pictures tell a story, and this is the story of us.  Not glamorous, not particularly exciting but our story nonetheless.  Bedtime is busier with two; two bodies to wash, two pairs of pajamas to dress with, two faces to wash, two sets of teeth to clean. And then there is one cuddle, one family and one story.  We curl up on Dylan's beanbag next to his bed, and he chooses a story to read.  

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The End of February

I set myself a challenge at the beginning of February to do something new everyday either with the baby or for him, and after a lot of hard work (coming up with ideas that is), I managed it.  During February we played with saucepan drums, made our own finger paints and
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Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 27- Funday Monday

The children's play area is a staple of winter entertainment.  I defy a parent not to give in to the lure of warmth, tea and the children entertaining themselves for a couple of hours.  Dylan may not be able to entertain himself, but I did have plenty of offers from lovely 4 and 5 year old children who could 'babysit' for me.  (politely declined)

ball pit, baby in ball pit
ball pit fun

The ball pit was an immediate hit, and a lovely young girl decided to try and bury him.
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Monday, 27 February 2012

Day 24- The Mini Zoo

rabbit, mini zoo, baby and rabbit

Day 24 saw Dylan being introduced to some creatures he had never come across before.  In turn he met a rabbit, a guinea pig and a budgie.  He has been around cats and dogs before, but has always seemed happy to be ignored by them.  This time he had no choice but to examine them closer.

baby and rabbit, mini zoo
First came a rabbit,
a beautifully soft white fluffy rabbit which I could not help but stroke myself.  Dylan seemed fascinated and happy to touch and play with the furry thing.  I had to hold him back from pulling the poor creatures hairs out as I think he fancied a quick taste.

baby and rabbit, mini-zoo

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 21 + 22- Sweet Treats

Unfortunately I have not had a camera to hand for the last two days, because the mess was epic.  On day 22, we gave Dylan his first bit of real chocolate, namely, a chocolate finger.  Luckily, he happened to be wearing just a nappy at the time, so the sticky brown dribble pooled in front of rather than spreading and staining his lovely clothes.

As is recommended, he has been weaned on a healthy diet of fruit, veg, and milk but I thought it was about time he learnt the real benefit of solids- chocolate.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 20 - A Night in Cloth

Since we began using cloth nappies, I have not risked an entire night in one.  They work beautifully for daytime, but we tend not to change the baby's nappy for up to 14 hours overnight.  After trying several disposable brands and styles, we eventually found one that kept the liquid in and the baby dry.

night nappies, cloth nappies, tots bots wrap, lollipop nappy
Our winning combination
As we were doing this February Challenge it felt like the right time to take the next step and brave the cloth night nappy.  I chose a Lollipop bamboo inner with a fleece liner ( to ensure his little bum stays dry all night) and a Tots Bots waterproof wrap.  I was nervous dressing him for bed, and was dubious as to how well a cloth nappy would work for such an extended period of time.

tots bots wrap, night nappy, cloth nappies
Getting ready for bed.

In the morning I was pleasantly surprised to find no leaks, and a happy dry baby!  I had underestimated the cloth nappies ability.  Dylan can now sleep in a beautifully soft nappy, help save the planet, and look good doing it.

If you are planning on trying cloth nappies at night, I would recommend using a fleece liner so that their skin says dry and does not get irritated, and using a wrap in a larger size than normal, so there is more space to stuff.  Bamboo is the most absorbent material for a nappy.
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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Day 2- The Half Birthday

6 months seems like a turning point.  My 'baby' is now closer to being a toddling, talking one year old than he is to that helpless little newborn.  He is now on solids, smiling, laughing, rolling, sitting unaided, chatting away (although not in words yet), eating his toes, teething and sleeping in his own room.  He has a beautiful personality and his features  are becoming more prominent and gorgeous every day.

Today we celebrated Dylan's half birthday for the first time.  No cards or fancy presents, but some extra special cuddles and kisses.  Of course we did keep the most important part of the birthday tradition going - cake.

half birthday, cake, weaning

For our 'new thing' today, Dylan had his first lunch ( we are now on 3 meals a day!- how grown up) and he had his first cake.  Granted he only ate a miniscule amount of it, but he had a lot of fun smearing it round the highchair.  The candle light was present enough for him, watching it flicker could have entertained him all evening.

half birthday, weaning, cake crumbs

Celebrating half birthdays will definitely stay as a tradition in our house - any excuse for cake is good with me!
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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 1 - Building a Fort

When I was a child, nothing beat rounding up all the duvets and blankets in the house and dragging them down the stairs. The coffee tables, dining room chairs, large toys and anything else suitable was also collected and lifted (read dragged) into the living room on a rainy day to create my own private den.

There was something magical about that cramped, dark space- it was warm, safe, people could only come in when they were invited, and that meant a 'No Brothers' sign hung over the entrance.  We could spend all day playing under some chairs and blankets, oblivious to the world around us.

For day 1 of the February Challenge, I built Dylan his first ever den.  Chairs, the sofa, and five different blankets all came together to form a lovely hidden retreat, and the moment I put the last blanket up, and created our little bubble, his face lit up with excitement. I had taken in a torch, so we lay on the floor and watched the torch light dancing on the different blankets and body parts, and he looked engrossed in the moment.

 den, baby, building a fort

I'm not sure whether today was more for me or him, but as he tried to catch the light as it flickered on the blankets, or grab whichever limb it was lighting up, it felt enjoyable for both of us.  We just need to make a 'No Daddys' sign for next time!

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

February Challenge

I have set myself a challenge and decided that everyday in the month of February I will do something new either with or for Dylan.  It may not always be a big thing, but it must be new. You would think that with a 6 month old this shouldn't be too much of a challenge, but i'm struggling with ideas already!

I think this may be more for me than him, as all I need to do is show him a water bottle and he is ecstatic (he has a fascination with Evian bottles I will never understand!).  He gets so excited by the smallest things, I sometimes wish life was that simple for me- it would be a much happier place!

You only have to hold a book in front of him and you get the same reaction- his legs stiffen, his hands start madly flailing around, the eyes widen and his smile says its Christmas morning.  And that is just for the front cover. . .

Well I have tomorrow's 'new thing' all ready but after that my ideas are running short.  Please help me out and comment with any ideas!
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