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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Easter Egg Hunting with Cadbury

The two week school holiday can feel rather long especially when the sun seems to have disappeared again.  My children have been buzzing with the excitement of Easter, talk of the magical bunny and what he may bring and asking to do activities, games and crafts in the lead up.  I love bringing the seasons to life for them, but sometimes I need a little help with ideas.

Cadbury have come up with some great Easter activities to try over this long weekend and we couldn’t wait to do our own Easter egg hunt.  We only have a tiny little garden and it has been sorely neglected over the winter, but whilst we were away last week my parents kindly came over and cleared it for us, so this was the perfect place to hold our hunt.  Admittedly all the weeds would have given us some much better hiding places, but this way they could run around afterwards (and create their very own car wash for the garden toys).

255,000 Cadbury eggs are made at the Bournville factory ever day (that is 177 a minute if you were wondering) and I am sure you can guess the best seller? It is of course the creme egg, which happens to be my favourite so those are what I chose to hide for them (with some bonus Cadbury caramel eggs too)

There are some other great activities on the Cadbury site including making pompom bunnies which I know is exactly what Dylan has been hoping to try and the activity sheets will keep them all entertained in the mornings when Mummy and Daddy haven’t quite had enough caffeine to function properly.

According to Cadbury's research, the top activities over Easter are eating Easter chocolate, seeing friends and family, giving Easter chocolate, going on an easter egg hunt and baking. 

Easter egg hunting is most definitely the boys' favourite activity though, they love the excitement, the race (everything is a race when you have two brothers and a sister) and of course the delicious Cadbury goodies at the end!

If you want to join in with the Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt then head over to their website to find a downloadable pack! There are over 300 hunts going on at National Trust sites in the lead up to Easter too, you can find more information on the Cadbury website

 This post is in collaboration with Cadbury

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

An Easter Outing

This year the Easter weekend has seemed even more special than usual.  I have two children old enough to know what is going on, a little one who can have his very first taste of chocolate and the promise of two weeks with no school run and my biggest little boy at home,  Over the long weekend we managed to fit in some spring cleaning, catching up with friends, quiet time in the house, family time and an Easter outing too.  The winds blew, the sun shone, the chocolate disappeared pretty fast and three little boys were already asleep as their heads hit the sheets each night.

Easter Monday was the day we had planned a day out and despite the fact the wind had howled all night (and blown over our fence panels), the sun was still shining and we needed a day of fresh air.  We headed to our local Wildlife centre as it has something for everyone and had such a lovely day that we all came home smiling.

I love seeing the big cats but we seem to spend the longest time in the reptile house as the big two are fascinated by lizards, snakes, crocodiles and rodents.  It works out well if you manage to time it so that you are in there whilst it rains and enjoy the nicer parts of the day outside though.

We love this park as it has a playground inside that has so much to do and we spend just as long climbing and sliding as we do looking at the animals (and there is a soft play inside so that Finn can get out the buggy or sling and explore too).  There are also ride on electric trucks that they have to have a go on each time we visit.

I can't wait to spend two whole weeks with my favourite small people now, especially considering that when the new term starts Archie will be doing more hours at nursery and our time together will be even more precious. 

How was your Easter Weekend?

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Playmobil Eggs

Easter isn't far off and we were sent these chocolate alternatives from Playmobil for the big two boys.  The yellow egg contained a zookeeper with an alpaca and the red egg had a footballer with a goal in.  The boys loved the surprise of seeing what was inside, although the back of the box does have a picture of the inside toy.

The zookeeper was ready to play and the footballer took just seconds to put together.  They loved practicing scoring goals with the footballer and the zookeeper got taken straight off to join some of their other Playmobil toys.  They are a lovely gift but they are much better if you have a good set that they can go into as each egg contains a simple toy.

The eggs currently cost £6.99 each and make a great alternative to chocolate - something we need to think about with Finn, although he is far too small for these.  We would love to see a junior version with the 1,2,3 range as well, currently they are 4 choices all aimed at 3-10 year olds

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Our Easter Weekend

With everything that has been going on, I completely forgot that Easter was coming, so when the long weekend crept up on us I was pretty happy.  Having the bloke at home for 4 days, seeing family and the best excuse I can think of to eat too much chocolate and not feel guilty.

On Friday, I was treated to a much needed lie in, although it feels more like a series of long naps as I still have to feed little Finn every two or three hours.  Friday afternoon the bloke went out, and I managed my first solo bedtime with all three quite successfully.  Mastering something new with all three always makes me feel good, so it was a pretty great start to the weekend. 
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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Eggs

For us, Easter is much like Christmas.  Family plays the biggest part, with a huge roast on the main day - Yorkshire puds, cauliflower cheese and roast turkey followed by a homemade crumble.  The day is characterised by jokes with siblings, doting grandparents and very worn out children.  We chat, we eat, we play card games into the early hours and we definitely consume more than our fair share of chocolate.

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Egg Hunting

After reading an amazing blog post on Lucy's blog Capture by Lucy, I was inspired to set up an Easter egg hunt for Dylan.  The little dude is too young for too much chocolate, but old enough to join in the fun so I thought that this hunt was perfect for him.   As our garden doesn't have too many hiding spots, I thought it would be great to pop down to the local park with it being at the end of our road, and as I was doing it in the  park, I decided to invite some of Dylan's friends.

I spent Good Friday evening cutting egg shapes out of Dulux paint charts, and armed with some pound shop pegs, I set about hiding them around the park this morning.  15 of Dylan's friends turned up at half past ten and spent the morning hunting out the paper eggs in the little bags I had decorated.  

Once they had finished hunting, I swapped the paper eggs in their bags for a small chocolate egg, small plastic egg full of raisins and some bubbles and it was time to play on the swings and slides.  It was lovely to see them all together playing outside, and luckily the sun was shining for us!  Dylan managed to fall asleep on the walk back from the park and with it taking all of 60 seconds I was very impressed - I think there were lots of tired toddlers by the end of the morning!

We had a lovely morning, and I have all my paint chart eggs ready for another little hunt next year!  
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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

My favourite chocolate has to be a cadbury's chocolate egg.  Nothing beats what is wrapped in that shiny purple paper, and the fact it usually comes alongside a couple of yummy creme eggs is certainly a bonus!  This year Dylan is old enough to have a little bit of chocolate, although we are still limiting it as he has never had more than a bite or so before and Archie is definitely too little (although as I am breastfeeding, I could always eat his share?!)

I have been getting crafty in the evenings in preperation for the big day and made some egg shaped rattles for the littlest one so that he can join in this Easter.  I found the idea on the lovely Red Ted Art blog and thought it was within my capabilities, and would be perfect for the boys.

It involves all things we had in the house, and as I prepared an omlette, instead of cracking it, I made a small hole in each end and blew the egg out into the bowl.  I rinsed the egg shells and left them to dry, before filling them with some rice and covering them in paper mache.  Voila . . . home made egg rattles!  I used coloured tissue paper to make things easier, but if I make them next year I would do it with newspaper so that Dylan can enjoy painting them.

I was very impressed with my effort and my plan is to hide them around the garden on sunday so Dylan can have a mini egg hunt as well. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that the Easter bunny is very generous!

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