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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A Developmental Leap

I don't think you will ever convince me that there is a better stage than newborn.  The milky smell, the scrunched up faces, the way they curl up so perfectly on your chest - I find it all just irresistible.  My second favourite stage has to be this one though, the one Cora began as she turned ten months, where they suddenly hit a huge leap and develop so many new skills.

In the space of 24 hours my baby girl learned to crawl, pull herself to standing and clap as well as saying her first words.  It was a busy day and she is still reeling in excitement from it all.  Suddenly the world is a much bigger place and she is so desperate to explore it.  She may still be slow on her knees, but she is learning to get around however she can and it is fascinating (and a little scary at times) watching her 

The first year is the most crazy period of development as most babies go from being a helpless newborn to a baby who can feed themselves, move around and make their opinions known one way or another.  I find that often it goes it spurts though, that we become comfortable in how we are, but all the while in the background her brain is ticking, processing it all and preparing for the next stage.  It all happens at once and suddenly everything is different.

Dresses are no longer practical, or they have to be tucked into her leggings at the front so that they don't get caught up in knees and feet.  Leaving a door open is now an invitation, putting Cora unattended anywhere but ground level is a definite no.  In many ways I am sad that the wonderful period of being able to leave her somewhere and come back to find her in the same place is over but watching how happy she is with her new skills, how proud she is of herself as she sings the end of her favourite song, make me so excited for everything that is to come. 

It will become the norm soon that she is mobile, that she can follow round her brothers, get into everything she shouldn't and that the knees will be worn out on all her trousers, but for now I am enjoying watching her learn something new,  discovering the world from her new perspective.

It seemed crazy that at the end of next month she will turn one, I am sure it was only last week that I was holding her for the very first time.  Those newborn days are long gone though, and the toddler stage is looming.

I want to freeze time again, in my second favourite phase, to keep her this little, small enough that I can still carry her easily, young enough that I am still her world, quiet enough that I can still take her everywhere.  This last part of babyhood, this precious time.

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Friday, 10 August 2012

On the Move!

Dylan has clearly taken turning one very seriously and decided it is time to get mobile.  His first birthday last Thursday saw him pulling himself up from sitting to standing on the sofa for the first time and gingerly walking round.  Fast forward a week and he can now get himself standing from lying on his back with the help of the sofa, confidently cruise round the furniture even letting go for a few seconds to test his balance and crawl! 

He is not crawling around the room but he can take to his knees and find his way to the sofa or a table to get himself stood up.  He still seems convinced that crawling is not for him but he can do it now when he wants to! After months of worry as all his friends overtook him and started taking their first steps whilst he sat immobile and content he has joined the ranks and moved himself!

My arms are incredibly happy.  28lb is a lot of weight to carry round and although the havoc has already begun, I am enjoying his new found independence almost as much as he is.  It won't be long until his legs lose some of that puppy fat and his tummy slims down so I am making sure we have plenty of cuddles now whilst he is still my chunky little monkey.  

I am so proud of him for doing it and although some days it felt like he would never get it, I know from experience that he likes to learn new things with no warning.  He waits until he completely understands what to do and then goes for it!  It wouldn't surprise me if he started walking soon!

learning to crawl

So to anyone else with a baby that doesn't crawl - they will eventually!  They may be a little late and not that bothered about it but they will get moving and you will almost wish they weren't as your house will look like a hurricane has hit!

The other big change this week has been the start of the tantrums.  Dylan has developed a temper and when he falls down whilst trying to stand up he starts screaming and angrily hitting the sofa as his eyes say 'you should have helped me mummy!'  I much prefer our other developments to the pinching and hitting that comes with these tantrums but I am hoping that standing firm now means the behaviour won't last too long.

So turning one has bought many changes and we are only a week in!  Did you find that one was a major milestone for your little one?

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Friday, 27 July 2012

The One Year Check-up

This week we had Dylan's one year review.  I had to take him along to the children's centre to have his progress measured and to make sure he was developing as he should be.  Although I knew it was only a formality I was a little worried as at 11.5 months he is still not interested in crawling and not quite able to pull himself up either.

Luckily the health visitor conducting the review completely put my mind at rest.  After doing his height and weight measurements and plotting them on the 99.6th centile lines in his little red book she told me that his rate of growth may be affecting his mobility.  His muscles need to be much stronger than your 'average' baby and as he is constantly putting on weight they are struggling to catch up.  She watched him stretch and shuffle across the floor to get to a toy though and was not worried at all.

Dylan will be one in a week and cannot
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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

So is he disabled then?

Sometimes I am shocked by the things that come out of people's mouths.  I have been told more times than I can count that I look far too young to be a mother, often in a very rude way, but this is something I am now so used to it goes straight over my head.  I know that age plays no factor in how good a parent you can be, and I have enough unconditional love for my son I know I am a good mother for him.  I am also much older than they think I look.

Today I had a new one though, directed not at me but at my son.  A stranger came over on the train.  A middle aged woman who wanted to coo at Dylan as he had been proclaiming his love for dadadada throughout the journey.  She touched his hand and asked me his age and I replied that he is ten months old.  'Oh' she said, 'So he is walking now?'.  'No' I replied, thinking it was rather unusual for a ten month old to be walking unaided although more and more of his friends are starting to take those shaky first steps.  'So he is crawling?'  Was her reply.  This is something I am a little sensitive about, and I have written already about the fact that he seems to be the last one to crawl.  I answered her informing her that he was not  crawling, and her response completely shocked me.

'So does he have a disability?'
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Friday, 11 May 2012

Still not crawling?

This is a question I am being asked at least once a day.  So is he crawling yet?  And the answer is still no.  Whats more, I don't expect this to change any time soon.

There is nothing physically wrong with Dylan, he was sitting up and rolling at 5 months and is a perfectly happy and healthy 9 month old boy.   He just hasn't found anything worth moving for!  I have tried a little light encouragement- putting toys and/or dangerous objects just out of reach to see if he is tempted but after a little stretch and a little whinge he settles with playing with the closest toys.  And if there are no toys in reach? he says what the hell, and plays with his feet. 

I think his cloth nappies are partly to blame, not in that they limit his movement but they must make sitting on your bum that bit more comfy!  A lovely padded soft cushion that just follows you around, why would you want to move on your barely covered knees?  He is not a small baby and there is quite a lot of him to carry around, (trust me my poor arms know) so maybe he has decided it is a lot less stressful to just sit.

baby blocks, baby sitting up, nine months old
baby sitting, building blocks, 9 month old baby

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