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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Our Ordinary Adventures

Mondays and Thursdays we go to playgroups, Wednesdays and Fridays Finn has nursery in the afternoon.  We have one day left, one completely free day - no commitments, no interruptions, just a day for our ordinary adventures.  We don't always go far, we don't always go anywhere but I love our Tuesdays, just the little two and I.

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

When we are out at groups or round friends, their relationship is different, but when it is just the three of us, these two couldn't be closer.  Cora looks up to her big brother and Finn loves having a ready made friend in his little sister.  They are as thick as theives and seem to communicate in their own special language.

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

This week we went to a private local park that we have passes for.  These two are happiest outdoors and they were in their element with things to climb and balance on.  We had the place to ourselves and we were wrapped up warm.  There were sticks to find, leaves to throw, benches to jump off and fish to look for.

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

We reviewed some wellies from Bogs last year and were so impressed that when Cora started walking I bought her a pair.  They have flexible soles, pull on handles, warm soft insides that keep little feet insulated down to -10 degrees and are machine washable.  We were sent another pair for Finn last month and we both love them.  Cora's are bright pink and orange with flowers and Finn's are black with red and blue dinosaurs.

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

I tried to keep my camera away for most of the day, to roll down the hills with them, to catch them as they jumped off the bench for the umpteenth time and spin them round in circles, to lift them so they could reach the higher branches and the colourful leaves.  I try to spend these days having ordinary adventures, enjoying them just as they are now.

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

Cora decided that she was very attached to her water bottle this week and it took a lot of persuasion and distraction to encourage her to eventually put it down.  She is equally as attached to her Bogs boots, bringing them to me and trying to put them on herself if I make no signs of immediately taking her out.  With children that want to be outdoors all the time we definitely have to make sure we are dressed right and these boots will be accompanying us on lots of our everyday adventures over the winter.

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures

albababy onesies, baby bogs, everyday adventures
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Monday, 27 March 2017

A Spring Weekend

There is something so beautiful about each season and I made the decision when I had children to stop having a favourite, and to appreciate the little things each time the weather changes.  The excitement of snow and frost has gone, Christmas feels like a distant memory and it has all been replaced by blooming flowers popping up everywhere we look, the grass turning a healthier shade of green and that familiar warmth that promises summer is on the way.

I am an outdoor person whatever the weather, but with four small ones some things are just a bit much in the winter.  In the spring it all seems a bit easier, there are so many options, so much to explore and it becomes easier to go out earlier and stay out that little bit later.  

Last weekend in the absense of any plans, we revisited a beautiful local gardens with a museum attached.  We are lucky enough to have lots of local parks, but this one is so clean, dog free and full of things to explore.  I took my camera along to capture some pictures of the bigger boys in their new shoes as Bobux kindly sent us some of their new Kid+ range (they now go up to 7 years!) and I love the images I took.  They capture spring in all it's beautiful glory and the adventures we will be having for the next few months.

quex gardens, quex house

spring photography, daffodil photos, quex gardens

Bobux kid+, Bobux

Bobux kid+, Bobux shoes

The boys love their Bobux shoes because the barefoot soles mean they can really flex their feet as they run and climb.  There are some low hanging branches and trees that are perfect for little adventurers and they kept them entertained for ages.

Inside there is a museum full of animals and artifacts that they love looking at.  The highlight is the interactive room though full of instruments to play and stations to draw at complete with mircrosopes and fancy lights. (If you live locally this is Quex gardens and Museum).  It was a great place to calm down before heading home and there was something for everyone. 

The weather still seems to vary so much daily and there is still plenty of rain but this is what our Spring weekends will look like I hope - full of colour, sunshine and fresh air.  
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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A Little Winter Sunshine

The ordinary moments are often the most precious, the everyday things are worth remembering and recording and that is exactly what this blog post is - little moments from an ordinary day.   The park is a big part of our life, we go there to blow off steam, to learn new skills, to be close to nature, to climb and swing, to picnic, to meet friends and to breathe some fresh air into a lazy December weekend.

The weather was mild at the weekend and the boys were restless so we popped down to the park after lunch (Finn is on nap strike) to run around.  The sun sets so early that we knew we didn't have long, but there was long enough to play and they love the freedom to explore.

The big two boys don't seem to notice I am there, they become wrapped up in their own little world, playing make believe, racing, driving the pirate ship and escaping from sharks.  They get on so well, and with the freedom and space of the park there are fewer reasons to squabble.  Finn doesn't like to be confined in any way so he goes in and out of the park gates asserting his independence but staying close.  We took his little Toddlebike and he mostly zoomed around shouting 'bike'.

The biggest two boys had these Little Bird gilets when they were small and I have been buying other sizes when they comes up on selling sites as they are perfect for brightening up a cold day and for keeping an eye on them in a crowd (Cora has one too but she wasn't wearing it here). 

And of course Cora came with us, she started off in the sling, but I popped her in the buggy so that I could run around with the boys a bit easier and she could watch on.  She loves being outside and she looked pretty snuggly wrapped up in the footmuff.  

I hope these babies of mine always love to run and climb and explore, that the park continues to capture their imagination (and wear them out) and that they look back on these photos remembering the fun they had on a warmer than usual December Sunday.

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Friday, 13 June 2014

The Beach Life

We are lucky enough to have a beach within walking distance from our house and this year we plan on making the most of it.  It will be our first proper summer as a family of four (as we spent most of last summer in hospital) and it has started well with sunshine, the sand to ourselves and a sneaky ice cream or two. These are a few photos from our week.

baby on the beach, ramsgate, toddler

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Little Explorers

We are a family who loves to be outdoors, from festival loving parents, to the little boy who could have a picnic everyday of the year, to the baby who spends all morning bringing me random shoes until I finally take him outside.  We love exploring and we love adventure.

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Very First Picnic of the Year

He refuses to keep either socks or shoes on, and any exposed skin looks grubby, covered in a thin layer of mud.  He crawls, cruises and explores every surface, touching everything he sees.  He is inquisitive, adventurous and determined and he is loving the weather getting warmer and the excuse to spend as much time as possible outside.

Archie is in his element in the park, and although he isn't quite walking yet, he loves the freedom when I let him explore his own way.  The warm weather meant we spent the first of many long days at the park, and the picnic blanket made its way out of the cupboard for the first time in months.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Warmer Day

In the middle of rain and wind, of runny noses and chesty coughs, we saw a ray of sunshine. We woke up to blue skies and the kind of weather that needs only a light jacket.  After weeks of soft play, coffee shops and puddle splashing, a visit to the park was exactly what we needed.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Day at the Zoo

I love being a stay at home parent, but I do look forward to the weekends and some family time together.  Seeing my boys playing together, getting some one on one time with each of them and of course having someone to help during the more demanding times.  This weekend we enjoyed some wonderful family time and set off to London for a day at the zoo.  Dylan is at the perfect age for it and I got to have a play with my new camera as well (sorry for the photo overdose!)

Dylan made it very clear that the gorillas and giraffes were our priorities and he loved exploring and watching everything from the penguins to the monkeys.  

He wasn't so keen on the pigs and tigers but he was desperate to feed the giraffes and zebras and I think he would have taken a gorilla home given half the chance.

I popped Archie in a sling on my back so that he could see everything as the pushchair is quite low and he was silent and wide eyed the whole way round, taking everything in as he snuggled. (well until he fell asleep at least)

A lovely walk through the beautiful Regent's park where autumnal colours and fallen leaves lined the paths, and we stopped to take in some Christmas lights (and enjoy some gingerbread men) before heading home worn out for a quiet family day in on Sunday.

I love visiting the zoo this time of year and we were lucky it was such a mild and dry day.  The paths are quieter, queues shorter and the animals are busy and active which is great to watch.  I love showing the boys new things and Dylan hasn't stopped talking about our day out.

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