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Friday, 24 February 2017

Tomorrow you are Two

Every family has different parts that make it whole, every member brings something unique and indispensible and you, Finn, are our smile.  I don't doubt there will be years where you are a moody teenager, that your tantrums will get worse, that you won't always be the way you are now, but right now you are the sunshine in our days, you brighten up even the darkest Monday morning and we couldn't love you more.

One to two has been a busy year, you have learned to walk independently and as with everything, you did it your own way.  It was your brother's birthday and after months of confidently cruising you were still refusing to let go and attempt it alone.  When you finally did, it was with a big audience, an even bigger grin on your face and you walked right out the room like you had been doing it for ages.  It took you a little longer than your brothers, but we didn't doubt you would get there.

This year you learned to talk and I have found it hard not to compare your progress to your brothers.  You are unique and you are communicating in your own way.  Your language seems to have started snowballing since Christmas and every day you are learning new words.  There are still plenty that I 
don't understand yet, but you understand me (other than when I say no or stop).

At nearly 2 you are strong willed and defiant.  You have refused to just slot in like I was told third babies do - we know you are around! You are interested in everything, put off by nothing and everything is a climbing frame.  You are a little whirlwind at times, but you can also sit and play beautifully for ages.  You are desperate to be big like your brothers but you also want to be a baby like your sister.  You adore her, she is your favourite person and I love watching the two of you interact.  

I still think of you as a baby but from the outside you are starting to look less like one.  Those wispy baby curls that framed your face have gone, you race confidently into new situations, you make your choices known, you are growing and changing.  You still insist on your 'daddit' (dummy) to fall asleep though, and you lay with your arms tucked under you and your bum in the air as only babies and small children can. 

One was the age you became a big brother, just two days after you turned 16 months.  You loved your sister immediately and you two have a special bond.  You watch how close your big brothers are and you get impatient to have the same fun with Cora - I think you two are going to cause so much mischief once she is really on the move!

I am constantly reminded of quite how far you have come, the odds you have beaten and the mountains that you are still desperate to move.  You will always be a little miracle to us.

Happy Birthday baby boy, Happy Birthday Finn.  You are loved more than I ever knew you could be
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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Chewy's Adventure

Archie's birthday fell slap bang in the middle of half term and we used it as an excuse to get out as a family and have an adventure.  There is a local wildlife park that seemed the perfect venue as the sun was shining and we had such a good day we ended our day by upgrading our tickets to annual passes.  Finn was sent 'Chewy', a teething toy from the people behind Cheeky Chompers bibs and it was the perfect toy to keep him entertained as he isn't as delighted by the animals as his brothers.

cheeky chompers, chewy toy

The park has a great variety of animals and is big enough to make a great day out but small enough that it isn't too much for little legs.  Finn spent most of the walk round in his buggy and he alternated between watching the animals and playing with his toy and he loved the fact it had handles as well as apparently tasting good!  It had a handy strap for attaching it to the buggy which was rather useful as the park was pretty muddy!

I love the fact that there are animals roaming the park or in areas that we can walk through, partly as they seem more free and partly as it is much easier to take photos without glass or bars in the way!  Dylan wasn't nearly as keen and much preferred the big cats and reptiles that were safely seperated from us.  Archie loved pretty much everything, especially the penguins (which made the bloke very happy!).  Finn seemed transfixed by the glorious peacock that was proudly showing us his feathers.

flamingos, wingham wildlife park

peacock, wingham wildlife park

I think one of the highlights for the boys was the ride on trucks, although Archie's little legs couldn't always keep the pedal down so Daddy had to join him.  Finn fell asleep clasping his chewy at this point, adventures are exhausting for little people!

wingham wildlife park, monster go carts

I think we must have picked the busiest day of the week but even so there was plenty of space and the day was cold but without the wind that makes you uncomfortable.  All boots and outer layers had to be removed before the boys got in their car seats as the park at the end of the day made everything a little brown and all three boys fell asleep on the twenty minute journey home! 

peugeot 308sw

We loved bringing Chewy on our adventure and I am sure he will be coming along for many more.  Finn only has two teeth at the moment so I think he will be teething for many months to come! 

Disclaimer : In collaboration with Cheeky Chompers

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Before you turn Three

It is crazy how much can change in such a short time and it is the time of year again that I read through old posts and wonder at quite how we have gotten to this place.  It was three years ago I went to bed clueless that you were on your way.  It was two years ago that I wrote you this and exactly 365 days ago since I kissed you as a one year old for the last time.  

Tomorrow you will wake up and be three and I can't quite believe it.  This year has been crazy, full and sweet.  Your little brother arrived soon after your birthday and the weeks that followed were stressful, fraught and I wasn't as present as you needed me to be.  He finally came home and we all had to adjust to a new way of life.  You became a big brother, and you are a great one.  This year you have changed from a toddler to a little boy.  I still cling on to the toddler label but really I see a small person in front of me with his own clear ideas, a wonderful way of communicating and a confidence that rarely wavers.

Your short sentences have become paragraphs and your ability to express yourself has grown exponentially.  You are articulate, capable and always have something to say.  You are the most loving child, you can't get enough cuddles and sometimes it feels like you are trying to get inside my skin.  You crave closeness and touch, you want to love with your whole body and I find your arms wrapped around my neck, your legs around my waist and your head buried in my neck several times a day.  

You want to experience everything with the whole of you still, something I saw in you early on that hasn't changed.  A puddle can't just be jumped in, you need to see how the water reacts to your fingers too.  You want to walk along every raised surface, touch every leaf and stop to listen to every sound.  You are physical in ways your brother isn't and I was amazed to watch you skiing last month on our holiday in France.  Not many two year olds can cope with lessons out on the snow, but you weren't going to let that stand in your way.

You are my wild one in so many ways, your hair being the first that people notice.  You don't want it cut and I gave up trying to persuade you.  People often think you are a girl, your blond locks have a life of their own, but we both know it doesn't really matter.  One day you will want it all cut off and that is fine, but for now you look perfect, wild hair and everything.

As you turn three I know our days together are numbered.  School is still a long way off, but preschool isn't and you are signed up to start in April.  Your one day of nursery at the moment is wonderful but I can see you need more and I know you will love the new routine.  I am dreading losing a piece of you though, not knowing so many things about your day and not spending every day with you.  I know it is a part of you growing up, but when you cuddle in to me or ask for magic kisses I remember how little you still are.

You are still little in some ways.  We haven't started potty training yet and you are still in your cot.  I think it is a second baby thing, wanting to keep you smaller for longer.  It doesn't mean you can't climb in and out of your cot quite skillfully, but I climb in every night to give you 'squeezy cuddles' and you are my baby.  

Everything changed the day you entered my world.  I became a different person because of you and you are still teaching me every single day.  You encourage me to be silly and take chances, to stop and watch the squirrels climbing the trees or admire the flowers.  You remind that we all have amazing imaginations even if as adults we don't use them often enough.

As you turn three my baby boy, please stay that, my baby.  You already seem so old sometimes as you constantly check on me, asking me if I am ok, am I happy, is the baby warm enough in there, do I need a cuddle.  Stay true to yourself Archie, as you are quite frankly a wonderful person to be.

Before you turn three, as I kiss you goodnight for the last time as my two year old, I just want you to know how truly loved you are
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Monday, 10 August 2015

Dylan Turns 4!

One of the phrases most recited to parents of young children is 'The days are long, but the years are short' and it couldn't be more true.  I have counted down to bedtime I don't know how many times, but I really can't understand how I needed four candles on Dylan's cake last weekend - How is he that big already?

His last night as a three year old was spent in a state of excitement, and reading a new Topsy and Tim book about their Birthday party contributed to the 6am wake up -  making sure we weren't going to be late to his party.  

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Turning Two

Turning two is a pretty big thing and we got to celebrate with Archie this week as he hit that milestone.  He may have been mostly unaware, but his big brother was not, and with the impending arrival of a new brother, we wanted to make sure Archie had a day just for him.  We didn't plan too much, but we did manage to fit in three of his favourite things - Peppa Pig, Balloons and Family.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Before You Turn Two

As I kissed your head tonight, I thought back to two years ago - a situation I am finding rather familiar as I carry a large bump in front of me, and I remember the excitement, the anticipation, the wonder as you came into the world.  This time two years ago I was clueless that I was soon to meet the boy who would make me the mother I am today, but by the time you wake up tomorrow, it will be two whole years since the first time I held you in my arms and told you I loved you.

This year has seen you change from a baby to a toddler - from a crawling babbling little person into one who walks, runs, jumps and talks.  Every week at the moment we see changes in you as you learn more words and string them together in more complex ways.  Last week we realised that you really did know all your colours now after months of declaring everything to be either yellow or blue.  You have never had a problem communicating what you want, but you are growing up to be polite and confident as you step on to every bus with a 'ticket please lady' (even if the driver is most definitely a man).

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Monday, 8 September 2014

A Mini Adventure

It is a well known fact that I don't get to do nearly enough puddle splashing on my birthday.  That is one of the biggest problems with August birthdays it seems, my wellies are usually left dry in the cupboard whilst my sandals enjoy pride of place on my feet.  This year we managed to change that, and I believe I am due warm and sunny birthdays for the next few years.

We live quite close to Dover, and when I had an email through earlier in the year telling me about discounted ferry sailings, I thought I would book a day, with the idea that if it was bad weather we just wouldn't go.  They were offering sailings for £1 return, and as infants don't becoming paying children until they turn 4, it meant £2 return for the whole family for a day trip!  We already have our passports and I booked the bank holiday Monday, forgetting about it soon afterwards.

As it happened, we decided not to be put off by a little bit of rain (OK, a lot of it), and just go prepared, so with our wellies and rain coats, we travelled down to Dover for a mini adventure.  

It was the boys' first time on a boat and they loved it.  From exploring the various restaurants, cafes and the (minuscule) play area to standing outside and watching the waves, they were curious and excited and I think even if we had stayed on the ferry and sailed straight home, they would have had a good day out.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Nun Night Two Year Old

To my gorgeous boy,

Just as I wrote you a letter before you turned one, and before you turned two, I find myself here knowing that when we wake up, you will be three.  In the past year you have left the toddler days behind and you are excited and eager for something more.  Preschool beckons along with an independence from me that I am still reluctant to give.

As I put you to bed each night, and we sit on your dark blue bean bag and read a bed time story, I am already seeing changes.  The days where you sat cuddled in, listening intently to every line on every page have gone.  Now you pick the same stories every night, because you know them.  You can think of new questions to ask, new 'whys', and you can ask to read more words yourself.  You still have the same love for stories as ever, but you want to be a part of them now, not just a listener.

When you were potty training earlier this year, I used to tell you stories.  Between the two of us we made up a whole series of books, about Dylan, his friend Oscar and the huge castle that they lived in.  The first one was all mine, a way to make you sit still, but after that you wouldn't just listen.  You would interrupt to add bits in, or change the details and eventually it would be you telling me a story.

You love adventure, and find it everywhere, from the obstacle course at the park to underneath a blanket huddled with your brother.  You seek friends wherever you go and are such a sociable boy.  If we go to the park without your friends, you find an older child who will have a conversation with you, and play games with you.  I know how ready you are for preschool and I know that you are going to love the new backpack and lunch box that Mummy and Daddy have got you for your birthday. 

As a two year old you were cheeky, curious, chatty and cautious.  You are not yet riding a bike, scooting round or climbing to the top of the playground, but you are confident and I have no doubts that you will get there soon enough.  You are a (mostly) loving big brother, always checking on Archie, and sharing with him so well.  You don't always get along, but hearing the two of you in fits of giggles together is priceless, and I remember that the best gift we have given you is your mini sidekick. Archie brings out a different side of you too, as your personalities are so different, you become more daring, more silly and more cheeky around him.

turning three, two year old, 35 month old, toddler on the beach

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Turning 30

I need to start by clarifying that it is not me, I am still twenty six and a half and in no rush to meet the next milestone.  This weekend though, saw the bloke turning 30 and in his usual laid back style, it was rather low key.

I asked what he wanted to do; a party, a big night out, a fun day activity, a night away, but his answer? Maybe a lunch out.  As the end of our month is so busy with a break at Butlins and a holiday with Snowbizz, having a quiet family birthday was actually really nice and the beautiful weather made it even better.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Turning Two

Dylan is now two years old and he has been busy celebrating in style.  His birthday fell on a Friday this year and we had a lovely family day.

After opening lots of lovely presents, we watched the sunshine turn into a thunder storm and so stayed in playing with all the new Duplo.  As it dried up, we headed down for a stroll and to Pizza Express for some lunch

We were back home for nap time and then had a busy afternoon with visitors before going out for a short walk down to the seafront with Grandma and Granpa for a fish and chips tea and some cake on the beach.

With countless cards, gifts and messages and plenty of new toys, we took a very tired two year old boy to bed that night.

The birthday fun was not over, as Saturday was party day and we were joined by family and friends for a picnic in the park.  Dylan was spoilt yet again and the hours of energy and effort I had put into making him a special birthday cake were worthwhile when I saw his little face light up.

Spending the afternoon in the park meant skipping naptime, but when we eventually made it home, we did make time for a snuggle on the sofa and a little snooze as it was a tiring two days!

The adventure of two under two is now over, but we are definitely ready for this next chapter (once we have found space for all the new toys that is!)

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nun-Night One Year Old

To my gorgeous boy,

It was a whole year ago that I wrote you this letter and I would never have believed how much can change in just 52 weeks.  You are now a walking, talking toddler with the cheekiest smile and the most beautiful eyes.  You are a fantastic big brother, including Archie in everything you do and you love to make him laugh.  You are still and will always be, my baby, but you are growing up before my eyes.

Your language has come on so much in the last year and you are now talking in sentences (non-stop if we are at home).  The baby talk is slowly phasing out but you still mispronounce the odd word and I love to hear you speak.  You know your colours, shapes and numbers and have an obsessions with puzzles.  You let us know your mind and it is wonderful being able to communicate with you so well now.

Despite having a broken leg that is stopping you walking, you are getting around just fine and it has taken you until now to perfect the art of bum-shuffling and crawling.  Despite having to spend weeks inside and having to watch your friends run around and play, you have not complained and I have never been prouder of you.  You brightened everyone's day in hospital with your smiles and laughs and kept me going even when things were tough.  The nurses loved you, the children loved you and we had so many visitors, it is clear to see how loved you are.

Your personality shows through more and more every day and I love learning about you.  You couldn't love your fruit more, one bowl of strawberries is never enough and you will often pick a satsuma over chocolate..  Your new love of airplanes and rockets mean that when you have finished with a toy you yell 'blast off' as you pretend to shoot it up into the air and no matter what shapes we make with Duplo, they are always airplanes..  

Your energy is infectious and everything is a potential adventure.  You can find a puddle to jump in, despite it not having rained for a week and we stop to examine leaves, trees and stones.  You help me see the beauty in the world around me when it passed me by before.  You make me appreciate what I have and the things we have done and you make me strive to be the best mother and the best me that I can be.

turning 2, letter to my two year old, 2nd birthday

I want to show you things, teach you things but you are not even two yet and it is you that is showing and teaching me.  It was always you and me, (and Daddy at the weekends) but now we have another little person in our team and you are showing and teaching him too.

Somedays I look at you and see the child that you have become, the sociable confident little boy.  Other days you remind me that you are still only so young and when you cuddle into my lap and suck your thumb, you are still my little baby.

Tomorrow you will wake up and be 2.  Tomorrow I will wake up and be the mother of a 2 year old and baby boy, I am so happy that I am your mama.  

Your floppy blonde hair, your big blue eyes, your totally edible chubby cheeks, 16 teeth and still the chunkiest thighs I have ever seen.  There is so much I want to remember from this past year and I am so glad I have it recorded here.  

Sleep tight my gorgeous one year old, for tomorrow is a big day.

Love Mummy
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