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Friday, 13 April 2018

Bath, Book, Bed

There are days where I feel like I am counting down until bedtime and days where I look forward to a moment of calm together at the end of a busy day.  The Book Trust are running a campaign to encourage making stories part of your bedtime routine and we have been getting crafty to make story time as fun as possible.

We decided to make our own reading den which turned out to be very messy and lots of fun! We took a large white bed sheet and some fabric paints and I let the kids go wild! Of course one mostly wanted to paint herself, one had lots of artistic ideas and one wanted to squirt as much paint as he possibly could into a very small space.  The end result was colourful and crazy and I know we can add to it when we want to.

We don't have loads of spare space, so we decided that Finn's bed could become the designated reading den.  I attached the sheet to the top with two huge elastic bands, but clothing pegs are ideal for something like this.  We used colourful ribbons and cardboard stars to make it more fun and popped some cushions along the back.  I am hoping to add some fairy lights to when the evenings get darker.  I needed something that could be put up and down easily and we can store this on a shelf and pop it up every evening to make reading time more cosy. 

The children absolutely love it and they couldn't wait for pyjamas on the first day, they wanted to dive straight in and get their books out!

The book Trust are the UK's largest children's reading charity and they are trying to encourage parents to make reading part of their child's bedtime routine, not only to help them sleep but to fuel their imagination, creativity and confidence. You can find more tips on creating a great bedtime routine over on their website!

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