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Friday, 30 December 2016

The Week in the Middle

Christmas day has come and gone, the new year has yet to begin and we are stuck in a strange place, not quite here or there.  We have no concept of which day of the week it is, mornings and bedtimes are later than usual and biscuits are an acceptable meal.  I love this week, the one with no routine, no schedule or deadlines or school runs, the one where we make our own rules.  We eat when we are hungry which isn't always at the traditional mealtimes and we go out when we get bored indoors.  

The Christmas break is so short, not even two weeks for Dylan and in the midst of the mayhem this week feels unusually calm.  I love waking up in the morning with no real plans for the day, playing it by ear, enjoying lazy mornings in my dressing gown and watching the children play with their new toys, their imaginations taking them to new lands each day.  

The Christmas tree is still up, the sun sets so early, the weather is getting colder and no resolutions have yet been made.  The kitchen side is piled high with goodies and we are drinking more cups of tea than ever with the excuse that we really should get through those biscuits soon.  

Today we have had a lazy morning, a late lunch, a long play and a glow stick disco in the living room with just the twinkly tree lights and our flourescent sticks stopping us bumping in to each other.  The children got to stay up just a little longer and we are eating leftover pizza for dinner.

I took a few photos of the boys at the beach in their new Muddy Puddles coats, they loved the sand all piled up and we were surprised at how busy it was for a December afternoon.  The beach is our go-to place to waste an hour or two and it doesn't matter what season it is, they never get bored of it.

muddy puddles, baby waterproof suit

School and Preschool restart on Wednesday so we only have a few days of this limbo left to enjoy.  This week in the middle is definitely one of my favourites.
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Monday, 23 May 2016

Little Swimmers at the Beach

The British weather is so unpredictable in May and we have days where we huddle under an umbrella on the school run all wrapped up followed by days of shorts and t-shirts, ice creams and bare feet.  Our weeks aren't easy to plan and we are enjoying the spontaneity, looking out the window each morning and deciding what to do.

As a Huggies® Little Swimmers®  ambassador we always have a couple of swim nappies in the changing bag ready to go and it paid off this week when we popped down to the town and realised how warm it was.  Finn and I decided an ice cream at the beach was the way to go (well Finn fell asleep so I decided to get an ice cream) and when he woke up we had a lovely play on the beach and splash in the sea.  He could happily crawl around in just a t-shirt and his nappy and it didn't swell up when he plonked himself in the sea to play with the wet sand.

I love how easy the nappies are to just pull on and tear off and the great Disney©  Pixar Finding Dory characters meant they looked really cute as he crawled around with his little bum in the air too.  

We made a little video about our mini-adventure and how easy the Huggies® Little Swimmers®  are to get out and about with.

I know the beach is going to feature heavily in our lives over the next few months, we are so lucky to have it practically on our doorstep and I love that my children are building memories so  similar to my own from childhood. Our Little Swimmers are perfect for Finn for these days - the freedom to explore the sand and sea but the protection (for him and for everyone else!).

Pick up a pack of Huggies® Little Swimmers® from Ocado and you could be in with a chance of winning tickets to see Finding Dory on the big screen

In collaboration with Huggies
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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A winter's Beach Stroll

We live in a beautiful place, sure, it has its faults but there is nowhere else I want to bring up my babies.  We have a lovely house with just about enough space for us all, and neighbours all around that we stop and chat to.  We have family and friends all around us. We have a park at the end of the road where the boys can run around, climb and kick a ball.  We have the promenade just round the corner, where they can ride their bikes, spot boats in the sea and watch the world go by.  We have a beach within walking distance that we don't take advantage of nearly enough.

I have seen lots of photos on instagram recently of people enjoying the sea, even as the temerature drops and it inspired us to do the same.  We often go for lunch down on the seafront, but we went for a wander afterwards at the weekend, to skim stones in the sea, chase the waves and build sandcastles (without a bucket).  The boys loved it (until Dylan got caught out and drenched to his knees) and the sun shone for us.  I had my camera on me, so took a few snaps, although with the sun so bright, it was hard to avoid the shadows. (Sorry about the photo spam)

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Me and Mine - July

Last July was swelteringly hot, the evenings were sweaty and it felt like summer was going on forever.  I remember watching it out the hospital window, consoling myself with the strong rays I was protecting my children's skin from.  We missed a whole month of sunshine, of being outdoors and this July we have tried to make up for it.

Our days have been spent outdoors as much as possible, with plenty of mornings at the beach, picnics at lunch time and afternoons in the park.  We have spent lazy evenings eating fish and chips out of paper cones watching the children build sandcastles on a deserted beach and if we need some quiet, we have driven motorbikes round the garden, enjoyed bbq's and played with the sandpit.

One evening we met a local photographer down at the local beach, and she took some lovely photos of our little family, capturing us now.  My not so little toddler who is excited and ready for new adventures.  My slightly crazy 17 month old, who would spend all day in the sea and loves to roar, and the bloke and I, enjoying the best side of the place where we grew up, and where we are bringing up our family.

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Archie at 17 Months

Suddenly Archie looks so big, I don't know if it is the fact he is walking so much more, the clothes he wears or the fact that I have been thinking of him as a baby until I was forced to face the toddler he has become.  

Archie is a boy who knows what he wants, is determined to get it, and will let you know how displeased he is if anything stands in the way.  No obstacle is too big, no mountain too high that he won't attempt to go over, under or through it in the pursuit of something he probably isn't allowed.  If I tactfully block his way, I am met with a mini meltdown, and I catch a glimpse of the terrible twos which we seem to have skipped with Dylan but are inevitable with this little dude.  He is by no means bad, but he is testing the waters.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

An Adventure at Whitstable Beach

whitstable, beach kids, adventures, adventure at whitstable beach

'Would you like to come into my adventure, mummy?'

Sometimes I worry that he hasn't quite got it, but then he makes me hop from cushion to cushion as we jump on the train, or he takes me into the 'jungle', where in reality no plant is higher than our knees and the most exotic animal you will find is a squirrel.  

whitstable beach, adventures in whitstable, toddlers on the beach, brothers

Dylan is nearly three and I can see his imagination growing every day.  He loves to play pretend, making whole scenarios in his head and his favourite place to have these adventures is outdoors.  The park, the beach, the alley down the side of our house - it doesn't really matter when you are two, what matters is who you are with and what you are doing.

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