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Monday, 28 May 2018

An Ordinary Day at the Beach

These four, they are a team.  They are a little gang of small people, the leader often changes as do the dynamics and my gosh do they like to squabble but underneath it all is a friendship that nothing will break.  They have their own personalities, strong opinions and unique perspectives but together they are strong and I love watching the way they react to each other.

This was just an ordinary half term day but we had no plans and the sun was shining so the beach seemed like the obvious choice.  Ed was working and so it was just this gang and I which always prompts comments every few metres as we walk to the coast about 'having my hands full' (I totally do!).  We had the wagon packed with buckets and spades, water and swimwear and we had nowhere else to be.  

I think the freedom of the beach always puts them in a good mood.  The sea and sky seem endless, there is nobody showing them how to play or what to do, they are just given tools and left to create their own games.  I think their favourite at the moment has to be throwing rocks into the sea.  I will never understand how it can create so much enjoyment and entertain them for so long, but they can't resist the temptation of throwing and watching their rocks splash in the cold British sea.  They run in and out of the waves, kick the water in the air and splash with their fingers and they smile and laugh as they do it.

The day wasn't all perfect, but this moment was and looking back, that is what I want to remember.  The way the big two competed, both thinking they had won, the way they encouraged their younger siblings, showing how to throw underarm, and the way they praised them for trying.  The way they giggled as they did it, Archie doing a silly dance in between each throw.  The way Cora counted rocks 'three, three, three', the way Dylan checked them all thoroughly to find the best ones and the way Finn picked only the biggest ones, telling me he was so strong every time he lifted one.

As much as I love recording the big moments and the milestones, I wanted to make more of an effort to write down the little ones too and I hope one day the children can look back on the memories we made and remember the fun of their childhood.
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Monday, 23 May 2016

Little Swimmers at the Beach

The British weather is so unpredictable in May and we have days where we huddle under an umbrella on the school run all wrapped up followed by days of shorts and t-shirts, ice creams and bare feet.  Our weeks aren't easy to plan and we are enjoying the spontaneity, looking out the window each morning and deciding what to do.

As a Huggies® Little Swimmers®  ambassador we always have a couple of swim nappies in the changing bag ready to go and it paid off this week when we popped down to the town and realised how warm it was.  Finn and I decided an ice cream at the beach was the way to go (well Finn fell asleep so I decided to get an ice cream) and when he woke up we had a lovely play on the beach and splash in the sea.  He could happily crawl around in just a t-shirt and his nappy and it didn't swell up when he plonked himself in the sea to play with the wet sand.

I love how easy the nappies are to just pull on and tear off and the great Disney©  Pixar Finding Dory characters meant they looked really cute as he crawled around with his little bum in the air too.  

We made a little video about our mini-adventure and how easy the Huggies® Little Swimmers®  are to get out and about with.

I know the beach is going to feature heavily in our lives over the next few months, we are so lucky to have it practically on our doorstep and I love that my children are building memories so  similar to my own from childhood. Our Little Swimmers are perfect for Finn for these days - the freedom to explore the sand and sea but the protection (for him and for everyone else!).

Pick up a pack of Huggies® Little Swimmers® from Ocado and you could be in with a chance of winning tickets to see Finding Dory on the big screen

In collaboration with Huggies
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Monday, 28 September 2015

Beach, Beach, Beach

Autumn has definitely hit, and whilst we are still resisting the central heating, the slippers have definitely re-emerged.  For my family this means our weekends are still spent doing the same things, just with different clothes on.

The beach is one of our favourite places to go, all year round.  Shorts and t-shirts in the summer with bare feet and the essential ice cream and now waterproofs and wellies followed by fish and chips snuggled in the beach hut.  As the weather changes it means we often end up with the whole beach to ourselves and my little buddies just love the freedom.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

A September Summer Holiday - The Beach Day

In case you haven't noticed it has been a bit quiet over here lately, whilst we have been enjoying a family holiday.  The bloke, the boys and I flew to Italy, and landed at Rome airport for a week staying at a Canvas Holidays caravan.  There will be plenty more on that this week, but my first post is more photos than words (after all, we have only just arrived back in the UK and my 3am alarm clock means today has been spent feeling tired and working my way through a mountain of washing).

Our holiday was a bit of everything - Caravan park fun, city break and time on a beautiful beach.  This post is about our day at the beach.  A twenty minute bus ride from the site, on a scorching hot day and we found our own spot of paradise.  The sand was much darker than in the UK, the shores emptier and the sun stronger.  We rented sunbeds and an umbrella, and the boys had buckets and spades.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Beach Times

We love the beach (you may have guessed this already), and we have our beach bags ready to go with all our essentials, all summer.  I can grab the bags, hang them on the buggy and just go which is perfect when you have two toddlers in tow!

 We have been sent some lovely bits which have found a permanent place in our beach bags, the first of which is a pair of personalised towels for the boys from Stuck on you.
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

An Adventure at Whitstable Beach

whitstable, beach kids, adventures, adventure at whitstable beach

'Would you like to come into my adventure, mummy?'

Sometimes I worry that he hasn't quite got it, but then he makes me hop from cushion to cushion as we jump on the train, or he takes me into the 'jungle', where in reality no plant is higher than our knees and the most exotic animal you will find is a squirrel.  

whitstable beach, adventures in whitstable, toddlers on the beach, brothers

Dylan is nearly three and I can see his imagination growing every day.  He loves to play pretend, making whole scenarios in his head and his favourite place to have these adventures is outdoors.  The park, the beach, the alley down the side of our house - it doesn't really matter when you are two, what matters is who you are with and what you are doing.

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Monday, 30 June 2014

Me and Mine - June

June has been a busy month, that saw the end of our breastfeeding journey, and me spending not only my first night away from Archie, but my second, third and fourth as well.  The time away meant our family time was even more precious and after two nights away at Britmums Live ( a blogging conference for any non-bloggy readers), I couldn't wait to get back to my boys.

We spent an afternoon cuddling, playing and telling our stories, and then strolled down to the beach for an evening picnic.  Dinner at the beach can mean only one thing and that of course, is fish and chips.  The boys played in the sand with their new bucket and spade and then we laid out our blanket to eat together.

Unfortunately most of the photos came out terribly, but as I wasn't particularly organised (and it was an incredibly busy month), we had to make do with this one.  We managed to capture our family together in June.

family photo, family photo project, me and mine,

Mummy is loving going to Glasgow for the night, drying nappies on the line, drinking ice cold cans of Coca Cola and lots of meals out.

Daddy is loving his new BBQ, the world cup, wispa golds and having a dishwasher

Dylan is loving days out at the beach, going to the cinema with friends, playing with his cousin Katie and telling everyone and anyone about the pre-school he is going to when he is 3.

Archie is loving his shape sorter toy, playing with the potty, drinking gallons of water and grabbing you round the neck for the biggest cuddles.
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Friday, 13 June 2014

The Beach Life

We are lucky enough to have a beach within walking distance from our house and this year we plan on making the most of it.  It will be our first proper summer as a family of four (as we spent most of last summer in hospital) and it has started well with sunshine, the sand to ourselves and a sneaky ice cream or two. These are a few photos from our week.

baby on the beach, ramsgate, toddler

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Making the most of it

 Since my return to work in January, our family time has been cut in half.  I only do ten hours per week in my current role, but most of that falls on a Saturday, and with the bloke being at work Monday to Friday, it gives us only one day all together.

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Family Fun

The cosy pyjamas are out, rain covers are reunited with pushchairs and shopping for wellies is on this week's to-do list.  Autumn appears to have arrived and I am looking forward to crunching through red and brown leaves and snuggling under blankets with hot chocolate and Disney movies.  Our summer was eventful with a month spent in hospital but the memories I have come away with are priceless.

family photo, whitstable beach
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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How Summer Should Be

Summers shouldn't be spent inside, and certainly not in a hospital.  The days should be long because we see so much sun, not because they drag and there should always be ice cream.

Now we are free, we are enjoying the beautiful weather with picnics in the park, afternoons at the beach and paddling pools in the garden.

brothers, summer, picnic in the park brothers

Suncream is applied, suncastles are built and shells are washed.  A mini milk lolly stops being a treat and fast becomes a necessity to keep cool.  Hot feet paddle in the cold sea and Mummy braves swimming in the waves.  

sandy toddler toes, summer at the beach, building sandcastles

watering can in paddling pool, paddling pool at the beach

Bags of scotch eggs and strawberries, and a big stripy blanket.  Swings, slides and stickers for those of us who can't run around at the moment.  More suncream, more ice creams and more fresh air.  

toddler eating strawberries, picnic in the park

matching brothers, toddler and baby matching T-shirts, picnic time

Days with friends, days with family and days spent playing in the back garden.  Water beads, paddling pools, painting and playdough.  Homemade ice lollies whenever the mood takes us, with washing drying on the line as we play.

paddling pool, water bead play, garden in summer play

Laughing, splashing, butterfly spotting and of course dining al fresco. Sandy toes, hooded towels and yet more ice cream.  Wearing just a nappy (the children, not me), strolls along the seafront and fish and chips on the beach just because we can.  

family of four, family at the beach, shoulder rides at the beach, my beautiful family

This is how summer should be, this is our August. 

stroll on seafront, pink lining bag, double buggy at the seaside

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The May Bank Holiday Weekend

The May bank holidays are very often hit or miss with the weather and I was so relieved to see the sun shining brightly over the recent weekend.  The bloke spent four days in Brussels and so the littles and I spent lots of time with their Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty and Uncle.  I always think of bank holidays as being about family time and this one was no exception.

grandson, grandma, beach cuddles

We are incredibly lucky to live so close to the beach and after a quick pop to the shops and lunch in the garden we headed down to the seaside for sandcastles, shell sorting and sunbathing.  My parents have jumped straight into their role as grandparents and seem in their element playing with the boys.  They have so much time and love to give them, I just love to watch them together. With Dylan's ever improving vocabulary, he is so much fun and he absolutely adores his 'Manma' and 'Bumpa'.  Archie is still small but has enough cuddles for everyone.

beach view, minnis bay

baby laughing, grandson and grandma, debenhams baby clothes
You're so funny Grandma!

Archie had special smiles for the special people in his life and the sea air definitely did him good as we had the best night's sleep after our day outdoors.  Dylan also managed a glorious lie in on Tuesday morning which was much appreciated by all!

toddler on beach, debenhams toddler clothes

Debenhams childrenswear

debenhams kidswear, Archie, baby beach

After a busy afternoon building sandcastles, collecting shells which were then washed and sorted, exploring, chatting, playing, snoozing, sunbathing, walking and laughing, we sat outside our beach hut for a good old fish and chips tea.  I took home two very exhausted boys and I can't say I had much more energy myself.  A beautiful bank holiday spent with some very beautiful people.

The boys were sent some clothes from Debenham's Childrenswear which they are wearing, Archie was in a gorgeous romper and Dylan in some lovely sail boat shorts.  I love the nautical theme and they were the perfect outfits for our beach day.

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Monday, 6 May 2013

A Beautiful Place to Be

There are of course, certain things I would change about where I live, but there is so much that I just wouldn't have any other way and  I have ended up settling down only 5 miles from the house I grew up in.  My family are close and I still see friends from both primary and secondary school.  I know the area like the back of my hand and there are some really beautiful parts.

My little town alone has numerous parks, three children's centres and a beautiful sandy beach.  We have shops, cafes and restauraunts and are surrounded by people we love.  As spring appears to finally have arrived, we have been enjoying staying exactly where we are and making the most of our town.

This weekend has seen a fair arrive to the green on the cliff top and we went exploring as a family.  Dylan loved the merry-go-round and fishing for ducks and Archie. . . well Archie had a lovely nap in the sling!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


The start of spring brings new life, new colours and the return of my beloved flip flops.  With the weather finally warming up though, I have been remembering all the things I love about this new season:

Washing drying on the line.  There is something really satisfying about a line of clean washing drying in the breeze and it always smells so fresh and feels so soft.

Not wearing a coat! After picking out outfits all winter and then hiding them under a coat it is nice to have a bit more freedom and a lot less bulk finally.

Walks along the Prom.  Living so close to the sea, spring gives us the perfect excuse to stretch our legs as we can go for long strolls along the sea front with an ice cream as a reward when we get to the end.

Messy play in the garden.  I may not be the most house proud, but I am not confident getting messy inside, so with a bit less chill in the air, we can go outdoors for painting and getting dirty and I am much less worried!

Eating Al Fresco.  There is something about eating outdoors that makes me pick healthier options and this can only be a good thing! There is nothing quite like sitting outdoors and enjoying a lovely meal with a beautiful view.

Getting my flip flops back out.  I love being barefoot and the next best thing is simple sandals.  As soon as the risk of frostbite has gone, I am in my flip flops and the boots don't come back out until I really have no choice!

Painting my toenails.  With the return of sandals, comes the nail varnish.  I love painting my toenails in every shade of bright and showing them off.

Fresh flowers. Suddenly gardens and parks are awash with colour and it can't help but brighten my day to see the flowers blossoming.  Dylan is already getting excited when he spots a daffodil so I can't wait for more to bloom.

Not spending a Penny. With the beach within walking distance of my house, we don't need to spend any money to have a lovely day out and Dylan is entertained for hours with a bucket and spade and somewhere to run around!

The light. Earlier mornings and later evenings mean there is so much more natural light and this makes taking a good picture much easier. I rely on my smart phone for a camera and so sunlight is definitely my friend.

Picnics in the park. As a breastfeeding mummy,  there is only so long I can spend in the park when it is chilly but with the spring sunshine we can spend all day outside.

 It may not be as warm as I would like yet, but spring is definitely on the way, and I can't wait!  What do you love about spring?

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Monday, 8 April 2013

The Start of Spring

After rain, snow, wind and more snow, we finally appear to be getting some of the spring sunshine we have been waiting for.  Saturday was the first time I wasn't worried about packing extra blankets in the pushchair and we took a short journey on the train to a local town, Whitstable to explore.

spring sun, whitstable

Whitstable is a beautiful town with lots of quirky little stores selling all sorts of beautiful things, from vintage clothing to tea sets and gorgeous baby bits that I really wanted to buy. Luckily as they are all old buildings my double pushchair was a challenge to get inside, so my pennies remained (mostly) safe. 

knitted pram, knitted pram cover, whitstable

whitstable, girly buys, whitstable tea sets

 After a lovely lunch, we took the boys for a stroll and enjoyed our first dose of sunshine this year. Whitstable has a lovely pebble beach which we are not used to as our closest beaches are sand but Dylan loved looking at all the rocks and stones as he explored. He ran around in his new Superman top (complete with cape!) and made friends with every parent, child and dog in sight.


toddler exploring, whitstable beach, toddler pebbles

It certainly wasn't warm but with no breeze and bright sunshine it wasn't too cold and we took a stroll along the sea front, admiring the boats and little cafes selling fresh oysters and seafood.  Archie was unusually settled in the Bugaboo, and Dylan was his usual excitable self, running around with squeals of excitement at everything he saw.

oyster bar, whitstable beach
Anyone for Oysters?

A lovely coffee with friends and we got home just in time to put two rather exhausted little boys to bed! I am really hoping this weather sticks around as it is lovely being able to spend more time outside without worrying about frozen fingers and hundreds of layers!

bugaboo donkey, asleep in bugaboo donkey, sleeping buggy

Welcome Spring!

 Whitstable beach, pebble beach, spring sunshine

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The End of Summer

As much as I love Autumn, it is sad to say goodbye to the summer.  Days out at the beach, picnics at the park and bath time in the garden are all coming to an end as we move towards crunching leaves and jumping in puddles in our warm winter wellies.  We have been making the most of every last sunny day this September by enjoying the great outdoors.  

baby sat in the sea, baby enjoying the beach

We are lucky enough to live right by the sea so have been making the most of it, (and soaking our clothes) building sandcastles, paddling and just playing with the sand and
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Friday, 7 September 2012

Baby Brain

Today baby brain got the better of me.  I had an opticians appointment and desperate not to wake the baby, I had the pram ready outside.  All I had to do was lift him out of his cot, down the stairs and into the pushchair without waking him and we were off.  Well I managed that.   I put him safely in the buggy and covered the top with a blanket to keep it a little darker in there.  I shut the door and walked down the front path before realising, just as I heard him waking from his slumber, that I had left my sunglasses and bag in the house.

Panic hit me as I realised I had no money and no keys and the bloke wasn't due home until 7pm.  Luckily my trusty phone lives in my pocket or I would have been really stuck! I managed to put my sensible mummy hat on and we strolled down to the bank where they nicely let me withdraw some money even with no ID - lucky as I somehow had to feed my son with no money otherwise!  I arranged for my dad to bring us a spare key when he finished work at 5pm and we had the day to amuse ourselves!

parent and child at the beach, enjoying the sunshine

With the temperature reading at 27 degrees, there was only one thing for it! Dylan and I strolled down to the seafront and got busy playing with the sand.  He has always loved the beach, but every time I have let him dip his toes in the big blue sea I have been met with screams. I decided to try again today though and suddenly he loved it! I held his hands so he could stand and as he giggled he walked forward, before plonking himself down where the tide would keep washing him.  He loved watching the waves roll in and over him, covering his nappy and the bottom of his T-shirt in salty water, and even kept his hat on nicely for a little while!

baby in the seababy in the sea

It was lovely to see him enjoy the seaside properly and it won't be long until we are building sandcastles and paddling.  Although my nappy bag is always pretty stocked (luckily we had suncream and a sunhat in there), I had not brought a change of clothes with me, so he spent the rest of the afternoon in just a nappy- not that he was complaining!  We went up to the greengrocers and chose some fresh fruit to have our own little afternoon picnic and made the best of a bad situation.

baby discovering sandmummy adventure

It was a lovely day but in future I do find having my purse and keys pretty handy!
blue sky beach
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