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Friday, 29 December 2017

Cora at 18 Months

On the 27th of December, my baby girl turned 18 months.  It is a funny milestone for me as I really need to admit that Cora is definitely a toddler, but that means no more babies.  When Dylan and Finn were 18 months, they had tiny siblings already and I was three months pregnant when Archie hit this milestone.  Cora is the final baby though and she is growing up so fast.

At 18 months she isn't much of a speaker, but she has a few important words mastered including cheese, shoes and more.  I have no concerns about her speech, I think with three big brothers, they often do the speaking for her.  She can walk, run, climb and she is trying so hard to jump now.  She bends her legs and pushes up, usually raising one foot off the floor and she will gallop round the room in this way.  She loves to copy her siblings and I think she will catch up with Finn in regards to many of their physical milestones.

Cora is headstrong and determined.  She knows what she wants and she is not giving in until she gets it.  She isn't a big fan of sleep and only naps every other day now and night time is hit and miss, with her sleeping through some nights but up every couple of hours on others.  She takes a long time to really wake up though, especially after a nap and she wants to be held close for a long time afterwards, getting cross if I pay anyone else attention.

The pushchair isn't getting as much use anymore as my little girl wants to walk everywhere, and she is quite capable most of the time too.  She thinks of herself as one of the boys .  At home though, her favourite toys are her baby doll and pram, and the Duplo.  She loves books and is always bringing me her 'thats not my' books and climbing into my lap to read them.  She plays peekaboo with Finn (usually with the curtains) and they love to lie down together under the dining table pretending to sleep.  They are inseparable when they are at home together and I love watching the ways that they interact and play together.

Cora is still pretty petite and is just starting to move into her 12-18 months clothes.  She is around 77cm tall and weighs roughly 22lb with size 3.5E feet.  She is still breastfed on demand and she is starting to eat a little more although nowhere near as much as her brothers did at the same age.  She has 16 teeth, hair long enough to tie back (when she lets me).

I think the next 6 months are going to be so exciting as she finds her voice and her independence.  This Christmas I don't think she understood very much but I imagine next year will be a different story!

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Half a Year Baby Girl

Somewhere in the mayhem of Christmas and New Year, in between the mince pies and Prosecco, my baby girl turned six months old.  Her half-birthday was spent in a Christmas comedown, we were too busy finishing the boxes of chocolates and playing with new toys to really notice it, but like it or not, Cora is now six months old.

Six months old means the newborn days really are gone and we have replaced that tiny newborn with a baby that sits up and rolls around and shouts at us to get attention.  She chats away in her own little language, she chews everything in sight and her personality shows through more each day.  My little lady is a Mummy's girl and wants to be in my arms all day.  If I hand her to anyone else she needs to check constantly that I am still there, still within her sight and ready to take her when she lets us know she has had enough.  She still wants to sleep curled up next to me and I can't imagine her anywhere else.

On Christmas day we started weaning and I have a feeling it will be a slow process.  2 days off of the recommended six months and we offered Cora carrots on her tray.  She picked them up, she licked them, she pulled a face of utter disgust and she left them alone.  We are following the principles of baby led weaning so I am confident when she is ready she will eat a little more.  I am quietly hoping it will improve her sleep (without holding out too much hope) as she has recently taken to feeding every hour.  She can sometimes do a 2-4 hour stretch when I first put her down, but after that she likes to wake and feed very frequently, sometimes just being awake for a few hours in the middle of the night.  

Cora is pretty average sized and we are starting to pack away some of the smallest of her 3-6 month clothes and bring out some of the smaller fitting 6-9 month bits.  I will be washing her stretchy wrap this week ready to pass on as she is so curious and heavy that I find her more comfortable in a more structured carrier.  We swapped the carrycot for the seat unit reclined on her pushchair about a week before she turned 6 months (although she was back in the carrycot tonight) and she loves being able to see a bit more of the world.  

The boys still adore their baby sister, they know how to make her laugh, and they are incredibly gentle at times.  Finn is desperate for her to join in with his games still and he is a lot less gentle, Cora adores him and I can already foresee the mischief they are going to be causing together once she is on the move.

I can't fathom how these six months have passed so quickly and I am desperately hoping that the next six are a little slower.

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

5 Months Baby Girl

5 months baby girl, five long, short months.  In most ways it feels like Cora has been here forever now, the days before her arrival, my pregnancy seem so long ago.  At 5 months old she has found her place in our crazy family and we feel so adjusted to life with four.  In other ways she is still so new though, she is still a baby, even if you can't call her a newborn anymore.  

At 5 months Cora is still exclusively breastfed, we haven't started weaning yet and I haven't even pumped yet to try her on a bottle.  This means that I haven't left her yet for longer than about 30 minutes.  We are planning to start weaning around Christmas time (she turns 6 months on December 27th) and I have a pump ready in case I want to go out over the festive season.  I am pretty happy staying in or bringing her out with me at the moment though.

5 months old, baby girl, 5 months

Cora weighs 15lb 11oz at 23 weeks and she still wears 3-6 month clothes.  Some are starting to get snug whilst others are still quite roomy, it depends a lot on where they are from.  the romper in the pictures is actually size 0-3 month and she has a few bodies that still fit in the smaller size, I think maybe her length is in her legs.

At 5 months Cora can sit unaided for short spells, but she is easily distracted by her own toes and falls over.  she sits well with support and she can roll over from her back to her front (but not the other way yet).  We recently brought out the jumperoo and she is happy in there for a few minutes, but she still prefers kicking around on the ground.  Her playmat is her favourite place to be, other than on Mummy of course.

Sleeping has deteriorated rapidly and this little lady will only sleep in my bed at night now.  She also likes to wake for a snack roughly every hour which is exhausting.  She tends to have a short nap in the morning before one of her brothers ends up waking her and then a longer nap in the afternoon when Finn sleeps.

At 5 months old, Cora is happy and chatty.  She smiles and giggles and has a really ticklish neck.  She adores her brothers still and they fight over who is her favourite.  She has slotted into our mad house perfectly and I can barely remember life before her.  I can't believe she is going to be 6 months in only a few weeks!!
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Saturday, 8 October 2016

3 Months Baby Girl

3 Months old means no longer a newborn and seeing a friend and her tiny 6 day old baby really brought home how much Cora has grown.  Her little face that I often likened to an angry tomato is now relaxed and curious.  Her wrinkles have filled out and she is growing rolls on her arms and legs.  She is starting to outgrow some of her 0-3 month clothing and she spends more time awake every day.

At 3 months Cora still isn't a fan of tummy time, even though she will only sleep on her tummy.  Her favourite place to be when awake (and not feeding) is on her playmat and she isn't bothered by a bouncer chair.  She loves to kick her legs and bat at her toys and stretch out.

Sleep is still pretty all over the place but she sleeps better than her one year old brother already.  There are nights where Cora goes down in her Snuzpod at 7pm and doesn't wake until 7am, although more common is settling for the night at around 9pm.  Some nights she wakes for a feed around 4 or 5am and on occasion (usually when Finn is not sleeping well and being particularly loud) she wakes up more often.  There is no routine at all to daytime naps, sometimes she sleeps for short periods, other times she has mammoth naps and different numbers every day.  I seem to remember that the boys didn't get much structure to their days until we started weaning and I think that may be the same for Cora. I am more than happy for her to just sleep when she is tired and feed when she is hungry! 

Cora has really found her voice this month and she loves to coo away.  We have also been getting some gorgeous little giggles when we tickle her neck.  There is no better sound than a baby laughing!  Despite the fact she looks rather moody in nearly all the photos I take, she is happy and smiley with me.  She is definitely a Mama's girl though and is happiest with me.  This month she has started going to other people better but she is always happiest in my arms.

We are still exclusively breastfeeding and I still haven't got round to pumping.  I have no desire to leave her at the moment and I can't be bothered to pump milk to stash just yet.  She is thriving on my milk and we are both really enjoying feeding.  

At 3 months old Cora loves black and white books, watching her brothers, milk, being naked, swimming, sleeping on my bed, chewing her fists and the sling and dribbling on everything.
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

18 months of Finn

Finn is now 18 months and it is just an amazing age.  There are things I love about every stage of course, but this one is so much fun.  This month he finally started walking and watching the concentration and pride on his face is just brilliant.  In all the photos I take of him walking he has a giant smile and that is because he really does walk around looking that happy!  He is leaving behind the baby stage and turning into a toddler.

At 18 months Finn only has a few words, but they include Cheeeeeeeese which he says as he picks up my phone and gives it his cheesiest smile.  You know you are a bloggers child when taking a selfie is the first thing you do! His lack of words he makes up for in his singing and he just loves to sing.  He is the most musical of my babies and you can tell what he is trying to sing from the tune and the hand actions.  When he isn't singing he loves to dance, always with a big smile of course.

At 18 months Finn is an amazing and caring big brother.  He couldn't love his little sister more, giving her cuddles and kisses all the time and stroking her hair.  I always pictured Finn as the baby of the family so I never imagined this was an adjustment he would have to make.  He has taken to it so smoothly and I couldn't be prouder.

At 18 months Finn has come so far from the fragile newborn that he was.  He was so tiny and ill for so long that I never dreamed that he would be so solid and strong at this age.  He weighs around 27lb, he wears age 12-18 clothing and his feet are size 4.  He is determined, he is starting to puzzle solve, he loves shape sorters and anything and everything with wheels.  He is desperate to be big like his brothers and looks so proud when he is included.  He knows that Cora is destined to be his playmate and he is impatient for her to grow up.  He knows how to make everyone smile and he is so very loved.

I can't believe this baby boy is already so big although it feels like longer than a year and a half ago that we were nervously wondering what his future would hold.  He is our little miracle, he is our beautiful baby boy.

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

2 Months Baby Girl

At two months old I am already starting to see that Cora doesn't want to stay a baby for long.  Everyone warned me when she arrived that girls are often quicker to meet their milestones, that they don't stay babies as long and she is proving them right.  Cora's head control is quite impressive and she loves to be sat up with me just holding her waist.  She always looks so curious and inquisitive and I can see her taking everything in.  

At 6 weeks she started smiling, but it was 7 weeks before I got one my way (Her brothers are far more worthy of smiles it seems) and at 2 months she is still a very serious baby, only giving smiles at certain times of day and making you really work for them.

At 2 months old, Cora seems to be growing so fast.  She is filling out her 0-3 month clothing and she has definitely lost that weightlessness that newborns have.  I imagine she is somewhere between 12 and 13 pounds now but I haven't had her weighed for a couple of weeks.  She no longer curls up in the fetal position and instead prefers to spread out and push her legs out straight.

Cora is still happiest on me, she loves being in the sling, she feeds very regularly (but goes 6-7 hours at night) and she wants to sleep close.  She happily goes down in her crib at night though and can settle her self to sleep if I put her on her tummy.  She will only sleep on her tummy at all times still, although if she is really tired she will fall asleep in the car seat.  Her dislike for being on her back means she can do an hour in the car easily before she succumbs to sleep - My newborns really don't like the car very much! 

Two months in to parenting four and I feel like there are always going to be different challenges.  I was worried about the summer holidays and having all four at home, but it has been wonderful and we have made it work and carried on with our adventures.  Now my fears are around the school runs and being out the house on time.  I am sure we will find our groove and having some time with just the babies is going to be lovely too.  

Two month old Cora is very chilled out as long as she knows that I am close.  She is happy to sleep in her own space and I can put her down for short periods during the day too.  She adores her brothers already and the love is mutual.  She is growing bigger and stronger every day and losing the little things that make her seem like a newborn.  Slow down please baby girl!!

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Monday, 1 August 2016

1 Month Baby Girl

A month of cuddles, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, siblings, teeny fingers and toes and that newborn smell.  A month of noise, sleepless nights and adapting to our new normal.  A month of our baby girl.  
How on earth has a month passed? It seems like only yesterday I was sat cuddling this perfect, tiny little thing on our sofa waiting for her brothers to get home and meet her.  Surely it was only last week that I was laying in bed awake, too busy watching this brand new life to be able to sleep.  In other ways it feels like Cora has always been a part of our life, that there has always been 6 of us.

This first month has been wonderful and it feels even more perfect after the nervous and stressful first weeks of Finn's life.  I have spent every moment with my baby girl and 95% of those we have spent cuddling.  For the first two weeks she wouldn't be put down, and in all honesty I didn't really try.  I fed her and held her in the day and we fell asleep each night, her on my chest.  After a couple of weeks she started to sleep for small periods in her crib or in a pram and now at a month she can sleep in the day when put down and she does her first long stretch at night in her Snuzpod crib before joining me.

The nights are pretty unpredictable, as life with a newborn usually is.  There are nights (well night) where she only wakes once for a super feed and there are nights that we see every hour and sometimes every half hour.  There is no routine yet with anything and Cora stays downstairs with me until I go to bed.

The boys have taken to having a baby sister so well.  Dylan is a pretty experienced big brother and he has taken it all in his stride.  Archie is that bit older than when Finn was born and he is full of questions whilst being incredibly protective.  Finn is curious and excited, wanting to stroke her and cover her in kisses.  This little girl of mine is so lucky to have these three big brothers and I am hoping they continue to stay close as they grow.

At her last weigh Cora was 8lb 13oz so I can presume she is now over 9lb.  Her 'up to 1 month' (or size 56 in Scandinavian brands) clothing is fitting perfectly and her newborn (up to 7.5lb) vests are  just about fitting still too (what she is wearing in these photos).  I am not ready to start a pile of things that don't fit, I am not ready for my newborn to be growing out of things but I have a feeling in the next week or so these vests will be sent off to a new home.  We are preparing to start on the 0-3 month clothing soon as these babies of mine don't stay small for long.

Cora is happiest on my chest still, she loves to be cuddled, carried in a sling and to sleep curled up against me.  She is happier on her tummy than on her back and she loves to poke her tongue out.  Her little face has changed so much in these past four weeks as the swelling has subsided and her delicate features are more visible.   Every day her eyes seem a little larger and she becomes a little more alert.

This first month has cemented Cora's place in the family.  She is the 'new baby', our baby girl, the final member of our team and one that we wouldn't be without.  Our days are busier, noisier and I am learning to do a lot of things one handed.
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Sunday, 6 December 2015

9 Months

Finn is now nine months, or three quarters of a year.  He has officially been on the outside longer than he was on the inside and he has come so far from that newborn it felt like I had only yesterday.

Nine months in to our journey with three children, and things are getting ready to change again,  Finn isn't particularly mobile yet, although he can spin in a circle, but he is desperate to start crawling and I don't think it will be that long until he is off.  His balance has improved so much and he can now correct himself after reaching for things and he has recently learned to sit up from lying down, although he has only managed it a couple of times.

He has finally found an interest in food and weaning is going well after a slow start,  I was confident we would get there eventually and at 9 months I think we have cracked it (for now).  Rice and blueberries are a favourite (not together) and he isn't too keen on sweet potato, much like his eldest brother.  His fine motor skills are improving as he handles smaller food items and this month we will be giving him more sweetcorn and small vegetables to try and perfect that pincer grip.

Whilst he is eating so much more, he isn't willing to really cut down the milk and he still has around 5 bottles per day, with one of those being in the night.  Sleep has been all over the place recently, mostly terrible but we seem to be back to one wake up a night.  I have a feeling there may be an egg intolerance so I will be cutting that out to see if we can stick to just one wake up per night.

Finn is still in our room and still comfortable in his Snuzpod co-sleeper crib but now that he can sit himself up, I think we need to look at building his cot and getting him somewhere bigger to sleep.  I don't really want to move him out of our room ( it is far too cold to be wandering out in the middle of the night to go and feed him) but I am starting to wonder whether he would sleep better without our noise as we go to bed.

Finn is comfortably in 6-9 month clothes despite a huge weight gain over the last month.  My little chunk is now 18lb 10oz and he looks and feels so much sturdier.

Brothers, Smafolk, three under four, matching brothers

The boys are still so close.  Dylan still clings on to Finn's hand when he comes out of school, Archie still gives him the biggest cuddles with his arms thrown around poor Finn's neck and he is desperate to join in with more of their games.  Dylan loves sharing his food with Finn and he has been brilliant at checking this is ok (we have tried to drum the Dairy Allergy into them) and is constantly sneaking bits from his plate onto Finn's mat.

As we head towards Finn's first Christmas, I am loving watching my littlest guy grow and change, and watching his brothers help him along the way.
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Thursday, 8 October 2015

7 Months

Unlike his big brothers, at seven month old Finn is still very much a little baby.   They both seemed so much bigger at this same age and Finn, whether because he is physically smaller or because he is the last, seems so little still.

He is doing so well, he is sitting unaided and whilst he still leans forward, he is straightening up and gaining strength.   He has finally learned to roll from his back to his front, although I still haven't actually witnessed it.  He isn't interested in rolling around the room, but often isn't facing the same way I left him.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

4 Months Old

Finn is now 4 months old, and he has slotted into our little family like he was always here.  His personality is starting to show, and his brothers are getting rewarded with smiles and coos for their hard work entertaining him.

This month Finn has learned to roll from his front to his back, and from his back onto his side.  He seemed as shocked as me the first time he managed it and I wondered whether it was a bit of a fluke, but he has rolled several times over the last two weeks, so I think it is safe to say he is rolling. 

He is getting stronger every day, and when he has tummy time he is now bending from nearer the waist rather than the shoulders.  He can prop himself up and look around for a couple of minutes and his head control is getting so much better.  He is still nowhere near as strong as his brothers were at this age, but then he is nowhere near the size they were either, and he has had a pretty rocky start.

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Friday, 24 April 2015

8 Weeks Old

These first 8 weeks have been full of drama, tears, change and learning, but things are starting to feel more settled and on track.  There were things I thought I knew about parenting after having two, but Finn is rewriting the book, and I feel like a first time parent with him all over again.

We finally have some growth, although he is still a teeny 8lb 8oz (Still smaller than Dylan was at birth).  Finn still fits in newborn or up to 1 month clothing and the smallest nappies we can get.  People often comment on how alert he looks as his size is misleading.

8 weeks old, milestone cards, 8 week old baby, baby boy

He is a very alert baby though, awake for long periods of the day and his wide eyes always search for me.  He likes to be able to touch and see me at all times but I am rewarded with smiles and coos now.  I wouldn't describe him as the smiliest of babies, but if you catch him at the right time of day, you see his beautiful little face light up and his brothers delight in telling me that they are his favourite every time a smile goes their way.

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Friday, 27 March 2015

One Month Old

It has been 4 weeks since we met our baby boy, a whole month since we became a family of five and it has been a busy one.  The first 19 days were spent in the special care baby unit after it was discovered Finn was born with a virus and the next 9 days at home were busy with nursery runs, hospital appointments and adapting to life with three under four.

At 4 weeks old, Finn is still so tiny.  He is much smaller than either of the other two were at birth, and at his last weigh in was only 6lb 15oz.  He is 51 cm long and hasn't started to fill out much yet.  He is starting to fit into newborn sized clothes, but he is still so curled up that he thinks the leg holes are optional.  He doesn't really straighten his legs much (unless he is angry) so he seems even smaller than he really is.
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Monday, 23 June 2014

16 Months Old

16 months, toddler development, end of breastfeeding
Archie is no longer 'just turned one', and he seems to be racing towards the next chapter with speed.  There is no denying he has entered the toddler stage and he is challenging, cuddly, always up to mischief and has the cheekiest grin I have ever seen.

He is learning more words although the most over used is still water which he seems to ask for every twenty minutes.  He certainly knows how to communicate and if you don't want half his dinner all over the carpet then you grab his bowl as soon as you hear him saying 'all done'.  Unfortunately one of the only words he doesn't seem to really grasp is 'no' - in fact he may start thinking it is part of his name as we are often heard shouting 'Archie, NO!' as he prods his brother/turns the TV off/tries to climb into the oven/ throws books down the stairs.  After a calm first child, Archie is making up for it.

16 months old, 16 month old boy, baby boy, toddler development, end of breastfeeding

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

15 Months

My favourite development of the last month has been Archie's increasing love of cuddles.  He grabs you tightly round the neck and rests his little blond head on your shoulders, saying "ahhhh",  and usually making you forget the fact that he has just put an empty washing machine on for an extra long spin or smashed the last remaining easter egg by throwing it off the table.  He is affectionate with most people and he cuddles friends and family whenever he sees a chance.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

13 Months In

Not only has a whole year passed since Archie's entrance into the world that cold February morning, but another month as well.  Archie is leaving behind the baby days and hurtling towards toddlerhood at a level I am not altogether happy with!  Being a second child, he seems desperate to be running around like his big brother, and he watches the toddlers playing with envy, trying to join in at every possiblity.

This month Archie has been doing more steps unaided and can do around 8 before falling on his bum.  He keeps letting go of things and practising and I don't think it will be long until he is walking properly now.  He has been getting up the stairs with no problems for several months, but recently he has been climbing down as well (supervised of course), and loves sliding on his belly.

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Friday, 24 January 2014

11 Months

11 months have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Whilst I stopped to savour every day, week and month with Dylan, Archie's first eleven months seem to have passed by in a blur of breastfeeding, nappies and chasing a toddler round, and suddenly in place of my newborn there is a cheeky little boy, not really a baby, but not yet a toddler.  A child with his own mind, a determination and the cheekiest smile.  Archie is hurtling towards his first birthday and I honestly can't tell you how nearly a year has passed since I brought him home from the hospital that cold Sunday afternoon.

11 month old baby boy, 11 months old, baby diary, monthly update

At 11 months Archie is an explorer, a climber and a little monkey at times.  He is not content sitting still and lying him down to change a nappy requires a small team.  He sees what he wants and goes for it, no matter what is in the way and would rather climb over an obstacle than go round it.  He is not afraid of heights and given half the chance he is half way up the stairs.  He has mastered climbing onto our bed and the sofa, something that took Dylan an extra 9 months!  He is happiest when standing, and although he has been pulling himself up for quite some time, it is only this past month that he has experimented with letting go, getting ready for that scary next stage and those first steps.

Archie has been happy feeding himself, but we have taken a slight step back in the last month as he seemed to be getting more and more unsettled and agitated in the afternoons.  We added in a few spoon fed meals and he is like a different child, much happier and more content.  Although he is confident feeding himself, I think he has a lot of fun spreading his food around the four corners of the room, and this way we know he is getting enough.  Despite turning his nose up at puree when we started weaning, he is perfectly happy for me to be doing the work now and still eats everything and anything on offer (including tumble dryer fluff given half the chance!)

Being a second child, Archie has had to slot into his older brother's schedule and they both nap after lunch.  Archie is still generally fed to sleep for this, unless he has fallen asleep in the sling or buggy, and sleeps anything from one to three hours.  Quite often he will wake after only half an hour,still sleepy with his eyes tight shut and a whingey cry, and he will settle straight back off if I bring him into my bed for a cuddle.  Trying to move is forbidden though and he will sleep as long as he is cuddled in my arms.  Although it may well be a bad habit, there is something so precious about curling up with him for an afternoon nap, and I don't really discourage it. 

Our nights are still eventful with at least one wake up without fail.  It is starting to get really hard, having not had a full night's sleep for so long and I am contemplating getting tough, but when it is 4am and I am sleepy and cold, feeding him back to sleep is by far the easiest and quickest option.  Archie is still breastfed on demand although I have been pushing him to 3 feeds a day (and one night), and this works most days.  when I am at work he quite happily goes all day without milk, but when I am around I find it very hard to say no when he makes it incredibly obvious what he is wanting.

He has two extra teeth joining the original four, and you have to be careful when he comes for a big slobbery kiss (as he does frequently), that he doesn't try and imprint these teeth marks on your face.  He is a very affectionate boy though, coming for cuddles and kisses throughout the day and still happiest when in his mummy's arms.

This next month will be spent planning a first birthday party and my next Archie update will be his first birthday.  I am excited about everything to come, but still wondering where on earth this year has gone!

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

10 Months in.

Archie is now 10 months old and suddenly he is becoming less of a little baby and more of a little boy.  At 9 months and 2 weeks Archie was still smiling his gummy smile but by the day he turned 10 months there were 4 little teeth poking through his gums!  We are skipping the rather adorable two bottom teeth look and going straight for the centre 4.  They aren't yet fully grown but they all cut within a few days of each other.  All the signs say this teething malarkey is getting worse though and I wouldn't be surprised if there were some more before the next update.

Unfortunately teething and a bit of a cold have seen a major sleep regression and we are still all over the place.  On a good night, Archie will only wake once but a bad night sees him sleeping like a newborn again which is rather tough on us all.  He still has one nap now straight after lunch which is anything from 1 hour to 3 hours.

Breastfeeding is still going well and although I decided to try and cut down his feeds, teething and illness have had other plans so he is still fed relatively regularly throughout the day.  I am not too worried yet but there comes a point where I am less comfortable feeding out and about so I would like to cut him down to only 3 feeds a day quite soon.  He loves his food though and happily eats three big meals (we are still doing baby led weaning) and snacks throughout the day.  He has also learnt to drink from a straw (thanks to me forgetting his water cup on a number of occasions)

Archie is a baby on the go and is now commando crawling comfortably and sometimes crawling on his knees too.  He learnt to pull himself up to standing a couple of months ago and he is now cruising round the furniture and attempting to let go, although he always falls down on his bum.  He wants to be standing all the time and seems to need to push on his feet, which is rather amusing when I am feeding him as he tends to stand over me!  He loves walking holding onto my hands and he is desperate to be off on his own.  He has started walking with the wooden walker up and down the room now and he looks so small!

Archie is still definitely a mummy's boy and he is happiest when he is climbing on me.  He is cheeky and has the most beautiful smile.  For the first few months he seemed to spend life on the boob or in a sling following his brother round but he is really coming into himself now and showing off his cheeky personality at every opportunity.  He loves poking things, knocking over towers and anything with buttons.  He watches Dylan with delight and smiles whenever he catches his eye and he gives so many kisses.  He may be growing up fast but he is still my tiny baby really.  We finally got him weighed this month and a 20lb 7oz he is pretty average for his age but still exceptionally tall.

It is terrifying to think that in 2 months I will have a one year old but we are looking forward to celebrating Archie's first Christmas this month!

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Monday, 25 November 2013

9 Month In

I find it crazy to think that Archie has been alive for longer than he was in my womb.  Nine months is such a milestone in so many ways, and my baby is getting bigger, stronger and smarter by the day.

9 month old baby boy, 9 months old, baby diary, 9 month old update

This last month has seen some changes, and we are having to relocate everything with buttons as my little man is now pulling himself up to standing.  He can happily commando crawl across the room and stand himself up against the sofa (although the crawling is still rather a slow process), and he has been practising this new skill non stop, especially in the bath!  He loves his new perspective and having always been strong on his legs, he is in his element being able to put them to good use.  Sitting down is no longer considered fun, and he is desperate to stand all day.  He hasn't quite mastered moving his feet once he is up, and he tends to fall down after a few minutes rather than squatting to sit, but I don't think it will be long before nothing is safe.

Despite this new found independence, Archie still looks like the baby I think of him as, as his first teeth are yet to appear.  We have a very snotty nose and a few sleepless nights, but no rosy cheeks or dribble so I have no idea when they will make an appearance! He is having absolutely no issues devouring anything and everything we offer him though, so having no teeth makes no difference to baby led weaning!  Weaning is going really well and Archie happily eats whatever we are having, (and an awful lot of it too!)  I am pretty sure he can out-eat Dylan on a good day, and that is quite a feat!

Breastfeeding is still going really well, although we did have a slight set back earlier in the month when my little monkey refused to feed for 2 days.  He fussed and cried and point blank refused to latch on for nearly 48 hours causing lots of stress, but eventually went back to it as though nothing had happened!  This did confirm to me that I am not ready to give up breastfeeding, despite stopping with Dylan shortly after he turned 8 months.  I have no expectations of how long I will continue for, but all the while we are both enjoying it, I see no possible reason to give up.

Sleep is still as erratic as ever, and we can go two nights of 10 hours solid sleep, before a small feed and him going back down, to the next night waking every 2 hours.  I am starting to struggle from so many months of broken sleep and I think we are going to get a bit tougher this month when he wakes so early.  I find it very difficult to know if he is waking from pain or from habit though, so I usually offer milk every time still.  I am not ready to do any kind of controlled crying yet, but we may offer water and teething gel and see if he will go for it rather than going for the easy option and settling him with milk every time.

Archie and Dylan's relationship is definitely changing as Archie grows, and I see further changes soon as Archie becomes more and more mobile and starts chewing all of Dylan's favourite toys.  They laugh together more than ever and Dylan is desperate for Archie to play and interact with him.  He talks to Archie, sings to him and can get incredibly protective of him when other children are around.  Things aren't always smooth though and Dylan can be quite rough sometimes with him.  Mostly though, they are just brothers, they love each other, they are learning to play together and of course they will have their squabbles.

Archie is curious, serious, ticklish, talkative, playful, loving and constantly hungry.  He is still quite clingy and happiest when Mummy is within sight, and preferably reach too.  He is growing tall, and his 9-12 month clothes are a comfortable fit with little growing space left.  His hair is getting longer and has stayed the palest blonde and his eyes are as blue and beautiful as ever.  He loves kisses and dives at you headfirst and open mouthed often.

It is crazy to think that Dylan was only this age when we decided to have another baby and conceived Archie.  Dylan felt like practically a teenager at the time, but Archie is still so small, still a baby.  There certainly won't be another one in nine months time though, I can assure you that much.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

8 Months In

Archie has reached 8 months old and he seems on a mission to grow up.  Although he is not yet crawling, he is mobile enough to get to what he wants one way or another.

He rolls, wiggles and pushes on his legs to propel himself in all directions and is busy exploring.  Unlike his brother who was more than happy sat still at this age, Archie is desperate to be on the go and he will chew anything that gets in his way.  He is happiest on his tummy and now always sleeps on it.  I was putting him down on his side, but he immediately rolls now to get comfy.

Archie is teething rather badly, and when I took his amber anklet off for a couple of days I could really tell.  I don't know if it is co-incidence but as soon as it went back on he was like a different baby, smilier, happier and much better at sleeping!  He still hasn't got any teeth and I love the gummy baby grin but I know that it won't be long at all now.

Archie is eating three meals a day now, porridge or cereal for breakfast on a spoon and then he feeds himself lunch and dinner.  His appetite seems to be growing and he is loving trying new foods.  He seems to prefer savoury to sweet at the moment and would rather chomp on courgette than strawberry (certainly not like his mother!)

We are still breastfeeding, and despite preparing to stop at this stage with Dylan and slowly introducing bottles, I know that Archie and I are not ready to end our feeding journey just yet.  I don't really have any expectations of how long we will carry on for, but I think I will know when the time is right and it certainly isn't now.  He still feeds quite often in the day and has one or two feeds in the night as well. He usually ends up coming into bed with me at around 6am as he is hard to settle but in all honesty, I love the cuddles and will be a little sad when he starts lasting all night in his cot.

Archie and Dylan seem to be getting on better than ever and they are beautiful to watch together.  When they are in the double pushchair and Dylan is tired, he wants to hold Archie's hand and I love watching them sit like that.  When Archie gets tired or has a little winge, Dylan looks up at me and says 'I make it better', and then sings Archie Twinkle twinkle little star.  Archie loves his big brother singing to him and instantly calms down and it melts my heart to see them being so sweet together.  

Archie is still growing well and is going into his 9-12 month wardrobe now.  He weighs just over 19lb and is still very long for his age.  Dylan looks an awful lot like his Daddy but it is very easy to see my side of the family in Archie.  I think you can tell that they are brothers, but they look so different from each other still in so many ways too.

8 months into our adventures as a family of four and things are only getting better!

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

7 Months In

Archie is now 7 months old and despite him having come so far from that precious newborn he was only a few short months ago, he still seems so little.  This month has seen the 9-12 month clothes start to come out of hiding and many are a comfortable fit on him.  As Dylan was so much bigger, his 9-12 clothing is the right season (even though hDylan was only born in the August), which is making things much easier and cheaper.

7 month old, 7 months baby boy, baby boy in dungarees, the mummy adventure

Archie is now having three meals a day and we are almost exclusively baby led weaning.  I do still have puree in the house for those days when I am too lazy to cook anything nutritional for him but he is generally eating the same as we are and is much happier for it.  This month he has been loving the introduction of meat and fish, and his favourite foods seem to be pasta in tomato sauce and sweet potato.  

Archie is also having water from a beaker quite happily now, although he has decided that he is not so keen on the milk.  I attended the MAD blog awards last week and Archie refused to drink milk from a bottle during my absense, making leaving him very hard work at the moment.  We are going to attempt it soon from a beaker or cup and see if he will be happier with that.

Sleep has been all over the place and after getting into a brilliant routine with just a 4am wake up, we regressed to feeds every 3/4 hours through the night.  I am hoping it was just a growth spurt as the last couple of nights have been much better, but he has been waking up ready for the day at 5:30 some days and I am not budging from my viewpoint that this is, in fact, the middle of the night still.  At this age, Dylan was happily sleeping 14 hours through the night without a feed so I am finding it difficult still being up so much with Archie.

Dylan and Archie are still getting on so well, and Dylan is desperate for Archie to play with him.  He will often turn down all of his toys, insisting that he only wants to play with Bubba, and he will spend the afternoon giving Archie toys and over enthusiastic cuddles.  Archie is desperate to be on the move and follow Dylan as well and I can't wait to see where they are at in a couple of months.

Archie is still rolling all over the place and would be out the door and across the road given half a chance.  He is really trying to move but so far no crawling (thank goodness).  He certainly won't be still sat immobile on his first birthday like his big brother though!  Archie's favourite pastime at the moment is definitely bouncing and you will mostly find him in the Jumperoo.  He won't stay still (which is making getting a good photo of him on my camera phone very difficult!)

7 months in to life as a family of four, and new adventures are about to begin once the littlest gets more mobile
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