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Monday, 30 October 2017

We Love Rocks

It has been a busy half term and amongst the day trips, lunches out and ice creams we have been looking for free activities, especially ones that involve wearing out the four children.  We recently discovered a facebook group called Love on the rocks that encourages people to paint or draw on rocks and hide them in public places as part of a national hide and seek. The groups (there are lots of local ones too) mean you can share where you have hidden your rocks and find places nearby where others have hidden them.

Reima, love on the rocks

It became our go-to activity for the week, something to get us out the house and encourage the boys to be active.  They love the hunt, they run from tree to tree searching and the excitement when they find one is brilliant. 

Reima, love on the rocks

Today we headed to the park with friends and managed to find 8 different stones including an alien, a bunny rabbit and a frog.  We examined each one before hiding it somewhere new and the game is never ending as we know by the time we visit again each of the stones will have moved.  

Reima, love on the rocks

My top tips for rock hunts

1) Check on Facebook for local parks or areas that people have hidden them.  Our local park has its own group, but there are national and county groups too.

2) Make sure you are dressed for the weather.  Wellies are a great idea as are warm layers so that you can stay out a bit longer.  The big two are wearing fleeces from Reima here that are warm and quick drying.

3) Take drinks and snacks - sometimes the rocks are hidden really well so it may take you a while!

4) Check the bases of trees and around statues as they seem to be the most popular hiding places.  They aren't always on the ground though.

5) If your children are old enough, then taking a bag and a litter picking stick means you can do a mini park clean at the same time.

6) Hide your own creations whilst you are hunting and don't forget to share where you have hidden them so others can join in the fun!

Reima, love on the rocks, painted rocks, rock hunting

Reima, love on the rocks

Reima, love on the rocks, active kids

Reima, love on the rocks

Reima, love on the rocks

Reima are encouraging kids to stay active and you can win a trip to Finnish Lapland by sharing your children's active hour
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Monday, 23 October 2017

Leaf Kicking

The half term holidays are here and the weather is still pretty mild for this time of the year.  We aren't reaching for our coats most days, we are managing long afternoons at the park without getting too chilly and it feels like we can really take in the beauty of Autumn together.  Dylan was sent home from school with a list of activities to do in half term, things like going on a train or bus,  baking a cake and kicking leaves in the park.  

Leaf throwing, Autumn activities with kids

We are going to try and fit in as many of the activities as we can and kicking leaves was one of the easiest to cross off.  Our local park has plenty of leaves so armed with our best leaf kicking shoes, we went exploring.  I was sent a pair of Chatsworth boots from Strive Footwear and I love being able to join in with the children. 

Autumn activities with kids, Boden boys

Strive footwear

The ground was damp from rain and the leaves were more soggy than crispy but it didn't stop the fun.  We threw them in the air and danced as they fell, we built mountains and snowmen and stomped through them.  We kicked the leaves as high into the air as we could and we sat in the middle of them to examine them properly.

Autumn activities with kids

Autumn activities with kids, Maxomorra

We found fallen trees and practiced our balancing and jumping off the ends and we played hide and seek amongst the ones still standing.  My boots have supportive technology which follows the natural contours of your feet which makes them not only super comfortable but also orthodontic and better for my posture.  Being on my feet so much with the children has made me think a lot more about the shoes I wear and these are perfect for our Autumn activities.

Autumn activities with kids, Maxomorra, fire engine boys clothes, strive footwear

Autumn activities with kids, fire engine trousers, strive footwear

Cora loves the freedom of the park and the space to explore.  Whilst the boys are kicking and jumping she is learning to run and climb, discovering different textures and sensations and gaining independence.

Autumn activities with kids, maxomorra, baby bogs

Strive footwear, Autumn activities with kids, maxomorra, mother and daughter

We have so many more autumn adventures planned for the week and I think these experiences are so valuable for my curious, imaginative children as they learn about the world.  

Autumn activities with kids

leaf kicking, Autumn activities with kids, strive footwear

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Our Autumn Family Bucketlist

At the beginning of the summer I wrote a list of all the fun things we wanted to do as a family, from eating ice creams at the beach to camping underneath the stars.  We slowly but surely ticked off most of them and suddenly Autumn is just around the corner and I want to continue the fun.  I have written our Autumn family bucketlist with some of the fun activities we want to do as the seasons change.  

I love Autumn for the colours, the rich golds and browns of the leaves falling off the trees and I want to spend as much time as we can watching the world change around us.  I started the list with my favourite one, raking up all the leaves and jumping right in the middle.  We have our own garden now so we have no excuse not to play in the falling leaves and the park next door is full of trees that are already shedding their summer greenery.

Autumn family bucket list, Autumn bucket list, fall bucketlist, Autumn family activities

The boys love everything Halloween related so as well as dressing up for the big day, I want to pick and carve our own pumpkins, make toffee apples with the ones already growing on our trees an go trick or treating around our neighbours.

I am still feeling a little reluctant to let go of the summer, my sandals won't be getting packed away anytime soon anyway, but I am getting excited for Autumn and all the fun it will hopefully bring.
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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Me and Mine November

We actually had our Me and Mine photos taken near the beginning of the month, which isn't very representative of a month where I have felt ridiculously disorganised.  November has felt pretty manic for no real reason and my to do list is growing faster than I can tick things off.  It has been a lovely month though, full of Autumnal colours, hot drinks, cosy knits and snuggly afternoons.

My friend Kylie (Newport Photographic) took our photos and I just love how they captured us in Autumn.   I say it every month, but getting all 6 of us in the frame is a real challenge! 

This month Mama is loving having her little sister around, Carvery Sunday lunches, Black Friday shopping and getting my slippers back out again.

Daddy is loving getting back to the gym, playing Fifa, going out more with friends and how interactive Cora is.

Dylan is loving learning about festivals, school trips to the park, having a sleepover with his cousins and making sticker charts for his brothers (and then rewarding them all day with stickers).

Archie is loving learning songs for the Preschool Christmas show, playing in the eco-garden and coming home covered in mud, baking with Aunty Nat Nat and scooting through puddles.

Finn is loving Blaze and the Monster Machine, climbing on everything, Puddle splashing in his wellies and cuddling Cora

Cora is loving being able to roll, bathtime, sleeping in Mummy's bed and being tickled around her neck.

I can't believe we are already going into December, this year has gone so fast and December is going to be busy with Christmas shows, parties and of course the big days (we are celebrating Christmas twice as my sister is going away for the big day).
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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Ready for the Rain // Polarn O Pyret

Having small children I have had to adopt the attitude that there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing, and even in the depths of winter we like to get out and be active every day.  It is the first time Finn will get to really experience this season as last year he was tucked up cosy in his buggy or wrapped up warm in the sling.  This week I took him puddle splashing for the very first time and I loved watching his face as he realised he really was allowed to stomp right through a puddle.

Polarn o pyret raincoat, waterproof onesie, Pop rain wear, Polarn o Pyret, all in one rain coat

Puddle splashing is our favourite rainy day activity and over the four years that I have had a walking child we have learned where all the best puddles are.  Even when it is cold and wet we like to get out for a short time and it is the perfect way to stretch little legs, blow off the cobwebs and break up the day.  

Polarn o pyret rain suit, waterproof baby coat, waterproof onesie

The rain has already started to fall and Finn was sent a brilliant rain suit from Polarn. O. Pyret to help him out on his adventures.  It is lovely and thick for a waterproof suit but not padded so you can layer it differently for cold winter days or wet and mild autumn ones.  It feels so well made and fits generously - I imagine this one will last him all winter and next spring too.  (The Scandinavian sizes mean measuring your child's height will give you a much more accurate idea of which size to choose rather than their age.  Finn is roughly 80cm tall and this is size 86)

Polarn o Pyret waterproof rain suit, rain coat, polarn o pyret onesie

This winter I will start encouraging him to walk more and be in the buggy a little less, he will start running around with his brothers more and I need to know he is well protected.  I find myself climbing the walls when I am indoors with all four for too long so we will be out everyday for my sake as much as theirs!  I love the reflective strips on this which I think will come in very useful as the night's start earlier and the double zip makes it easy to get on and off.  There is elastic on both sides to go under the wellies to help keep everything in place and keep water out.  

Our winter is going to be cold and wet and so much fun and as long as we are all dressed up cosy and waterproof we will be enjoying it outdoors as much as we can.  

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Monday, 17 October 2016

What the Kids Wore - Tootsa MacGinty

There is something to love about every season and I am sure I say it each time the weather changes, but I do think Autumn may be my favourite.  The memories of summer, the promise of Christmas and the ever changing environment to discover.  The weather seems to change every day and it is all about layers for us as I can never quite tell whether it is arms out or jumpers on.  One of our favourite places to explore in the Autumn is the forest and Tootsa Macginty sent the children some clothes that were perfect for climbing, crunching, running and cuddling in.

Tootsa Macginty, unisex kids clothing, kids fashion blogger

It is the first time we have been since Finn started walking and I love watching him discover things in a new way now that he is more vertical.  He loves the freedom of being able to roam and his brothers mostly followed his lead - it is a lot easier than telling him no every time he walks away from us.  

Tootsa Macginty

Tootsa MacGinty, Bobux

Finn is wearing some gorgeous yellow cords which are soft and lined with an adjustable waist.  I love the colour and the adorable fox poking out the back pocket.  They even have little fox details around the cuffs.  His jumper is incredibly soft and even nicer in real life - probably my favourite piece from the whole collection.

Brothers, Tootsa Macginty, kids fashion blogger

I love how unisex Tootsa Macginty clothes are as it makes them ideal to keep to pass down to Cora.  The new collection is all so well co-ordinated that you can find a style to suit each of them and know that they look brilliant together.  This Northern Lights collection takes inspiration from the dramatic scenery and magestic wildlife of Scandinavia.

Tootsa MacGinty, Kids fashion blogger, children's fashion

Tootsa Macginty, kids fashion blogger

Archie's raglan sleeved top comes up small so definitely size up in this style.  The sleeves have a village scene on them and match Finn's jumper which I love!  Archie's trousers are like jogging bottoms but in a denim shade and they look so comfy.  The waist is adjustable which is necessary on my super skinny boy and they are thick enough to keep him warm over the winter and protect him as he explores the woods.

Children's fashion blogger, Tootsa Macginty

These clothes were designed to be played in and despite Finn crawling, climbing and falling, everything washed really well and looks as good as new still. The cords seem to repel dirt and the white tops stay white even after lots of wear, and my boys are not the tidiest of eaters!

Tootsa Macginty, kids fashion

kids fashion blogger, Tootsa Macginty

There is something so refreshing about being out in the woods - these big boys of mine who have suddenly developed an obsession with the tablet and x-box, need time away from technology where it isn't tempting them, and they get so much more from being outdoors.  I want them to have a good balance and being somewhere so free really helps.

Cora was sent a new dress which matched her smallest big brother perfectly, even down to the little foxy pocket.  This is a 6-12 month on my 3 month old so there is a lot of growing space but it is beautful and I just can't get enough of the mustard colour this season!

Tootsa MAcginty, baby fox clothing, kids fashion blogger

I can't resist a bit of matching and I love how amazing these look together! The dresses are one of the only non-unisex things in the range.  I have a new found love of all things girly though so I couldn't resist it for Cora.

kids fashion blogger, Tootsa MacGinty, Baby fox clothes, fox girl clothing

I want more days like this whilst it isn't too cold or wet, whilst the scenery changes week to week as new leaves fall and new colours line the paths.  I want to watch the boys run and jump around in nature, playing their own special games and I want to carry Cora close as she experiences her first Autumn.  These Tootsa Macginty clothes are perfect for my little adventurers.

Thank you to Tootsa Macginty for Archie, Finn and Cora's outfits.  Everything pictured is from Tootsa Macginty including Cora's adorable hat (although Dylan's clothes are old summer stock so you may still find them in the sale) so check out their website!

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What the Boys Wore - Maxomorra

I love the colours of Autumn, the rich reds, browns and yellows and now that Finn is walking and understands a little more, I am getting to experience the change in seasons through his eyes.  The leaves that now coat the ground that was once fresh and green, the crunch underfoot which was before a squeak, the gusts of wind that make him hold his breath and giggle.  

We have been at the park so much over the last couple of weeks as it is in the middle of its transformation and whilst the centre still looks lovely and green, along the walls the trees are turning brown and there is so much to explore.  With Dylan at school and Archie at preschool three days a week, I have lots of time to head out with Finn and Cora (who tends to sleep through these things still).

Of course Autumn leaves make for a great excuse to take out my 'big camera' and the change of lighting from the bright summer sun is fun to learn about and much easier to photograph.  Maxomorra sent us some items from their new collection and I adore these velour frog dungarees and the co-ordinated top.  The colours are perfect for Autumn and the brown is very practical for a newly walking toddler!  Everything is made from organic cotton and the sizing is pretty generous too (Finn is 19 months and wearing size 80/9-12 months here).  

Finn has a real talent at finding rubbish wherever he goes so we always seem to end up litter picking at the park.  He finds a stray can that he wants to carry around so I remove it and bin it before turning round to see he has found an empty bottle and the process is repeated again.  The squirrels that run around the trees at our park are a great distraction though, as are the dogs that he wants to chase around.  

Every visit to the park seems to be different at the moment and this is definitely one of my favourite times of the year - the changes are so subtle each day but so dramatic and Finn has the perfect attire for exploring it. 

Thank you to Maxomorra for sending us these beautiful clothes.  If you want to check out their new collection which features several prints with each one coming in different items from dungarees to dresses to hoodies to onesies.  Some of our favourite UK stockists are Catfish Kids, Dapperbaby, Juicytots, Kyna Boutique and Uni and Jack

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Ambi Toys at the Park

Autumn is my favourite season, full of the memories of summer and the promise of Christmas.  The colours are so rich and warm as the leaves fall and after months of flip flops I can't help but embrace my slippers once more.

We love visiting the park in the autumn as the play area is always much quieter than in the school holidays and there is so much else to do.  The boys chase the squirrels who are very keen to run up the trees and there are piles of leaves everywhere waiting to be jumped in, crunched, kicked and squelched.  

Finn is not yet mobile but he is sitting and he loves watching his big brothers play.  We took along some toys sent to us by Ambi toys and he loved having a chew and a rattle.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cute Cardigans for Little Boys

Finn has such beautiful clothes that it seems a shame to start covering them up, but as September progresses I see autumn on its way and we are starting to think about jumpers, cardigans and layering up to keep warm.  Here are some of my favourites from Melijoe

Baby Cardigans

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Winter.

Whether we like it or not, winter is on the way, and we are choosing to embrace it.  I seem to be the only one apprehensive about going out in the rain and wind, and the boys have the attitude that in the right wellies they can go anywhere.  

Whilst we have plenty of bleak days where the rain seems relentless and I would be happy to curl up with some films, we also have glorious days, where the wind is quiet, and the sun even makes an appearance.  We wrap up warm, and we enjoy as much of the day outdoors as we can.  

These photos are from two separate days, a park trip with Archie whilst Dylan was at preschool, where he was actually happy to keep his hat on all morning, and a day out in London with Dylan where he enjoyed running around the Christmas tree in Covent Garden and feeding the reindeer.  On both days the sun shone and we had fun exploring outdoors.

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