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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What the Boys Wore - Sunuva Swimwear

We live near the sea and our summers are spent at the beach.  I have such happy memories of sandcastles and swimming as a child and I am hoping my four remember the same.  I think that living so close to the sea it is really important that my children learn how to be safe in the water as well as how to be confident in it and I love taking them swimming.

It isn't easy and we aren't usually allowed to all go in together due to the ratios.  Dylan now has lessons on his own and every week I take the smallest two swimming at a small local pool that we hire with friends and I love watching my water babies play.

I may not be teaching them much swimming just yet but they love being in the water and it really tires them out!  So much so in fact that between my leaving Finn on a float (supervised of course) to go and get my camera and getting back he managed to fall asleep - the ultimate water bed!!

Sunuva sent us some swim shorts for all three boys, but as it isn't quite warm enough for beach swimming anymore (much to Dylan's dismay), I couldn't get photos of all three.  The shorts are lovely and I picked this design as it was bright enough to be able to spot them easily and the zebras look fun.  The swim shorts have UPF 50+ protection which makes them perfect for the hotter days and the waist is adjustable which is an essential for us.  They easily fit Finn's Huggies swim nappy underneath which is what you can see poking out the top.

And one more picture because he is usually awake when we go swimming! 

These are great quality shorts, easy to machine wash and fast drying.  Hopefully they all still fit next summer as they will look brilliant together and having them so bright and matching makes head counts a lot easier!  If you are feeling organised then check out the Sunuva website as they have lots in the sale now (including these ones) so you can buy ahead for next year!
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Platypus UV Swimwear Review

There may have been plenty of rain so far this summer but on the odd warm days we have been enjoying the great outdoors.  A cheap paddling pool and some resilient toys makes for a lovely afternoon splashing and Platypus were kind enough to send some of their stylish sun protection for the blonde haired boy.

Based in Australia their 2012 range is in sizes 00-14 years and is now available in John Lewis, House of Fraser and online.  Their outfits have a UV protection rating of 50+ which is perfect at protecting babies delicate skin.  We were sent a baby sunset and a hat and absolutely loved them.

The quality of the products was obvious as soon as we opened the wrapper and they felt soft and flexible.  It was a perfect fit on the little man and we put it to the test in our back garden.  I think the pictures show just how comfortable they were and how cute they looked.

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