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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Me and Mine in May

Another month has passed and it has been a good one, with more sunshine than we were expecting.  Our family photo for April has us all wearing jackets but May's is full of bare legs and shoulders as we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at our favourite beach cafe for my Dad's birthday over the bank holiday weekend. 

The highlight of our month was probably our weekend glamping with Ready Camp where we all got a taste of camping without actually having to pitch a tent and we are definitely planning on going again.  We weren't organised enough to actually get a family photo in the tent this time but maybe next!

So this month,

I have been loving getting away and trying out glamping, welcoming a new tiny nephew into the family, getting all our shorts back out and the huge storm we had overnight recently that I couldn't stop watching.

Ed has been loving the first bbq of the year, the fact that Cora can say jump,  watching Finn dance and getting a new x-box

Dylan has been loving collecting Lego cards from Sainsbury's, his new bedroom,  his first wobbly tooth and his school trip to Tesco

Archie has been loving throwing rocks into the sea,  his new sandals, cheese strings in his lunchbox at pre-school and playing with his cousins at the family picnic.

Finn has been loving playing on the scooter, having Aunty NatNat around more,  joining in with more of his brothers' games and sharing his food with Cora.

Cora has been loving singing 'I had a little turtle', clapping her hands every time we call her a clever girl, walking around holding our hands and waking up for playtime at 1am.

We don't have many plans for June other than a certain little girl celebrating her first birthday! I am happy if the next month goes really slowly!
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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me and Mine - May

May has been a month of family, with lots of days out and long weekends.  The sun has shone and the heavens have opened as the sky fights between spring and summer but the warmer months are in sight and we are getting excited about the possibilities.

Our May photos were taken at a family picnic last weekend, when we realised it was our last chance before the end of the month.  We had worn ourselves out with rounders and football,  enjoyed the seaside air (and the wind that comes with it), and caught up with family from all over the country.  We were tired and happy, unprepared but together.

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Monday, 26 May 2014

When the Sun is Shining

There are days where even the best of plans can be ruined by the great British weather and those ever trendy ponchos are on standby even in August.  There are also times when everything comes together though, where the sun is on our side, the wind is low and the back up plans can stay just that, and this weekend was one of those.

After Saturday's showers, Sunday gave us beautiful sunshine and with a big family picnic planned it could not have been better timing.  Aunts, Uncles and cousins came from all over and the boys were in their element with green space, sea air,  picnic food and plenty of entertainers.  

We met in 'the dip', a dipped park on the sea front and played rounders and football, enjoyed ice creams and blueberries and had more fun than you can possibly believe with a stack of cones.  We took two exhausted boys back to their beds at the end of a perfect day.  

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