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Friday, 17 March 2017

10 outfits under £10 // Lidl's Spring Collection

Yesterday Lidl launched their spring babywear collection and there are some beautifully soft basics and cosy cardigans.   With amazing prices, you can put together a whole outfit for under £10!  Cardigans are under £5 and a two pack of long sleeved vest are £3.99.  We were sent some of the new collection for both the little two and I think these are going to be wardrobe staples!

To show off some of our favourite pieces, I have put together 10 outfit ideas, each of them costing less than £10 in total.  Which is your favourite?

The collection is only in store for a limited time so make sure you catch it quick!

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Lidl Surprise

Buying baby clothes has always been one of my guilty pleasures and all four children have far more clothes than they really 'need'.  I just can't resist a cute vest, or a teeny pair of tights and when Lidl told me about their new range of organic cotton baby clothes I was really excited to see what they were like.

I am so impressed with it all, the cotton feels soft and lovely and knowing that its production isn't contributing to pollution makes my shopping habit a little more acceptable.  Not only that, but everything is amazing value!  Thick winter tights for only £1.50, a 2 pack of vests for less than £4 and a soft cardigan for £4.99!  Most of the range is completely unisex and it is all autumnal creams, beiges and browns.  You can even pick up some leather moccasins for only £5.99

Here are some of my favourite pieces, I have chosen some of the girlier things as I am planning Cora's autumns wardrobe, but there are some lovely boy bits for Finn too:

Everything is in stores now so be quick if you want to grab some organic cotton bargains!

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