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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My Family in January

The first month of the year (and by far the longest) is coming to a close and despite the fact it has been cold and wet, we have had a great one, mostly down to the amazing week we spent in France on our family ski holiday.  I would like to say we have started the year as we mean to go on, but we have left the house late for the school run almost every single day (thank goodness for scooters!) and I have eaten far too many Easter eggs already!

This month I have loved eating cheese fondue in the French Alps, binge watching Grey's Anatomy, that creme eggs are back in the shops and being a bit more organised with my new planner.

Ed has loved challenging himself on more red slopes when we were skiing, having his first spa day with me, skiing with the children and seeing how good they are now and the way Cora says NO so seriously.

Dylan has loved his new school reading challenge, zooming down the blue slopes, learning about astronauts at school and his swimming lessons.

Archie has loved going skiing with Ed and I, playing in the park in the rain, practicing on his new two wheel scooter and practicing writing his letters.

Finn has loved scooting everywhere, playing with his friends at nursery, seeing Aunty Nat Nat in France and singing Happy Birthday

Cora has loved sweetcorn, shouting NO at people when she isn't happy, singing twinkle twinkle and saying Archie's name over and over and over and over . . .

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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Me and Mine January

This is our second year joining in with the Me and Mine project and looking back at last year, watching our baby become a toddler and our toddler a little boy, I can't wait to document the further changes as our four becomes a five.  I am not due until March and I have a feeling our little guy is pretty comfy where he is, but I become full term during February, so January is the last month I can definitely say we are a family of four.

January has flown by, with the post-Christmas haze, Archie starting nursery one day a week and me growing at quite a considerable rate.  Our weekends have been mostly lazy and we have found ourselves back in a rhythm, but the cold weather has not kept us at home.  We have had quite a mild winter so far, and we are yet to see snow, so we headed out to the park with a friend earlier in the month to capture our family exactly as we are now - funny faces and all.

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