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Monday, 8 May 2017

Yummy Tastes

At 10 months, you would think we had weaning cracked, but in many ways we have only just started.  Cora was reluctant to start eating, and it has taken until the last couple of weeks for her to start dropping any milk feeds in favour of food.  Suddenly she is interested in trying new tastes though, she is eating bigger portions and of course being newly mobile, she is not content to watch her brothers eating anything without coming over to see what they have.

We have taken a mixed approach to weaning as that seems to be what suits her best, she has finger foods, our meals and some pre-packaged foods too.  The combination of these gives her a great variety and fits well into our lifestyle.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t often get to eat her own food in peace as her brothers have realised how much her fruit pouches actually taste like smoothies and I often have four little mouths all trying to get a spoonful.  Knowing they are full of goodness and have no added sugar means I don’t mind them sharing and we get through quite a few fruit pouches at the moment! (Peach, mango and banana is definitely their favourite).

Cora tends to eat our dinners when we are at home which is both convenient and incredibly messy (have you ever watched a 10 month old feed themselves spaghetti bolognese?).  When we go out for dinner I am a bit more fussy though and I worry about the salt in the meals.  I also find that all three boys now demolish a kids meal with ease and I am reluctant to spend out on a whole meal just for Cora, so I often take a Heinz pouch with me which is full of goodness and salt free so I know that she has something tasty to eat.  We all pay our ‘Cora tax’ by giving her little bits from our plate too.

When we are out for the day, I try to pack snacks that all 4 children can eat as it is much easier than packing seperate boxes for the bigger and littler ones and the Heinz biscotti are loved as much by the 4 and 5 year olds as they are by Cora and Finn. They are pretty mess free and convenient to take for trips to the park. I usually have cut up fruit, breadsticks and biscotti for the four of them to share.

I am never going to be that mum that makes everything from scratch, but I am ok with that.  Modern parenting is demanding and I know there are tasty options out there which compliment the home cooked meals and help provide my baby girl with the vitamins and minerals she needs.  Cora has a variety of tastes and textures, she eats with us as a family and she loves her food now.  

Weaning is such a fun experience and I have relaxed more this time, taken it at Cora’s pace and followed her lead.  I have no doubt in a few months she will be demolishing dinners the same way her brothers do!

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Quality Time #CBias

Having two children close together means I have very little time to spend with either one.  As I am breastfeeding Archie he is almost permanently attached to me, and Dylan is so full of energy that I get little time to sit and enjoy my newborn baby.  Over the Easter weekend, the bloke has been off work and it has been nice to enjoy some quality time with both boys separately.

 On Saturday, Archie and I went out for a lovely walk, with him all tucked up in the sling.  It was lovely to have my hands free as I walked and lovely to enjoy the cuddles.  We popped down to Asda (see my Google+ album) to get the final preparations ready for the Easter egg hunt I was planning for Dylan on Monday.  I chatted to Archie about everything we saw and it was great to do the things with him that I did the first time around.

We bought the last bits for the Easter egg goody bags, and were disappointed that they had already run out of every kind of Easter egg! (although they did have plenty of hot cross buns left!)  Luckily I had the chocolate already and was just looking for some bubbles to hand out.

I knew that the Easter weekend was going to be tiring for the little man as we had lots of plans with family and outdoors so I needed plenty of energy boosting and healthy foods for him.  I bought something that I was hoping we could make together for when the bloke was free to look after the littlest one.

After an exhausting morning on Monday hunting eggs, Dylan fell asleep on the 30 second walk home from the park so his lunch was put on hold.  He had been nibbling sweet stuff like chocolate and raisins all morning so I wanted him to get at least one of his 5 a day with his lunch.  Archie fell asleep just as the little dude was waking up from his nap, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with Dylan.

I had all the ingredients to make fresh pizza, but as I knew his little tummy wouldn't hold out that long, we decided to cheat and use a frozen pizza base  We topped it with tomato puree and I grated cheese for him to sprinkle on top.  We topped the pizza with some Heinz cheddar cheese baked beans (I never even knew these existed until Friday!) which he carefully  spooned onto the pizza and we added the rest of the cheese.  Dylan seemed very excited to be doing some cooking and it was great to know my little bean lover would definitely wolf down his dinner!

Dylan loved sticking his fingers in the beans and giggled away as we made his dinner.  I must admit to being dubious about the idea of baked bean pizza, but it was a big hit with the boys!  As it was the last day of the long weekend, we all sat down together oin the living room with the Gruffalo on TV and enjoyed our cheesy bean pizza, with Dylan stopping between every bite to say pizza! cheese! beans!  It was such a simple idea and perfect for cooking with a toddler.

It was lovely having time alone with both boys knowing that the other one was in safe hands, but there is nothing like cuddling up together as a family with a yummy meal.

Heinz, baked bean pizza

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