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Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Graco Featherweight review

The Graco featherweight is the latest stroller from this innovative brand and is designed to be lightweight and practical for busy mums who are always on the go.  We have been putting it through its paces  in the car, on public transport and most often on our walks.

For the past two weeks, I have walked Dylan to school for 9am, taken Archie to school at 12:45 and picked Archie up at 3:15 followed by Dylan at 4:15.  On two of those days, Finn has nursery from 12:30 until 3:30, making a total of six different drop offs or pick ups on a Wednesday.  Graco did some research and discovered that new parents spend an average of nearly 8 hours a day on their feet and I think they are definitely right!

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller

In fact they sent me a fitbit to record my daily steps and more often than not I had completed 6,000 by lunchtime with my daily steps usually around 15,000.  After the school runs I find myself walking to the park, chasing small tots around a soft play or walking around the house putting things back in their place, sweeping up mess and collecting washing.

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller

On an average day, parents can carry up to 6kg (easily if you have two in nappies) as well as the inevitable child on the hip or in the sling.  I remember the days of carrying just a small handbag with the essentials in and it feels like a lifetime ago!

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller
The Graco featherlight has been a brilliant stroller to accompany me on my many miles I walk every week.  It weighs less than Dylan did at birth (3.6kg) and can be folded and unfolded one handed.  I have had other buggies that claim this but it always baffled me however this featherweight really is the easiest thing to fold and unfold.  I made a little video to show you quite how simple it is.

The easy fold means for parents like me that are on and off public transport, you can hold your child on one hip and fold the stroller with no problem.  The featherweight still has a generous basket and can lie flat too with the simple release of a clip on the back.  

I did find that as a tall parent the handle was a little short for me and I would love it if Graco could make an extended handle, but I know that this would add to the weight of the stroller.

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller

Life Coach Tanith Carey has been working with Graco on some tips for busy parents which include ditching bulky handbags and going for an easy backpack, wearing comfy shoes so you are always ready to chase a runaway toddler and making friends with your postman and local delivery driver so they know where to leave your parcels!

There were a couple that I hadn't thought of and will now be doing too, like taking a picture on my phone of the inside of my fridge before leaving the house so that I know exactly what we have 
 and getting an app that tells you when the next bus is due!

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller

The Graco Featherweight is a perfect companion for busy parents who are overloaded with children and the 'stuff' that comes with them and don't need a heavy pushchair adding to their daily work out!

Disclosure : Collaborative Post
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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Graco Evo XT Review

graco evo xt review, Graco Evo, Pushchair review, Graco stroller

The Graco Evo XT is an all terrain buggy suitable from birth and we were sent one to test for Finn. For me, the most important features of a pushchair are the ability to parent face and a big basket and as this ticked both boxes, I was excited to try it out.  The Evo XT is easy to put together and only took me a few minutes.  The trickiest bit was the pin in the back wheels but once you get the first one in the second one seems so much easier!

graco evo xt, graco stroller, graco travel system, graco review

The seat unit seemed pretty generous and Finn fits in comfortably.  At 17 months his legs fit perfectly  and he has space to grow upwards.  The seat sits pretty upright as well as lying flat which is ideal for a nosy toddler.  I like how flat it lays for his when he is asleep and it means I can use it for Cora too if I want to swap them around.

The hood is generous and protects well from the elements.  When the seat is reclined it creates a huge amount of shade which is ideal for creating a good napping environment or keeping little ones out of the sun or wind.  

The handlebar is adjustable and at five foot nine I found it most comfortable when it was pushed upwards.  It was easy to change and to tuck away when we are storing it or on public transport as it folds right underneath.

The basket is very important to me as with four children I carry around a lot!  It was really generous and I could fit in my changing bag, blankets, jumpers and still have space.  It was easier to access when the seat unit is facing out, but I could get everything in and out just fine with the seat parent facing too.  

This pushchair is designed to handle rough terrains and I have found it great to use at the park.  We haven't been anywhere more adventurous to test it yet, but pushing it though parks, around town and on the school run it handles well.  The front wheels are lockable and the large back wheels help it move easily and it is comfortable and easy to push.

This pushchair folds in one piece, although it is best when the seat is world facing, which we never really do.  It is not as compact as an umbrella fold stroller, but smaller when folded than your average travel system.  Generally I would say its place is somewhere in the middle.  The Evo XT is easy to manoevre, light and collapsible like a stroller, yet has the large basket, the parent facing option and the adjustable handlebar of a travel system.  It is suitable from birth and offers protection from a newborn without needing a carrycot and would be a great option if you want to buy just one well chosen pushchair to last your child from birth until they no longer need it.  It is compatible with a carrycot and car seat so you can turn it into a travel system and comes complete with a raincover and footmuff (although it has been too warm for us to test the footmuff just yet)

Graco evo xt, graco stroller, travel system

The design is simple, well built and sturdy and we are enjoying using the Graco Evo XT.

I was sent this pushchair for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. 

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Graco Sky Review

As part of Graco's Ambassador cometition we have been sent a Graco Sky travel system to review and I have been busy testing it with both the boys over the last few weeks.

Graco sky, graco travel system, graco sky review, alpine green pushchair, travel system review

The pushchair comes in a choice of three colours, black night, sea pine green and purple shadow and all three are unisex enough for both boys and girls.  I went for the green as it was a lovely and unique shade and I haven't come across a pushchair quite like it.   

The pushchair comes as a chassis, seat unit, footmuff, raincover and car seat and the seat can be either world or parent facing.  This is a huge priority for me as even at 2 my toddler prefers to be facing me as we walk so that we can have a chat as we go.  His new favourite pastime is singing me nursery rhymes and it works a lot better when I can hear what he is singing!  The seat unit is plenty big enough to accommodate him (and he is a very large toddler - 99.6th centile for weight and height at 25 months), yet it still looks comfortable and secure with my seven month old in the seat.  The seat is lovely and padded so perfect for smaller babies.

parent snack tray, toddler in graco sky

This model doesn't come with a carrycot and instead has a newborn 'nest'.  As the seat reclines, it creates a cocoon around the baby and the footrest comes up, revealing some material that attaches round with velcro making the nest secure, cosy and perfectly sheltered.  It has the benefits of a carrycot without the added piece to store although as Archie is a tummy sleeper, I would still have preferred a mattress for him as this will have the straps still. If I was using this for a newborn, I would pad the bottom out with blankets to create more of a bed.

Graco Sky in babynest mode, cocoon for baby, graco sky review

There is a handily placed parent unit by the handlebars with two drink holders and a seal-able middle tub which is perfect for munching on the go.  The basket is quite frankly the best pushchair basket I have ever seen and I have been tempted to try and climb in myself to really test it.  It has no problem holding my nappy bag, jackets for me and the boys,  a small lunch box and my handbag and this is certainly my buggy of choice for shopping!

Graco sky basket, huge pushchair basket, pushchair review

The carseat is easy to use and comes with a removable frame that helps it attach to the chassis.  It seems secure, comfortable and safe and has a removable headrest for new babies.  It has a 3 point harness which I find easier for using with a sleeping baby and still feels as safe as a 5 point parness.

Graco sky car seat, six month old in infant carseat, graco sky review

I would prefer it if the seat panel came off as it isn't fixed all the way round and it would be great if you could take it off to wash it.   The seat unit is fully recline-able though and can be done so with one hand.  I do find the material is quie hard wearing and I think it would be easy to clean with a sponge but being a paler shade and knowing what newborns are like with their nappies, I do prefer something I can pop in the washing machine.

The fold is incredibly simple and can be done one handed too which is great for using it on public transport.  It is surprisingly compact as well and can be folded with the seat still on when forward facing.  When folded it is free standing though which is perfect for storing when there is not much space.  

graco sky review

This pushchair is much more traditional looking than many of its competitors, but it still has all the features you would want from a travel system.  It is sturdy, well built, comfortable and easy to push with such a great basket.  I would recommend it as a great value travel system, as it comes with everything you need to get going.  Although I do prefer a traditional carrycot, this would be great for those with little space to store bulky parts or for those on a budget as the newborn can comfortably use the seat unit as a nest or go in the car seat on the chassis for short periods.

Disclaimer:  I was sent the Graco Sky for the purpose of this review 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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