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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

What Cora Wore // aden + anais

Oh sleep, how I miss it.  For some reason my youngest two seem to have been wonderful sleepers as little babies and then backtracked at around 4 months and decided that it isn't  for them anymore.  Finn slept through the night for a whole month around 4 months old lulling me into a false sense of security, because he then decided to wake up at least once a night until he turned two.  

aden + anais, muslin sleepsuit

Cora only slept through once, but she was doing a solid 8 hour stretch most nights from about 10 weeks and I couldn't believe my luck.  By the time she turned 4 months things had changed though and she was awake pretty much every hour.  At 9 months she still feeds quite often at night and I have come to accept that I was just really lucky with the big two.

Somehow naps have never been a battle though, especially if we are in the house.  Cora still wants to be fed to sleep, but so long as she can sleep on my bed, she has two good naps a day.  When we are out and about she is less convinced about sleeping but she will eventually go off in the sling or buggy.

Aden + anais sent us one of their muslin sleepsuits and I love how soft and snuggly it is.  We have lots of their muslins and swaddles as I think the quality is fantastic and the sleepsuit is just as lovely. Cora has been wearing it for bedtimes and for lazy days around the house and I love how it instantly makes her look littler again.

 I am staying positive that she will eventually sleep better and enjoying the extra cuddles whilst she doesn't (especially when she is wearing such a soft sleepsuit!).  Caffeine and under eye concealer are my new best friends!

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Cora's Holiday Must-Haves

When asked to list 10 travel must haves, it seems that all six of us have different ideas - The biggest members of the family want wifi, cocktails and a good book, the middle two want kids clubs and swimming goggles and the smallest two are led with their stomachs - it is all about the ice cream.  Mark Warner are looking for ambassador families and we would love to share what an MW holiday is really like and see how they would cope with our crazy tribe.

So to make it a bit simpler, I have collated Cora's travel must have's into our own special mood board below, and a little video explaining more.

Here is what Cora can't travel without:

1) Muslins - This is one baby essential we never forget to pack - lightweight blanket, makeshift bib, dribble catcher or even a funny little hat with knots in the corners.

2) Pretty summer dresses - I imagine this will be the summer she starts toddling and after three boys I am a little bit excited about all the sweet little outfits she can wear

3) Wet suit - Because this baby was born to splash

4) A beach bag to carry all her essentials - I don't know how long the only little girl in the family will take up the least amount of space in the suitcase,  I doubt it will be long!

5) Suncream - Cora's hair is coming through so blonde so I imagine she will need a high factor sun protection.

6) A beaker - Everyone needs a poolside drink

7) Mummy - Because she is going through a VERY clingy phase at the moment

8) Sunhat - To protect her gorgeous little head.

9) The sun - Cora was just a tiny newborn last summer so she hasn't had much experience of the sun.  (This is definitely not something we will be bringing from home)

10) Don't forget the baby!!!

This is our entry to become a Mark Warner Ambassador
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Sunday, 29 January 2017

7 Months Baby Girl

Why is it that the more desperate you are for them to stay the little, the more determined they seem to be to grow up?  We have not only passed that half way mark, but my little lady is now 7 months old.  Cora still needs me in many ways like a newborn, but she is learning new skills and becoming more independent every day too.

We started weaning as she turned 6 months and after a slow start, she is starting to enjoy her food more.  Toast and broccoli are firm favourites, carrots are not.  We are following the baby led weaning principles but I did try offering her something on a spoon out of curiosity - she was highly unimpressed!  Cora eats one meal a day, sometimes two and I hope to encourage some kind of regularity in the coming month.  

At 7 months I would love to say that sleep is improving but it would be a lie, we seem to be stuck in a pattern of hourly or two hourly feeds through the night still and Cora will only settle in my bed.  We still have the co-sleeper crib up against it, but it is currently being used more for storage than anything else.  In all honesty, I am not really encouraging her to sleep on her own, I find it comforting to have her so close at night and I barely wake in the night when she needs milk.

Since Cora leaned to sit, she has been reluctant to spend any time on her tummy.  She loves to sit on her playmat surrounded by toys and she goes in her jumperoo for short periods too.  She is happiest when one of her brothers sits to play with her and she is always amused by them, especially Finn, despite the fact he plays quite rough with her.

This past month saw two little teeth emerge from her gums which was quite a shock! Her brothers were all around 11 months when they got their first teeth so I thought we had a few more months of that gummy smile!  I have a feeling that this baby girl of mine is going to do everything her own way!  She has been snotty and full of cold all week and I don't know whether it is connected to the teeth or just typical January germs.

I have definitely come around to the girly thing now and I am finding it easier to dress Cora in pink.  She is wearing lots of soft little dresses at the moment as I imagine when she starts crawling they will all be packed away for a few months.  We are coming to the top end of her 3-6 wardrobe and starting to break into the 6-9 bits now which is quite exciting.  At 7 months Cora weighs 16lb 10oz and is following the fiftieth centile exactly.  

Cora is cuddly, happy, healthy and loved by us all.  I feel like I am writing these updates too often as the months are flying by, and we are trying so hard to stop and appreciate how small she is now, amidst the chaos of our busy house.
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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Half a Year Baby Girl

Somewhere in the mayhem of Christmas and New Year, in between the mince pies and Prosecco, my baby girl turned six months old.  Her half-birthday was spent in a Christmas comedown, we were too busy finishing the boxes of chocolates and playing with new toys to really notice it, but like it or not, Cora is now six months old.

Six months old means the newborn days really are gone and we have replaced that tiny newborn with a baby that sits up and rolls around and shouts at us to get attention.  She chats away in her own little language, she chews everything in sight and her personality shows through more each day.  My little lady is a Mummy's girl and wants to be in my arms all day.  If I hand her to anyone else she needs to check constantly that I am still there, still within her sight and ready to take her when she lets us know she has had enough.  She still wants to sleep curled up next to me and I can't imagine her anywhere else.

On Christmas day we started weaning and I have a feeling it will be a slow process.  2 days off of the recommended six months and we offered Cora carrots on her tray.  She picked them up, she licked them, she pulled a face of utter disgust and she left them alone.  We are following the principles of baby led weaning so I am confident when she is ready she will eat a little more.  I am quietly hoping it will improve her sleep (without holding out too much hope) as she has recently taken to feeding every hour.  She can sometimes do a 2-4 hour stretch when I first put her down, but after that she likes to wake and feed very frequently, sometimes just being awake for a few hours in the middle of the night.  

Cora is pretty average sized and we are starting to pack away some of the smallest of her 3-6 month clothes and bring out some of the smaller fitting 6-9 month bits.  I will be washing her stretchy wrap this week ready to pass on as she is so curious and heavy that I find her more comfortable in a more structured carrier.  We swapped the carrycot for the seat unit reclined on her pushchair about a week before she turned 6 months (although she was back in the carrycot tonight) and she loves being able to see a bit more of the world.  

The boys still adore their baby sister, they know how to make her laugh, and they are incredibly gentle at times.  Finn is desperate for her to join in with his games still and he is a lot less gentle, Cora adores him and I can already foresee the mischief they are going to be causing together once she is on the move.

I can't fathom how these six months have passed so quickly and I am desperately hoping that the next six are a little slower.

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Fourth First Christmas

This is my fourth time celebrating a first Christmas and the novelty has worn off a little.  I was so excited when we approached December 2011, Dylan had all the beautiful dress up onesies, I took him to playgroup parties and to see Santa and I lovingly wrapped a few gifts to put in his stocking.  Since then I have realised that Christmas just gets better the older they are, so instead of planning ways on remembering Cora's milestone, I am focusing on her big brothers, and making Christmas special for them.

Dylan and Archie are a wonderful age for it, they understand  more, they remember the excitement, they are learning the songs, watching the Christmas films and Dylan has been learning about the Christmas story at school.  They write lists to Santa, they discuss where they will hang their stockings and they want to send Christmas cards to everyone we know.

Cora meanwhile is pretty oblivious.  I am still her world, she wants milk and cuddles and she doesn't care much for toys or books just yet.  She will wake up on Christmas morning to gifts under the tree but I will be unwrapping the same presents I wrapped the night before, getting excited on her behalf and with three big brothers and all their toys, she will mostly be receiving clothes ready for her in the next size up.

Cora's first Christmas is still special though, it is still a first, it is still full of magic and joy and so I decided to dress her up and take some photos, because this is probably the only year she will sit still and I was a little excited about buying her a tutu (I bought it a size big so that she can actually wear it next year).  These photos are a 'just because' and I love them.

I bought her skirt from Florrie and Max, her vest from Le Petit Chiffon and her headband from Harper Jade
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Thursday, 15 December 2016

No sleep // Baby Boo

These babies of mine really don't like sleep.  I never appreciated how well Dylan slept until I had Archie, and I definitely didn't appreciate that Archie was actually pretty good until Finn arrived.  Sleep is no longer something I take for granted, it is not something I get enough of and it is the subject of many an argument that most new parents can relate to (he definitely gets more sleep than I do).

At the moment, Finn wakes up once a night and Cora wakes up several times.  They are both put to bed at 7pm, but I have usually gone up to feed and settle Cora by 9pm and again before I crawl into bed around midnight.  She then wakes roughly every hour wanting milk and to cuddle up before waking for the day looking significantly fresher than I do.  Finn and Cora wake up smiling and bright eyed, I wake up feeling exhausted and walking in a zombie like manner towards the kettle.  They play with each other happily whilst I drink coffee and hope that my eyes will soon stop stinging.

sleeping bags with arms, babyboo

When I was pregnant with Cora, the bloke and I agreed that when it came to night times, she would be my baby and Finn would be his.  Cora is exclusively breastfed so nobody else can settle her at night and if I am feeding her then I can't get up to sort out Finn.  BabyBoo sent us some sleeping bags for the babies and now I know they won't be waking up because they are cold!  These bags have detachable arms making them even snugglier and they are lovely and padded for this cold weather.  Cora's is a generous 0-6 months and Finn's is a ginormous 18-48 months (I could easily fit Archie in there it really is giant!).  I do think these are better suited to babies Cora's age upwards as the neck opening is quite wide, but both my babies look and feel snug and safe in theirs.  

Cora is sleeping in with me as it is the only place she will settle and she feeds so often.  The sleeping bag is ideal as she can sleep on top of our duvet but still stay snuggly.  Finn is in his own room and has this as his only covers.  I can't say that it has made a huge difference to their sleep, I have a feeling they are just not great sleepers, but I don't have to worry about them getting cold anymore.

BabyBoo also make bibs and Cora has been sent some lovely ones which you will see popping up on social media.  They are great for dribbly tots as they are fleece backed.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Little Tikes Playmat review

Cora has quite a few toys - the wonders of being a fourth baby, but her absolute favourite so far is her Little Tikes playmat.  She loves lying on her back batting and chewing the toys that dangle from it and staring at the toucan on the top.

Little tikes baby, little tikes playmat, activity mat

We started her on the playmat at only a few weeks old and whilst she couldn't reach the toys, she was fascinated with the bird.  There is a switch on the back that makes it move over the arch and it was brilliant watching her tracking it.  The mat seems to be growing with her as she develops and the bar moves down to make it the perfect height for tummy time too.  As she gets a bit stronger, we will sit her up so that she can play with the toys that way too.

Little tikes playmat, little tikes activity mat, tracking toy for babies, little tikes baby

The mat comes with a selection of toys including a mirror - but that is rarely hanging on the bar as her youngest big brother has taken quite a fancy to it and comes and removes it for her.  All the toys can be taken off and rearranged and you can add anything else too.

One feature that we haven't used much is the vibrating bar.  Under the mat there is a bar that can vibrate to calm the baby and it is operated by a simple switch.  Cora wasn't overly bothered or comforted by it, but I know some babies really respond well to this.

This is a really great mat and I would completely recommend it.  Cora will happily play for ages lying there and the boys love rearranging the toys for her (and pinching them).  It grows well with her and comes with a booster pillow for when baby starts off doing tummy time too. We love that Little Tikes now have a baby range as it is the same quality we know and expect from the brand. 

little tikes baby, little tikes baby activity gym,

As well as playmats, Little Tikes have a whole range of baby products from simple rattles to activity gyms for children of all ages.

Disclaimer : Collaborative post

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

4 Months Baby Girl

At four months old, Cora is a determined little girl.  I remember the shock on Finn's face when he first rolled over - similar to his big brothers but Cora's was a look of success after weeks trying to work out just how to do it.  She has been really pushing herself over, trying desperately to get that last arm out from under her and she has finally mastered it.  We haven't had front to back yet but I don't think she is far off.

Cora is all smiles for me, but to the rest of the world she is a rather serious baby.  She pulls her best frowns as soon as I get a camera out but when she is in her own environment she smiles and giggles away.  She is still happier outdoors and she is amazingly curious.  When she is awake she is incredibly alert and she grabs out at everything now.  I can't eat with her on my lap without her trying to get my food and she loves her playmat even more now that she can pull the toys off and eat them.

On Halloween she found her thumb and she has been sucking it ever since.  (Strangely enough it was the exact same day 5 years ago that her eldest brother found his thumb too!)  She falls asleep either in the pram or having her milk and breastfeeding is still going well.  There is ever so slightly more routine now, Cora usually settles for bedtime between 7 and 9pm, but the rest of the day she naps and feeds as and when she pleases.  I feel like we are playing sleep roulette each night as she can still sleep 12 hours solid one night and then be awake every hour the next.  She sleeps the first stretch (however long that may be) in her Snuzpod and then comes in with me for the rest of the night, and I would say at least half the week she is in my bed by 1am.  I love snuggling up close and it feels so natural to have her in with me.  I know it won't last forever as she happily goes down at the start of the night in her crib so I am trying to just relax and enjoy it whilst it suits us both.

My baby girl doesn't want to stay little and this month she has been practicing sitting with support and wanting to stand.  She still needs to be held when sat but her back is straight and her neck is so strong.  She still isn't too keen on her bouncer chair as she pulls forward trying to sit up in there.  She will tolerate it for short periods but she prefers being laid flat on her playmat or held sitting upright.

At 4 months old Cora is adored by her brothers and she seems to love them all right back.  She is snuggly and content and loves to kick her legs around with no nappy on.  She is so alert and looks like she is taking it all in, but she still loves her sleep (most of the time).

Being a family of four feels so perfect and mostly I don't find four any harder than three.  Cora has slotted right in to the family
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tips for making a Carpet Creation

Are you thinking of making your own carpet creation?  It isn't nearly as complicated as they look and you probably have all the accessories you need lying around the house!  Here is how I put together my sleeping bunny scene.

Baby naptime image, sleeping baby, creative sleeping baby

Step one – Think about the scene you would like to create.  Cora was asleep in the car in her bunny hat and I decided to base the creation around that.  The possibilities are endless though so have a look around the room and choose something to inspire you.  If you are still looking for ideas look at the names of the Carpetright carpets- Mist and Highland Design for example offer ideas just with their names.

Step two – A sleeping baby is essential and ideally one in a very deep sleep so you can put them down somewhere other than their cot and move them around a little.  We actually went swimming before I took this shot as I know she is always so tired afterwards. Cora hates sleeping on her back so I love that I managed to get these shots.

Step three – Choose your favourite carpet.  I used the 'Peak district green artificial grass' from Carpetright for this shot as I wanted it to look like she was in the garden.   Blues and greys make perfect skies, bathroom floors can double up as a swimming pool and laminate has so many options

Step four – Use whatever you have lying around to help elaborate the scene.  As a mama to a small baby I have muslins everywhere so I grabbed a handful of coloured ones to make some flowers in my garden scene.  They are very versatile props, as are bed sheets and towels.  Kids toys are the perfect size next to a sleeping baby too.

Step five – Get up high to look down.  I put a chair next to my creation so that I could lean over and get lots of the scene in.   I took these photos on my phone as I could get everything into the frame and then cropped the edges out using free editing tools online.  I must have looked ridiculous to anyone looking through my living room window, but these images are ones that I will always treasure (and always have to torment my daughter with when she hits the teenage years).

I love how there is no limit to your creativity when making a carpet creation, there are unlimited ways to make your own scene and I am excited to be judging the public competition on behalf of carpetright! Make sure you get your entry in quick as the competition finishes on Friday!!

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Monday, 24 October 2016

The Nights

The nights are long with a baby, and too short at the same time.  We see far too much of them, every half an hour some nights but we wake up wishing that morning was a little later, that we could spend longer tucked up.

Cora's sleep is erratic, we have nights where she sleeps well and nights where we she seems to have her eyes open more than shut.  I love the ease of breastfeeding, that I don't have to leave my bed in the night, that I don't have to really wake up to feed my baby.  When she first wakes up, I can lift her on to me and we both drift off together.  

During the night, she feeds when she is hungry, I help her, half asleep myself.  She is close enough that she doesn't need to cry out for me.  Her brothers don't hear her and I sleep lightly so that when she stirs I wake.  

I wake up in the morning to the sound of her breathing, her tiny body against mine.  The days are as long as the nights and so busy with her brothers but these nights are ours, they are the time we can be close.  The early morning, as the light slips in between the curtains and the house is still so peaceful before the chaos, this is our time.  I can watch her sleeping, marvel at how tiny and new she still is, study her features, breathe in that sweet milky smell.  It is our time to just be, in the way I wish I had appreciated more with the first baby.  

The baby phase is far too short and before I know it this little girl of mine will be sleeping independently in her crib, she won't need me in the same way she does now, so completely.  I will only be her whole world for such a short time, and the nights are where I can stop and remember that, and enjoy it, even if my eyes are stinging from the lack of sleep and the morning alarm is coming around too quickly.

Of course I want her to 'sleep through' in some ways - a long stretch of sleep sounds both wonderful and mythical at the moment.  The idea of my little baby sleeping all night is also a little sad though too - another sign that she is growing up, leaving the last phase behind and entering a new one.  For now we are just going with the flow, knowing (and reminding myself regularly) that things won't be like this forever.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cora's little Corner

When we moved into our house I was pregnant with Archie and we were quite sure that he was our last baby.  We chose a three bedroom house that we thought would see us through the next few years.  Finn was a surprise and Cora even more so and suddenly with six of us in a three bedroom house space is quite tight.  I don't fancy moving with four so little so we are finding ways to make the most of our space for now.

Cora is still sleeping in with us and we don't have a real long term plan beyond that.  We may put the three boys in one room and our baby girl in another, or we may put Cora in with Finn so there are two in each room.  For now we are all happy where we are and we have created a small space for Cora in Finn's room.

A girl needs somewhere to keep her clothes and Cora has a white chest of drawers as well as a few bits hanging in my wardrobe.  Minene kindly gave me some storage to help keep her corner neat so now all the little baby toys are kept in a lovely black and white basket and her bibs and socks are in the lidded soft box on top of her drawers.  

Finn's room is now triple purpose - it contains his cot, wardrobes and the nursing chair as well as Cora's little corner and a desk as it is also our home office.  For the smallest room in the house (bar our box of a kitchen) it is pretty busy!

Being a fourth baby has some definite advantages - a more relaxed Mama, adoring big brothers and more experienced parents, but it does mean you don't get quite as much space of your own.

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

3 Months Baby Girl

3 Months old means no longer a newborn and seeing a friend and her tiny 6 day old baby really brought home how much Cora has grown.  Her little face that I often likened to an angry tomato is now relaxed and curious.  Her wrinkles have filled out and she is growing rolls on her arms and legs.  She is starting to outgrow some of her 0-3 month clothing and she spends more time awake every day.

At 3 months Cora still isn't a fan of tummy time, even though she will only sleep on her tummy.  Her favourite place to be when awake (and not feeding) is on her playmat and she isn't bothered by a bouncer chair.  She loves to kick her legs and bat at her toys and stretch out.

Sleep is still pretty all over the place but she sleeps better than her one year old brother already.  There are nights where Cora goes down in her Snuzpod at 7pm and doesn't wake until 7am, although more common is settling for the night at around 9pm.  Some nights she wakes for a feed around 4 or 5am and on occasion (usually when Finn is not sleeping well and being particularly loud) she wakes up more often.  There is no routine at all to daytime naps, sometimes she sleeps for short periods, other times she has mammoth naps and different numbers every day.  I seem to remember that the boys didn't get much structure to their days until we started weaning and I think that may be the same for Cora. I am more than happy for her to just sleep when she is tired and feed when she is hungry! 

Cora has really found her voice this month and she loves to coo away.  We have also been getting some gorgeous little giggles when we tickle her neck.  There is no better sound than a baby laughing!  Despite the fact she looks rather moody in nearly all the photos I take, she is happy and smiley with me.  She is definitely a Mama's girl though and is happiest with me.  This month she has started going to other people better but she is always happiest in my arms.

We are still exclusively breastfeeding and I still haven't got round to pumping.  I have no desire to leave her at the moment and I can't be bothered to pump milk to stash just yet.  She is thriving on my milk and we are both really enjoying feeding.  

At 3 months old Cora loves black and white books, watching her brothers, milk, being naked, swimming, sleeping on my bed, chewing her fists and the sling and dribbling on everything.
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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Babywearing with an AmaWrap

I don't know how people have multiple children without a sling, it has to be one of my most used baby items and it really does make life with four easier.  Stretchy wraps are my favourite for carrying a newborn and we were sent an AmaWrap for Cora.

There are so many companies making stretchy wraps now and whilst in some ways they are all ultimately the same -  a long piece of material - I definitely think there is a big difference between what is available.  What I loved about the Amawrap was that is was just the right amount of stretch for me.  I could tie it before I put Cora in and stretch it around to get her in the right position.  When it was on though, it didn't droop like many I have tried and she stayed in the perfect position for the whole time.

It feels really secure and I can comfortably wear her for hours in my Amawrap.  I use it on the school run, on days out and around the house.  With three big brothers sometimes Cora needs to be out the way and close to me and this is the perfect way to carry her - hands free. 

The Amawrap is easy to tie and wear, feels really secure and means I can carry Cora safely following the Ticks guidelines.  I can completely recommend this wrap and I can see it lasting us for many more months.  I wear it everyday so if you follow me on instagram or facebook you will probably see it popping up regularly.   It comes in a variety of colours and costs £39.99

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Carpet Creations

Have you seen those sweet nap time pictures before?  The ones where the parent has created a fantasy land around a sleeping baby, a human art attack almost?  Well Carpetright have challenged me to make my own and armed with a snoozy baby and some random props I have built five scenes around my sleeping baby.  Well four really as in one she is quite clearly awake - this is a baby who hates to sleep on her back and so her little eyes popped open as soon as I put her down that time.

Flying a kite made of muslins on 'mist' carpet
A snoozing bunny on 'peak district green artificial grass'

my little fairy flying high on 'lilac'
floating around on 'Lolita mosaic'
A caterpillar's picnic on 'highland design'

Carpetright are running a fantastic competition to win up to £1000 of vouchers so if you are feeling inspired by our creations then why not try your own?  Check out the Carpetright website  for more information.

You can share your own Carpet Creation, by either tweeting their picture to the @Carpetright Twitter handle, using the hash tag #carpetcreations, or alternatively visit the Carpetright Facebook page and upload your photo to our dedicated competition

What scene would you create? 
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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Merci Maman Giveaway

We know Merci Maman for their beautifully engraved jewellery, but they have recently expanded their range and offer a home range full of gorgeous embroidered baby gifts.  We were sent a personalised gift box for Cora  and it arrived equisitely packaged in a white box and wrapped in tissue paper.

The gift set contains a hooded towel, two muslins and a comforter, each personalised with her name.  This is a perfect gift for a baby with a more unusual name and definitely something to be saved in the baby box.  

The girl's box has both a pink and white muslin and a choice of two comforters.  The muslins are pretty big (75 x 75) and the comforter is the perfect size for little arms to cuddle.

Merci Maman offer free delivery with a choice to upgrade it to next day delivery if you need it sooner. 

The towel is 100% cotton and feels lovely and soft. It is ideal for baby bathtime and Cora looks so snuggly in hers.

Not only was I sent one to review, I also have an embroidered gift box just like this one to giveaway.  The winner can pick either the pink or blue set and personalise it with the name of your choice.  Entry is simple via the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Sunday, 4 September 2016

2 Months Baby Girl

At two months old I am already starting to see that Cora doesn't want to stay a baby for long.  Everyone warned me when she arrived that girls are often quicker to meet their milestones, that they don't stay babies as long and she is proving them right.  Cora's head control is quite impressive and she loves to be sat up with me just holding her waist.  She always looks so curious and inquisitive and I can see her taking everything in.  

At 6 weeks she started smiling, but it was 7 weeks before I got one my way (Her brothers are far more worthy of smiles it seems) and at 2 months she is still a very serious baby, only giving smiles at certain times of day and making you really work for them.

At 2 months old, Cora seems to be growing so fast.  She is filling out her 0-3 month clothing and she has definitely lost that weightlessness that newborns have.  I imagine she is somewhere between 12 and 13 pounds now but I haven't had her weighed for a couple of weeks.  She no longer curls up in the fetal position and instead prefers to spread out and push her legs out straight.

Cora is still happiest on me, she loves being in the sling, she feeds very regularly (but goes 6-7 hours at night) and she wants to sleep close.  She happily goes down in her crib at night though and can settle her self to sleep if I put her on her tummy.  She will only sleep on her tummy at all times still, although if she is really tired she will fall asleep in the car seat.  Her dislike for being on her back means she can do an hour in the car easily before she succumbs to sleep - My newborns really don't like the car very much! 

Two months in to parenting four and I feel like there are always going to be different challenges.  I was worried about the summer holidays and having all four at home, but it has been wonderful and we have made it work and carried on with our adventures.  Now my fears are around the school runs and being out the house on time.  I am sure we will find our groove and having some time with just the babies is going to be lovely too.  

Two month old Cora is very chilled out as long as she knows that I am close.  She is happy to sleep in her own space and I can put her down for short periods during the day too.  She adores her brothers already and the love is mutual.  She is growing bigger and stronger every day and losing the little things that make her seem like a newborn.  Slow down please baby girl!!

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