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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Summer Family Bucket List

This beautiful Bank Holiday weather has made me so excited for summer and six weeks of having all four children at home! I have started making our summer bucket list full of things to keep us occupied over the warmer months.

strive footwear, summer bucket list

1)  Go to the beach - This one is a bit of a given for us and I am hoping to go at least once a week but it needed to be included.  Obviously every beach trip should involve ice cream.

2) Paint rocks and hide them - I love the rock hunting craze and we have been on plenty of hunts but we still haven't managed to decorate our rocks yet so this is on our list!

3) Go camping in the back garden - for the first time we have a garden that we can pitch a tent in and the boys are excited to have garden sleepovers with their friends.

4) Go on a nature 'treasure hunt' in the woods.  We have bug hunting and bird watching books, leaf identification sheets and magnifying glasses and we are all set to go exploring outdoors!

5) Spend the day at a local festival - There are a few we want to go to including a local folk festival that we attend every year.

6) Go paddling in the outdoor pool - There is a big local paddling pool that I have somehow never taken the children to . . . until this summer.

7) Pick Strawberries - It will never just be strawberries, but they are definitely the tastiest fruit to pick! I want to pick apples and plums too.

8) Fly a kite - We have a kite that we just never seem to find the time to take out but living so coastal means we are never short of wind!

9) Climb trees - Muddy knees and scuffed shoes are just part of the summer and we have a favourite park with 'climbing trees' as well as a great den to hide out in.

10) Feed the ducks - I know you are not supposed to feed them bread so we will take peas and sweetcorn and hope the kids don't eat it all before we get there!

strive footwear, summer bucket list

There is so much more we want to do, but these are 10 things that are getting me so excited for those 6 weeks off! I was recently sent some super comfy sandals from Strive Footwear which have biomechanical footbed technology which fits the natural contours of my feet and helps relieve stress on my body and reduces aches and pains.  Plus they are shiny and gold which means I have a very jealous child whose favourite colour is gold! They are perfect for looking after my feet on our summer adventures and you will see them cropping up in lots of pictures! I had their boots over the winter which were so comfy and these are just the same.

strive footwear, summer bucket list

What have you got planned for the summer? What should we add to our list?

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Our Autumn Family Bucketlist

At the beginning of the summer I wrote a list of all the fun things we wanted to do as a family, from eating ice creams at the beach to camping underneath the stars.  We slowly but surely ticked off most of them and suddenly Autumn is just around the corner and I want to continue the fun.  I have written our Autumn family bucketlist with some of the fun activities we want to do as the seasons change.  

I love Autumn for the colours, the rich golds and browns of the leaves falling off the trees and I want to spend as much time as we can watching the world change around us.  I started the list with my favourite one, raking up all the leaves and jumping right in the middle.  We have our own garden now so we have no excuse not to play in the falling leaves and the park next door is full of trees that are already shedding their summer greenery.

Autumn family bucket list, Autumn bucket list, fall bucketlist, Autumn family activities

The boys love everything Halloween related so as well as dressing up for the big day, I want to pick and carve our own pumpkins, make toffee apples with the ones already growing on our trees an go trick or treating around our neighbours.

I am still feeling a little reluctant to let go of the summer, my sandals won't be getting packed away anytime soon anyway, but I am getting excited for Autumn and all the fun it will hopefully bring.
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