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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Looking After My Skin With Aveeno

There are so many things I love about winter from the fairy lights on the tree to the crisp frosty mornings and hot chocolate under a blanket in the afternoons. I hate how cold it gets on the school run though, how my feet never quite feel warm enough and how dry my skin gets.

Long walks in the sharp winter strip my skin and the central heating and hot baths which I very much rely on seems to dry out what is left and whilst I use very few products in the summer, it is a different story in the winter. I have always had to be careful with what I use on my skin as I had bad eczema as a child and I am still prone to flare ups. Aveeno® Skin Relief Nourishing Lotion and Restoring Hand Cream are gentle on my skin with its triple oat formula and they sent me a lovely hamper to help look after my skin this winter.

This winter I am determined to look after myself a bit more too,

My Hands

I have buggy mitts to keep my hands protected from the wind when we are out walking and AVEENO® Skin Relief Restoring Hand Cream for restoring moisture and keeping them silky smooth. There is nothing worse than dry hands and the 75ml tube is perfect for popping in my handbag to use on the go!

My Skin

The AVEENO® Skin Relief Nourishing Lotion with Shea Butter comes in two sizes and I have the pump lid one in the bathroom for after a bath or shower and the 200ml tube in my
bedroom. It is clinically proven to moisturise skin for up to 24 hours and help to prevent that tight irritable sensation of dry skin.

We already have the new AVEENO® baby range for the little ones and I am enjoying focusing on myself a bit more this year too, looking after my own skin as well as I look after theirs. None of the children see bad weather as a reason to stay outside so if my winter is going to be spent at parks and the beach then my skin definitely needs a little bit of TLC!

This post is in collaboration with Aveeno® but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. #ad

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Aveeno Baby

Last month we were invited up to London for a baby yoga session with AVEENO®. I have never tried baby yoga before (or even adult yoga to be honest) and I was curious as to how easy it would be with a newly mobile baby. As it happened, Cora slept through the whole session and I got to do the workout with a doll who not only stayed still, but was also considerably lighter than my actual baby.

Our yoga session was followed by a delicious oaty meal cooked by Alex from 26Grains. Cora devoured her beetroot and apple oats and we learned about the power of oats to make you feel good both inside and out. AVEENO® baby products are made with colloidal oatmeal and are gentle on their delicate skin whilst soothing, nourishing and protecting it.

A baby’s skin is unique, their skin barrier is thinner and loses moisture more quickly meaning it can be prone to irritation and dryness. Dr Shefali Rajpopat, an AVEENO® consultant dermatologist and she says “When it comes to baby skincare, it’s important to use ingredients that work to gently nourish and protect their skin. Oats are a key ingredient to look out for - providing gentle relief to dry and sensitive prone skin. Natural colloidal oatmeal creates a protective film that increases skin hydration, helps to maintain normal pH and protects the skin surface from external aggressors. The oatmeal granules even act as micro-sponges to absorb dirt and dead skin cells, to leave the skin feeling soft and healthy. Using a natural ingredient such as oat can help keep babies skin looking and feeling healthy.”

The AVEENO® baby range has become part of our daily routine from the Daily Care Hair and Body Wash in Cora’s bath to the Soothing Relief Emollient Cream we use on Archie’s dry skin. We are going to be incorporating more oats into Cora’s diet too, especially since she has decided she will not eat any bread products! The recipe from 26 Grains is below

In Collaboration with AVEENO®
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Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogfest with Aveeno

Last month I attended Blogfest, a big blogging conference in London.  It was my first time and I had a brilliant day.  The team at Aveeno sponsored me to attend and I came away from the day feeling inspired to start vlogging (I could do with some of that inspiration coming back as I still haven't started).  The sessions that I attended focused mostly on YouTube and how to create great content and I loved catching up with bloggers I know and meeting new ones.

Before the event we had a chat with the team at Aveeno about their new baby range.  Aveeno is a well known name when it comes to skin care and I was recommended it so many times for Archie's dry skin.  The new baby range is even more gentle and designed specifically for babies and there incredibly sensitive skin.

Aveeno baby, baby skincare, Aveeno

A baby's skin is still developing for at least the first year of life and it loses and gains water more rapidly than adult skin.  It is up to 30% thinner than adult skin and can be prone to dryness and irritation.  Aveeno is developed with colloidal oatmeal - something that his been used for generations to look after sensitive skin and clinically proven to help reduce the itching and irritation of eczema.

We have been using the products on Cora, the emollient cream after a bath and the daily barrier cream to keep nappy rash at bay.  We use reusable nappies and the Aveeno cream seems compatible with them.  I have also been using the emollient cream on Archie - baby products are still perfect for his skin at 3 and it has made such a different.  He has suffered from dry skin for a long time and it felt softer after only a couple of days and is much less itchy for him.  Whilst the normal Aveeno range would be fine for him, I prefer using the baby care products as I can then buy one bottle to use for all the children.

My to do list has grown since the event although as always I have more ideas than I have actual time.  I would love to start vlogging more, sharing an insight into our lives and routines and hopefully capturing more special memories on camera to look back on when the children are bigger.

Thank you to Aveeno for sponsoring me to attend Blogfest, Cora and I had a great day and she has been a little bit softer ever since.

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