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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A Developmental Leap

I don't think you will ever convince me that there is a better stage than newborn.  The milky smell, the scrunched up faces, the way they curl up so perfectly on your chest - I find it all just irresistible.  My second favourite stage has to be this one though, the one Cora began as she turned ten months, where they suddenly hit a huge leap and develop so many new skills.

In the space of 24 hours my baby girl learned to crawl, pull herself to standing and clap as well as saying her first words.  It was a busy day and she is still reeling in excitement from it all.  Suddenly the world is a much bigger place and she is so desperate to explore it.  She may still be slow on her knees, but she is learning to get around however she can and it is fascinating (and a little scary at times) watching her 

The first year is the most crazy period of development as most babies go from being a helpless newborn to a baby who can feed themselves, move around and make their opinions known one way or another.  I find that often it goes it spurts though, that we become comfortable in how we are, but all the while in the background her brain is ticking, processing it all and preparing for the next stage.  It all happens at once and suddenly everything is different.

Dresses are no longer practical, or they have to be tucked into her leggings at the front so that they don't get caught up in knees and feet.  Leaving a door open is now an invitation, putting Cora unattended anywhere but ground level is a definite no.  In many ways I am sad that the wonderful period of being able to leave her somewhere and come back to find her in the same place is over but watching how happy she is with her new skills, how proud she is of herself as she sings the end of her favourite song, make me so excited for everything that is to come. 

It will become the norm soon that she is mobile, that she can follow round her brothers, get into everything she shouldn't and that the knees will be worn out on all her trousers, but for now I am enjoying watching her learn something new,  discovering the world from her new perspective.

It seemed crazy that at the end of next month she will turn one, I am sure it was only last week that I was holding her for the very first time.  Those newborn days are long gone though, and the toddler stage is looming.

I want to freeze time again, in my second favourite phase, to keep her this little, small enough that I can still carry her easily, young enough that I am still her world, quiet enough that I can still take her everywhere.  This last part of babyhood, this precious time.

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

10 Months in.

Archie is now 10 months old and suddenly he is becoming less of a little baby and more of a little boy.  At 9 months and 2 weeks Archie was still smiling his gummy smile but by the day he turned 10 months there were 4 little teeth poking through his gums!  We are skipping the rather adorable two bottom teeth look and going straight for the centre 4.  They aren't yet fully grown but they all cut within a few days of each other.  All the signs say this teething malarkey is getting worse though and I wouldn't be surprised if there were some more before the next update.

Unfortunately teething and a bit of a cold have seen a major sleep regression and we are still all over the place.  On a good night, Archie will only wake once but a bad night sees him sleeping like a newborn again which is rather tough on us all.  He still has one nap now straight after lunch which is anything from 1 hour to 3 hours.

Breastfeeding is still going well and although I decided to try and cut down his feeds, teething and illness have had other plans so he is still fed relatively regularly throughout the day.  I am not too worried yet but there comes a point where I am less comfortable feeding out and about so I would like to cut him down to only 3 feeds a day quite soon.  He loves his food though and happily eats three big meals (we are still doing baby led weaning) and snacks throughout the day.  He has also learnt to drink from a straw (thanks to me forgetting his water cup on a number of occasions)

Archie is a baby on the go and is now commando crawling comfortably and sometimes crawling on his knees too.  He learnt to pull himself up to standing a couple of months ago and he is now cruising round the furniture and attempting to let go, although he always falls down on his bum.  He wants to be standing all the time and seems to need to push on his feet, which is rather amusing when I am feeding him as he tends to stand over me!  He loves walking holding onto my hands and he is desperate to be off on his own.  He has started walking with the wooden walker up and down the room now and he looks so small!

Archie is still definitely a mummy's boy and he is happiest when he is climbing on me.  He is cheeky and has the most beautiful smile.  For the first few months he seemed to spend life on the boob or in a sling following his brother round but he is really coming into himself now and showing off his cheeky personality at every opportunity.  He loves poking things, knocking over towers and anything with buttons.  He watches Dylan with delight and smiles whenever he catches his eye and he gives so many kisses.  He may be growing up fast but he is still my tiny baby really.  We finally got him weighed this month and a 20lb 7oz he is pretty average for his age but still exceptionally tall.

It is terrifying to think that in 2 months I will have a one year old but we are looking forward to celebrating Archie's first Christmas this month!

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Friday, 8 June 2012

TV for Babies

Before I had a baby, I was determined not to be one of 'those parents'.  You know, the ones who pop their children in front of the TV.  Lo and behold I appear to have joined them.  We don't have it on every day and we certainly don't have it on all day, but first thing in the morning, I have to admit I am not even close to feeling like playing games and singing nursery rhymes.  In fact, I would do anything in my power to have a few minutes to wake up and drink a large cup of tea in peace!

And suddenly big arrows appear all round the room pointing at that little grey stick, you know, the one with all the buttons, the one that turns the big black screen into an all singing all dancing entertainment centre.  How can I resist?  So we wake up, Dylan has a cuddle and his milk, and up pops the Tweenies, jumping around with the energy I will never possess at that ungodly hour.

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We started when he was about
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