Friday, 20 October 2017

A love like this.

I have never known a love like this.  So strong, so fierce, so all encompassing, so blinding, so powerful.  As her little hands grip tighter and tighter around my neck, her hot, hot head nuzzling further into my neck and her perfect little body presses against mine, trying to become one with me yet again.

I have never felt needed like this. I have never been everything to someone, an answer to every question.  When she is sad I comfort, when she is hungry I feed, when she is cold I wrap her up in my arms.  I am needed with such urgency and so completely.

I have never understood contentment like this.  I have never felt so close to the generations and generations of women who came before me.  I have never understood how somebody else feels so intently until I felt this feeling myself.

I don't remember it lasting this long with the others, not in the same way anyway.  I felt it all with each one of them though - the raw, primal need for me, but with her it is still the same as it was when she was so new and tiny.  Not all the time, not everyday but enough.  Others can now feed her and satisfy her thirst.  She will go to you for a game or a cuddle.  She will hold her hands out to you to ask a question, look at you curiously with her big blue eyes.  But when she needs me, nobody else will do.  I am her mother, I am the one and now, as she lies feverish in my arms, her whole body warm to the touch, I know that it is me she needs, I know that even in her fitful slumber she is aware that I am the one holding her and she is more peaceful because of that.

Nothing ever prepared me for parenthood, for this love

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Monday, 16 October 2017

My Blogging Work Space

I have been writing this blog now for over 5 years but it was only this month that I got my own work space.  Our old house didn't have space for an extra desk (Ed works from home too) and so I would balance my laptop on the edge of the sofa with paperwork and review items scattered around the house.  I wasn't as productive as I should have been and when we found our current house, creating my own little work space was a priority.

Colour Pop Blogging Work Space

I only have a laptop and I didn't need a big desk.  I was sent this one from Kit out my office and it fits the bill perfectly.  It is simple, easy to use and it has a pop of colour with the yellow drawer.  It was ridiculously easy to put together (thank goodness as we are so fed up with flatpack furniture now!) and I love the little space I have created around it.

Colour Pop Blogging Work Space

The white theme with pops of colour seemed perfect for me, but I fell in love with the brightest chair that Ikea sold and I just had to have it.  It is so comfy, the pattern will hopefully hide dirt well and it makes my space stand out in the room.  I went for all white accessories for on the desk and then used two photoframes that were up above our sofa in the old house to go on the wall.

Colour Pop Blogging Work Space

I painted the glass on one with blackboard paint so that I can write daily to do lists for myself, and I bought a print from Freddie and Co for the other one.  My new work space is clear, inspiring, colourful and perfect for this blogger.

Colour Pop Blogging Work Space

The desk is from Kit out my Office
The chair and photo frames are from Ikea
The print is from Freddie and Co
The white accessories are from Amazon

Colour Pop Blogging Work Space

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

My Little Pony is a toy I remember from my childhood and I am really enjoying watching my children connect with the same make believe world that I did.  We have been working with Argos ahead of the My Little Pony Movie being released on October 20th and we were sent some of the toys for the boys to play with.

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

I chose two of the larger ponies as I thought they would be perfect for Finn to enjoy and the Canterlot Castle Playset looked perfect for Archie.  All three are available from Argos along with a selection of other My Little Pony products.

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

We have watched some of the episodes on TV and the boys really enjoy it so I was excited to show them the toys.  Finn loves unicorns and happened to be wearing his favourite 'loonycorn' trousers when I got out the toys so he was straight away drawn to Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon. 

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

 Twilight Sparkle has a star on her side that makes her sing when pressed and if you hold her best friend Spike up close then they sing a duet.  Both toys came with batteries already included (a huge plus!) and Finn loves carrying them around.

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

Rainbow Dash is one of my favourite ponies from when I was young and her rainbow mane is so distinctive.  Rainbow Dash has a button on her side that when pressed lifts her front leg to give you a hi5 or to connect with the other ponies.  Inside her hoof is a light and I think these ponies work really well if you buy both from the set so that they can connect with each other.

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

The Canterlot castle playset comes with lots of little features as well as Princess Celestia and the Storm King.  The boys haven't yet seen the film but they got stuck in playing straight away, creating their own scenes and letting their imaginations run wild.  

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

From the tiny table and toy cakes to the opening front door, there was plenty for them to interact with and I can imagine them using the castle set alongside other toys in the future.

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

We can't wait for the film to come out next week and to probably expand on our pony collection with a visit to Argos.  Their My Little Pony movie range varies in price from £14.99 to £79.99 and you can get free same-day delivery for only £3.95, seven days a week or you can reserve and collect in store for free.

My Little Pony Movie Toys from Argos

This post is in collaboration with Argos

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Cleaning the House with Seventh Generation

We have recently moved to a bigger house which has many perks but one huge downside too.  More space to play means more space to clean too.  Keeping the house clean has been even more challenging whilst we have been surrounded by boxes (and we still are in some rooms).  When we moved we cleared out the old cleaning cupboard, discarding products we never really used, no longer have a need for and the bottles that have probably been sat there since we moved in.  Seventh Generation sent us a hamper with some of their cleaning range to try out and I have been using them around the house since we moved in.

We had already switched to the Seventh Generation washing liquid which comes in completely recyclable cardboard packaging.  The bottle has 66 doses in and has no fragrances, dyes or optical brighteners.  It tackles the everyday mess that the children completely cover their clothes in and is hypoallergenic and not irritating to our skin.  Full of plant based power, we love the fact that this has a much smaller environmental impact that the washing liquid we were using and we are pretty converted.

I have been trying a few of the other products thanks to the hamper and I am really impressed with the streak free window cleaner.  We have big glass doors at the back of the new house which are a magnet for small sticky fingers it seems so this is definitely getting a lot of use! It is plant based and has no harsh fumes.

I have been looking for a biodegradable toilet cleaner too and we are really impressed with the Seventh Generation cleaner which has no harsh fumes and is scented with essential oils. It is easy to use and is a product we will continue to use.

All seventh generation products are not tested on animals, are derived from renewable plant based ingredients (which are completely disclosed on the packaging) and are designed with the next seven generations in mind and the world that they will inherit.  They are available to buy in select Tesco stores.

I have collaborated with Seventh Generation to offer a hamper of their cleaning products including three three mentioned above, their all purpose cleaning spray and their biobased natural wasing up liquid.  Entry is via the rafflecopter form below.

This post is in Collaboration with Seventh Generation

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Monday, 9 October 2017

5 Things to do with a Spare Room

We have recently moved in to a bigger house to give us a lit the idea of an upstairs office where doors can be shut is very appealing!tle more space, but as the boys have decided that they would prefer to still share a room, we have ended up with a completely spare room.  There have been many suggestions from all members of the family with what it should be used for, here are our top 5

  1. A guest room.  The obvious choice is to buy a guest bed and keep the room for when family and friends come to stay.  Guest beds are great for when one of the boys has a friend to sleepover too.
  2. An upstairs office.  We have an open plan downstairs and currently our desks are set up down there, but having a space where we can shut the door is very appealing

playroom 690.jpg

  1. A walk in wardrobe.  I have always dreamed of a simplistic and minimalist bedroom, and having our wardrobes in a seperate room would help keep our sleeping space calm.
  2. A kids den. The boys would love either an upstairs playroom or as they get bigger a games room or den for playing computer games and hanging out with their friends.


  1. A room for students. Having a spare room can allow you to earn a bit of an extra income by hosting foreign students.
How would you utilise a spare room?

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

A Rainbow Bedroom

When we moved house we decided to move the two little ones in together and create a rainbow themed room for them.  As we are living in a rented house we kept the white walls and went with a fresh white feel to the whole room with some colourful accessories.  Finn and Cora are loving their shared rainbow room and sleeping really well in there together.

Both children have white cot beds and Cora has a new NaturalStart mattress from Harrison Spinks which combines hundreds of baby springs with luxurious natural fillings.  I bought both Finn and Cora's sheets from etsy and Finn's pillow case in part of the Little Bird bedding collection that I bought him last year.

Finn's rainbow blanket was lovingly knitted by my talented mother in law and we bought Cora's whilst on holiday a couple of years ago.  Both of their cots are cotbeds so will be turned into beds as they get bigger.

Above Finn's beds are the words 'You are my sunshine' in acrylic from Baby Abode.  They custom make acryclic and ply wall art and I love how different this looks.

Above Cora's cot I have hung some cloud bunting that I bought from Etsy. She has her two favourite dolls in her bed including her mermaid which was a birthday gift and made by Little Lapins.

I bought a white chest of drawers from ikea and I put three pictures on the top.  The first was painted by a friend for Cora for her birthday, the second was made by Lavender House Gift Company and is so beautiful.  I love the delicate details and it is something that we can keep for Cora.  The third is a print from Kirsty Mason designs and goes perfectly in their rainbow room.

On the floor I have made a comfy play area with a Little Bird rug, cushions from Mama Designs and Tiger stores and a lovely little shape sorter we were sent from Born Gifted which the children play with every day.

There are three shelves above their play area for their Grimms rainbow and bobbins from Babipur and I have put some of their Pantone books on the third, although I need to find the rest of the collection in one of the unpacked boxes.

We have kept the room simple and minimalist, giving the children more space to play and keeping the room calm to help them sleep.  In the evenings we put on their rainbow light which projects a rainbow across the room.  It is the perfect nightlight to help them fall asleep in the evenings.

I have loved decorating this rainbow room for them.

Some of these items were sent to us to include in these photos and others were purchased by me.  I have only included things that we genuinely love.

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

5 Reasons We Love Having A Larger Family

With four children we are now considered a larger family. Most people (probably the sensible ones) seem to stop after two, but we managed to fit four babies into a rather busy five years and most of the time we love it. It isn’t the right decision for everyone and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the phrases ‘you have your hands full’ and ‘don’t you have a TV?’.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love having a larger family.

1) The kids always have a friend. I think this one is especially for families like us with smaller age gaps. Most often my children play in pairs with the big two going off into an imaginary world and the smaller two finding something very noisy to entertain them. Living in close quarters means that of course they all fight, but having a larger family means they can go and find someone different to play with when it all gets too much. When the big two can’t agree, one will go off and play with Cora and the other with Finn which keeps things a bit more harmonious.

2) They learn to share. My sister works in childcare and she told me that her favourite children usually come from larger families. The children learn to share and take turns at such an early age because they have no choice. Mine have all learned to play pretend from very young and they are usually good at turn taking (most of the time anyway).

3) We get lots of use out of toys and clothes. We have clothes that have been worn by all four children and the beautiful wooden walker that my parents bought for Dylan’s first birthday has helped all four of my babies learn to walk. We see toys played with in so many different ways and I love seeing things being handed down.

4) Hopefully lots of visits as we get older. It’s a bit of a scary thought to think that one day we may be grandparents or even great grandparents but I hope that we always have a big family around us. I was brought up surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins and I want my children and their children to be too. Should the worst happen to us, we’ve made sure we have life insurance in place so our children have the protection in place that they need if we can’t be there to look after them.

5) The perfect chaos. It may sound like an oxymoron but our home is loud, chaotic, messy and perfect. I love the constant babble, the different sounds of laughter and the colour that fills our home. Sometimes all I want is five minutes of peace but really, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What is the perfect number for you? And if you have a larger family then what do you love about it?

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Graco Featherweight review

The Graco featherweight is the latest stroller from this innovative brand and is designed to be lightweight and practical for busy mums who are always on the go.  We have been putting it through its paces  in the car, on public transport and most often on our walks.

For the past two weeks, I have walked Dylan to school for 9am, taken Archie to school at 12:45 and picked Archie up at 3:15 followed by Dylan at 4:15.  On two of those days, Finn has nursery from 12:30 until 3:30, making a total of six different drop offs or pick ups on a Wednesday.  Graco did some research and discovered that new parents spend an average of nearly 8 hours a day on their feet and I think they are definitely right!

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller

In fact they sent me a fitbit to record my daily steps and more often than not I had completed 6,000 by lunchtime with my daily steps usually around 15,000.  After the school runs I find myself walking to the park, chasing small tots around a soft play or walking around the house putting things back in their place, sweeping up mess and collecting washing.

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller

On an average day, parents can carry up to 6kg (easily if you have two in nappies) as well as the inevitable child on the hip or in the sling.  I remember the days of carrying just a small handbag with the essentials in and it feels like a lifetime ago!

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller
The Graco featherlight has been a brilliant stroller to accompany me on my many miles I walk every week.  It weighs less than Dylan did at birth (3.6kg) and can be folded and unfolded one handed.  I have had other buggies that claim this but it always baffled me however this featherweight really is the easiest thing to fold and unfold.  I made a little video to show you quite how simple it is.

The easy fold means for parents like me that are on and off public transport, you can hold your child on one hip and fold the stroller with no problem.  The featherweight still has a generous basket and can lie flat too with the simple release of a clip on the back.  

I did find that as a tall parent the handle was a little short for me and I would love it if Graco could make an extended handle, but I know that this would add to the weight of the stroller.

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller

Life Coach Tanith Carey has been working with Graco on some tips for busy parents which include ditching bulky handbags and going for an easy backpack, wearing comfy shoes so you are always ready to chase a runaway toddler and making friends with your postman and local delivery driver so they know where to leave your parcels!

There were a couple that I hadn't thought of and will now be doing too, like taking a picture on my phone of the inside of my fridge before leaving the house so that I know exactly what we have 
 and getting an app that tells you when the next bus is due!

Graco featherweight, light weight stroller

The Graco Featherweight is a perfect companion for busy parents who are overloaded with children and the 'stuff' that comes with them and don't need a heavy pushchair adding to their daily work out!

Disclosure : Collaborative Post
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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Me and Mine in September

September is coming to an end and it definitely feels like Autumn. Dylan is back at school and Archie is ready to start full time on Monday.  My boots have come out of hibernation (although my sandals are not yet packed away) and I have a blanket on the sofa for when my feet get chilly in the evenings.

I don't feel ready to say goodbye to summer yet but the beautiful reds and browns that are covering our walkways are forcing me to embrace everything that comes with October.  September seemed to pass so quickly, too quickly for us to manage a family picture but there is nothing like last minute and we asked Ed's brother to take one whilst we were at my niece's soft play party this morning to make sure we get one taken! The photos are far from perfect, but then so are we.

This month Mummy is loving buying Autumn clothes for the children, doing my daily steps by lunch time thanks to all the extra school runs, getting into our new routine now that we are back to school and the rich colours in the park.

Daddy is loving his new desks, settling in to the house more, listening to Archie's singing and watching Black Mirror.

Dylan is loving being in year two, seeing his brother in the playground at lunchtime, playing 'pets' with Archie (they pretend all their cuddly toys are their pets) and planning Halloween.

Archie is loving starting school, collecting Autumn things from the park,  his taster school lunch session last week and snuggling under blankets on the sofa.

Finn is loving his two afternoons a week at nursery, wearing a backpack, watching Dinotrux and playing outside in the rain.

Cora is loving shoes (wearing them, carrying them, rearranging them), playing with her wooden bobbins, walking in the park and having naps in her own bed.

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Friday, 29 September 2017

Pacca Alpaca

Children that grow up in bi-lingual families tend to find it easier to pick up new languages for the rest of their lives and studies have shown that there is never a ‘too early’ to introduce foreign languages.  It was something I always meant to do with Dylan but didn’t find the time so I have been enjoying learning alongside the children thanks to the Pacca Alpaca You Tube channel.

Pacca Alpaca language learning app

Designed for preschoolers, the Pacca Alpaca channel helps children learn colours, numbers and songs in a variety of languages including Arabic, French and Spanish and the colourful characters capture their imaginations.  I have been watching the videos with Finn and Archie, and Cora can’t help but get involved even though she has never shown any interest in the television when it is on.

The videos aims not only to encourage children to learn a new language, but also to teach them cultural awareness to help raise a more accepting and inclusive future generation.  We love Pacca Alpaca because it is so much more than just a You Tube channel. There are two apps - Travel Playtime and Language Learning, which have come in very useful for entertaining Finn out and about, and a website,  making it a wider experience for preschoolers.  The series is aimed at children from 2-6 years and having three in this age group I love how they all get something different from it.

As Dylan learns more about other beliefs at school and through new friendships he has become naturally more curious about other languages and the Travel Playtime app is perfect for giving him an insight into different cultures.

Pacca Alpaca language learning app

Archie is still settling into school with half days and the videos have been a great way to keep his brain active in the mornings before he starts his afternoon sessions.

Pacca Alpaca language learning app

Finn is still a very young two, but the catchy music and the reinforcement of things he is still learning in his own language is great for him.  The exposure to other languages isn’t yet aiding him to speak them but listening to them and watching them so early will increase his capacity to pick them up as he grows older.

Pacca Alpaca language learning you tube channel

As a mother, I am enjoying learning with my children.  I have been watching the arabic videos with the younger two as it is a language that I wouldn’t know where to start with if I was to learn myself.

Pacca Alpaca language learning app

Designed by a mother and academic, Sarah Faisal Al Saud has a unique insight into how technology can be used for good and we love the loveable alpaca character, the easy to use videos and the opportunity to learn something new.

I have 10 goody bags to giveaway and entry is really simple, just subscribe to the Pacca Alpaca YouTube channel (it’s free!) and leave a comment below with which language you are looking forward to learning!

T&C: UK entrants only.  The 10 prize goodybags consist of a bag, bottle and set of stickers.  The giveaway ends at 11:59pm on Sat 7th October 2017.  To enter you must subscribe to the Pacca Alpaca you tube channel and leave a comment below.

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